Best Escape Rooms in Las Vegas!

Best Escape Rooms in Las Vegas!

Top 10 Escape Rooms in Las Vegas! We've included all kinds of experiences in our list, from horror and fantasy themed to family-friendly.
Escape Rooms in Las Vegas - 30 Seconds Summary

Vegas offers 91 escape experiences that are bound to make your trip memorable!

We have come up with a well-researched list of the 5 top-rated escape companies and 10 amazing escape room experiences you cannot afford to miss the next time you are out for a good time in Las Vegas. We put in hours of work with research, surveys, analyzing 16000+ reviews, and reaching out to the game masters to make sure we put forward flawless experiences of the escape rooms to help you make the right choice. So, if you want to take your creativity and intellect for a ride, read ahead!

Top Escape Room Companies in Las Vegas

The Escape Game

This company was founded in 2013. The Escape Game company gives experiences crafted by a team of architects, carpenters, scenic artists, tech experts, and storytellers. This escape room gives importance to every little detail, and the missions are designed to deliver interactive experiences for every guest.

The company has immersive story-driven multi-room adventures that people can enjoy with friends and family. The brand has won the Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Awards and garnered fantastic reviews on Google. The brand is located at 3500 S Las Vegas Blvd S Space T-11B, Las Vegas, NV 89109, United States.

Prison break- Can you escape the prison cell of the 1950s before you are the next victim?

The Depths- Start to uncover the secrets of a lab under the depth of the ocean.

The heist- A famous Monet painting has gone missing! Can you and your team solve the crime in a museum heist?

Gold Rush: Can you find the gold before the mob which Clyde Hamilton had hid who was a greedy gold prospector who was missing? Make it out in 60 minutes.

Rugrats: Search For The Losted Toys: A mischievous girl, Angelica, hid the babies' favorite toys. Tommy and his friends came to you to help them find them. Can you track down the toys and save the children's playtime?

PanIQ Escape Room

PanIQ Escape Room in Las Vegas offers an exhilarating adventure for thrill-seekers and puzzle enthusiasts alike. Step into immersive worlds meticulously designed to challenge your wits and teamwork. With intricate puzzles, captivating storylines, and adrenaline-pumping scenarios, PanIQ promises an unforgettable experience. Unleash your inner detective and embark on a thrilling escape journey!

The Morning After: "The Morning After" at PanIQ Escape Room, Las Vegas: Navigate a surreal world, solving puzzles, and uncovering mysteries after a wild night out. Can you escape the aftermath?

Casino Heist: Embark on the ultimate Casino Heist adventure at PanIQ Escape Room in Las Vegas. Gather your crew, crack codes, and outsmart security to steal the fortune!

Zombie Outbreak: Experience heart-pounding thrills at PanIQ Escape Room's Zombie Outbreak. Race against time, solve puzzles, and escape the undead horde in this immersive Las Vegas adventure.

The Haunted Manor: Step into the eerie world of The Haunted Manor, a thrilling PanIQ Escape Room adventure in Las Vegas. Solve mysteries, find clues, and escape the supernatural chills!

The Time Machine: Embark on a thrilling adventure in 'The Time Machine' escape room. Solve puzzles, unlock mysteries, and race against time to rewrite history. Can you escape the past?

Wizard Trials: Embark on a magical adventure at Wizard Trials! Solve puzzles, cast spells, and outsmart challenges in this immersive PanIQ Escape Room experience. Unleash your inner wizard!

Atlantis Rising: Dive into the mystery of Atlantis Rising, an immersive PanIQ Escape Room adventure in Las Vegas. Solve puzzles, unravel secrets, and escape before time runs out!


Escapology started its journey in 2014. The escape company is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, and has over 40+ locations worldwide. They serve players intending to provide immersive and holistic experiences. Escapology escape rooms Las Vegas provides adventures that enthusiasts of all ages can enjoy!

The expansive establishment at Las Vegas follows an edgy Victorian concept with patterned wallpapers, ancient-looking wall clocks, and classic lamps light the interiors. The aesthetically designed venue and the accommodating staff ensure an unforgettable experience!

Here are the adventures you can embark on at Sunrise City Plaza location:

Under Pressure: Your mission has been sabotaged, and the submarine is sinking! Steer back to the surface before you meet a watery grave! Make a reservation for the best escape room Las Vegas!

Mansion Murder: You are being framed for your grandfather's death. Can you prove your innocence in under 60 minutes!

Who Stole Mona: The Mona Lisa has been stolen. Can you retrieve the missing painting? Prepare for a challenging escape room, Las Vegas.

