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The Escape Rooms Industry

Escape Room insights

It is a well-established fact that the escape rooms industry in the US has taken over the entertainment industry by a storm ever since the first escape room was instituted way back in 2013.

However, many of us are not very perceptive of the inner workings of escape rooms.

  • How has the escape room industry grown over the past decade?
  • What forms of marketing work and what don't?
  • What are the most critical success factors that could make or break your brand?
  • How to survive and thrive during the covid-19 pandemic?
  • What are the best employee strategies for escape rooms?

Our team of experts has spent thousands of hours in research & analysis to build the most comprehensive study in the history of escape rooms to provide data driven recommendations that could be pivotal to the success of an escape room brand.

Purpose of the industry insights report:

The Industry report aims to provide a comprehensive picture of the escape room business landscape prior to the specified date.

Industry Insights

Understand escape room industry adoption in the US:

We have analyzed several data points to identify drivers behind the success of the escape room concept over the last half decade and our professional opinion on what the future holds for the industry.

To this end, we analyzed over 6000 experiences, 6 major marketing channels, over 2000 keywords, major escape room adaptations and more.

Obtain insights from customer experiences:

We have analyzed over a million customer feedbacks from 2764 escape room venues to draw key insights that result in overall customer satisfaction and brand adoption.

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Reviews of customer experiences

Escape Rooms are one of the most highly rated and positively reviewed experiences. No other live action entertainment experience comes close to the scale and positive reception of escape rooms.

Escape Room vs. other experiences

Figure above shows the experience category in the X-Axis and number of venues & their average rating on the Y-Axis. Experiences include Movie Theater, concerts & shows, sports complexes, arcade games, rides, and other outdoor activities.

The least rated experience level is 3.95/5.00 across all the categories with most of the experiences ranging between 4.30/5.00 to 4.6/5.00. Customers have rated scavenger hunts, shooting ranges, and escape rooms as the top 3 experiences. But the number of venues of escape rooms clearly tops the other two.

For the purpose of this analysis, we sampled over 2500 venues in the entertainment, fun, gaming, adventure, and leisure genre in the top 52 US cities Source: TripadvisorĀ®.

Also, most of the escape room facilities are located at accessible parts within the city. Customers do not generally find it easy to reach a nearby venue conveniently.

Escape Rooms top the chart with 486 venues in these selected cities with an average rating of 4.84/5.00.

Market Size of the Escape Room Industry

Market Penetration

The industry has seen over a 100 million walk-ins to their escape room facilitates since the commencement of this concept. This includes first-timers and repeat players.

For a detailed analysis of the market size and its growth over the years, email us at

Reviews - Quality and Quantity

With over a million reviews averaging at over 94% satisfaction level amongst the customers, escape rooms are considered a pleasurable experience by most people participating in these experiences.

Review Rates

Certain brands have a review rate of just 3 people reviewing for about a thousand entrants while certain brands see a review rate of 10 times that number.

In a competitive market, driving the review rates and rating quality up is crucial for brand stability, growth, and success.


Impact of online reviews

We performed a comprehensive study of customer reviews post their participation in the US. For the purpose of this study, we analyzed over 2764 escape rooms - both active & closed and about a million reviews across various platforms to gain concrete business insights and trends.

Escape room owners and industry experts helped us interpret this information. To provide a comprehensive account, we studied public opinion on different escape games, reviewed customer experience blogs, and analyzed articles published by credible news agencies and summed up with meaningful recommendations.

Online reviews play a massive role in the success or failure of a brand. Through surveys and research conducted by various reputed agencies, it is understood that the today's generation almost always look for customer reviews before making a final selection.

Key Rating Trends

We have summarized these customer reviews and ratings, arriving at these insights.

Figure above shows showed a slight uptrend between the years 2015 and 2018. However, the average ratings show a dip over the past 2 years.

While escape rooms and the experiences offered by these rooms have evolved, customers have matured simultaneously. With greater awareness of the concept and as we see an increase in the number of customers trying escape rooms more frequently, customer expectations have increased.

Repeat customers tend to have higher expectations.

That is one of the reasons why we see a slight decline in the overall ratings since April 2018, despite improvements in the overall gaming quality and investments tailored to creating enhanced customer experience.

Customers are more critical on the game experience in states with a highly competitive escape room industry and less critical in others, ceteris paribus.

For a detailed study and key takeaways from over a million reviews, email us at

Evolution of Escape Rooms

As with any industry, the escape room industry has evolved over the past decade in diverse ways.

We have identified some of the trends additions / changes to the escape room industry and analyzed them to help you evaluate a good fit to your business.

Generations of Escape Rooms

For a discussion on the evolution of escape rooms, download the report.

Report Summary

Escape rooms provide various social-bonding, cognitive, and team-building needs to enable people to live the best quality of life. Our field studies reveal that Escape Rooms are one of the most highly rated and positively reviewed experiences. No other live-action entertainment experience comes close to the scale and positive reception of escape rooms.

We compared escape rooms with other entertainment market segments to discover that they are indeed a unique genre that caters to different consumer needs including, entertainment, leisure, and adventure, among others. Satisfaction levels amongst the escape room customers are a high 94% as escape rooms are considered a pleasurable experience by most people participating in these experiences.

This remarkable growth accentuating from 2014 was fueled by influences from mainstream show business, most notably TV shows, movies, celebrity fans, and various brand initiatives. These factors have proven to be very viable brand marketing mixes, which has recorded great upticks in the industry. Mainstream online traffic generation strategies have also enhanced escape room experiences with direct traffic, referral traffic, search engines, social media, and paid ads leading the way.

The industry also boasts a sizeable workforce comprising multidisciplinary roles including Game masters & Support Staff, Business Development Managers, Team Leads & Managers. Issues such as Inadequate Compensation, Unprofessional Management, and feelings of Under-Appreciation are kept at the barest minimum in the industry.

Recommendations for escape rooms have shown considerable uptrend and have been espoused by world-renowned entities like the fortune 500 companies, and online platforms like TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Customer review points are hinged upon billing, customer-centricity, employee behavior, funfair, gaming experience, management, marketing, and overall experience.

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What is the scope of this industry report?

The Industry report aims to provide a comprehensive picture of the escape room business landscape and help you with useful insights to grow your business.

Does the industry report have a detailed analysis of COVID on the industry?

We performed an elaborate study on 1950 brands in the US & some of the top brands around the world to understand how each of them has adapted to the current scenario and derived insights on how you could adapt to the current situation to ensure business continuity.

Can you tailor it to our needs?

Yes, we tailor our industry report according to the specific needs of your brand. Go for a free consultation call to know more about the services we can provide to suit your brands needs.

How would this report benefit my business?

Our report provides data driven recommendations after thousands of hours of research and analysis that could be pivotal to the success of an escape room brand.

Do you provide detailed analysis of a competitor?

No, we do not provide details about any particular brand that you might be competing with. We do provide extensive analysis reports based on a particular city which can be used to gauge your competition.