Scooby-Doo: Ghosts and monsters are haunting the town of Crystal Cove. You have found a secret dungeon and a mystery laboratory that you must investigate.

TH3 C0D3: You have been framed for the biggest crime in the Cyber Unit! Can you prove your innocence in 60 minutes?

Shanghaied: You have been drafted for work in an unsanitary boat in the open seas. Luckily, it has halted for a while. Can you escape in 60 minutes?

Antidote: A chemical weapon specialist has gone berserk! He now poses a threat to the entire human race! Can you find the antidote in 60 minutes?

Arizona Shootout: Two outlaws have cleverly escaped the town! Leave no stone to return peace to the city! You have 60 minutes!

Star Trek: Quantum Filament: Struck by a quantum filament, can you repair the damaged Containment System aboard the U.S.S Discovery & save its crew?

Murder On The Orient Express: You are the Detective Hercule Poirot, aboard the Orient Express and have just solved the murder of Mr Ratchet, as you are preparing to deliver your verdict, new evidence reveals one of the passengers aboard the train has a much more deadly plan.

Here are the adventures you can embark on at the Downtown location:

Scooby-Doo and the Spooky Castle Adventure: Embark on a thrilling Scooby-Doo adventure at Escapology in Las Vegas. Solve mysteries, outsmart ghosts, and escape the spooky castle with your team in this immersive escape game.

Star Trek: Quantum Filament: Embark on a thrilling escape adventure in "Star Trek: Quantum Filament." Solve puzzles, navigate challenges, and boldly escape before time warps. Engage your intellect and live the sci-fi excitement!

Mansion Murder: Solve the chilling "Mansion Murder" mystery at Escapology Las Vegas. Immerse yourself in a suspenseful escape room, decipher clues, and unveil the secrets within before time runs out!

7 Deadly Sins: Embark on a thrilling quest at Escapology, Las Vegas. Confront the 7 Deadly Sins in a mind-bending escape game filled with puzzles, mystery, and immersive challenges. Unleash your inner detective!

Who Stole Mona?: Embark on a thrilling adventure in "Who Stole Mona?" at Escapology Las Vegas. Solve puzzles, unravel mysteries, and recover the stolen masterpiece in this immersive escape room challenge.

Vegas Hangover: Vegas Hangover at Escapology: Navigate the wild aftermath of a legendary night in Sin City. Solve puzzles, beat the clock, and unravel the chaos to escape the unforgettable debauchery!

Antidote: Antidote by Escapology in Las Vegas offers an immersive escape game experience. Solve puzzles, uncover mysteries, and race against time for an unforgettable adventure with friends.

Lost City: Embark on an exhilarating adventure at Lost City by Escapology in Las Vegas. Solve puzzles, unlock mysteries, and race against time in immersive themed escape rooms. Can you escape?

Trapped! Escape Room

Trapped Escape Room Vegas is a family-owned company. While the company was established in 2015, it opened its doors in Vegas in 2018. They offer creative and technologically advanced escape rooms and intricate set design, which provide an immersive experience.

Escape Authority, one of the most renowned escape enthusiasts in the industry, awarded the company the title of the Favorite Venue 2020. Therefore, the company undoubtedly offers some of the top escape rooms in Vegas!

Here are the adventures you can enjoy at their establishment:

Operation X-13: Cybortek Corporation has developed a formula that can turn people into killing machines! Sneak into their lab and get the formula so that this crisis can be evaded!

One-Eyed Jack: A serial killer is on the loose! One-Eyed Jack has terrorized the entire town! Unfortunately, you have fallen into his list of victims! Can you escape in 60 minutes before you meet a ghastly death?

How the Puzzlemaster Stole Christmas: Santa's Workshop has been robbed! As Santa's best elves you have been assigned to this mission. You have found his lair, now can you get the presents and get out? Or has the Puzzlemaster set a trap for you?

Pandora's Box: Can you unravel the mystery of the legendary Pandora box in 60 minutes? Book this exciting game at Trapped Escape Room Las Vegas!

Number 1 Escape Rooms

Number 1 Escape Rooms was established in 2017. Professional gamers and stage designers design the escape games offered by the company. Each challenge promotes out-of-the-box thinking, which makes every experience memorable.

The company stands out because it allows players to play their horror-themed games from 12:30 am to dawn! The groups can make reservations and further choose any game they would like to book for the long night! Number one escape rooms Las Vegas will provide you with adventure at any hour of the day!

The establishment of the escape company is expansive. The tidy and well-decorated interiors are a cherry on top of the experience. Each game entrance is designed according to its theme.

Here are the doors you can knock at:

The Cabin: Can you escape the spooky cabin? Make a reservation for The Cabin escape room Vegas for a thrilling experience!

The Shed: This game is the sequel to The Cabin. While you escaped the cabin, you have now arrived at the shed. Can you trick fate yet another time?

Red Riding Hood: Red Riding Hood is not innocent! She has been suspected of a series of murders! Investigate the grandmother's house to unravel the mystery!

Suzy's Cell: Suzy took a stash of coke to the prison and managed to hide it successfully! But Suzy has hidden the stash too deep! Can you find her coke?

Chained: You are chained with the interconnected seven deadly sins! Can you find the equivalent virtues to free yourself? Chained is exclusively a two-player game.

Witch House: There is a Witch House in Las Vegas where all the Witches go. But if the Witches find you here, they'll send you straight to Hell! The Witches like the children the best…. but you'll do just fine!

Lost Games Escape Rooms

Lost Games Escape Rooms was established in 2016 by a group of escape enthusiasts. The two escape games follow the same continuous storyline. The 60-minute multi-chapter escape games involve the elements of escape rooms and haunted houses.

They won the 2019 Bullseye Award presented by renowned bloggers, Escape The Roomers. Chapter 2 of their Asylum series won the Best Escape Room in Vegas title at the Escape Spy Awards.

The clean and minimalist establishment of Lost Games Escape Rooms facilitates a smooth experience.

Here are the elaborate adventures they offer:

The Asylum- Doctor's Secret: You have been admitted to the insane asylum, and the doctor has poisoned you! Can you find the antidote in 60 minutes?

The Asylum- Playtime: You successfully saved your life by finding out the antidote in time. But you still haven't managed to escape! Can you break free in 60 minutes?

The Floor Is Lava: The Floor is Lava is a hidden roles game where players are attempting to eliminate each other by making them step in the Lava. At the end of the game, the team that controls the most islands wins.

The Fortune Teller: Curiosity leads you to pay a visit to a local fortune teller. You discover that your fate is connected to an impending disaster. Will you face the challenge and rectify your future?

Best Escape Rooms in Las Vegas

Chapter 2: Escape IT

You are entering the Escape as a group. In order to ensure that you have the most enjoyable experience, you MUST work together as a Team, and NOT as Individuals. Please respect other players at all times and remember… WORK TOGETHER.

This is a multi-room Escape. Each room will have a time limit in which you must solve the room. If you fail any room, you will still continue to the next, but keep in mind that each room may hold the clues to surviving future puzzles.

You never know who might be in a room with you. Actors are a part of the experience. Listen to them… you never know what valuable clues they may hold.

The Escape rooms are always changing! Clues and traps are updated frequently, so spoilers won't help you.

Can you pull this mission off? This is your chance to find out! Book an escape room at Escape IT today!

Player Review

"It was such a fun experience! I love all the small details they put into it. Actors were amazing and definitely made us scream lol. I can't wait to come back to check out Chapter 2! Strongly recommend it :)" Stephanie Rios (Google)

This escape room experience at Rush To Escape Las Vegas will have you planning and plotting the biggest bank heist of your life!

The Great Escape: Xterious Escape

You open your eyes and find yourself locked in a jail cell! How did you end up in prison? Well, the story goes something like this, about two months ago, your rival falsely accused you and your close friends of a murder! He used quite a few powerful connections and made sure there was plenty of fake proof to put you behind bars for a lifetime. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn't prove your innocence in front of the court. So here you are now, serving your life sentence in this high-security prison.

You had almost given up all hopes of ever walking as a free man again when a cellmate gave you some hope. Your inmate John can help you break out of the prison! John has mapped out an escape plan, and you went over it many times to ensure that everything was covered. But when it was time to execute the plan, John was nowhere to be seen! You tried to look for him everywhere, but it was as though he vanished into thin air. You don't have a choice. If you wish to get out, you'll have to go ahead without John. This might be your last chance, and you must act now!

You have sixty minutes to follow the plan and break out of the facility, for if you fail, you'll rot in here for good.

Player Review

"Our group did the "Great Escape" game. Without giving away any spoilers, you're a fugitive trying to escape jail. You start inside the jail cell, and with each room you solve, it takes you one step closer to being free. I definitely recommend this game if you're looking for a challenging obstacle that allows your team to partner in pairs. Overall, I highly recommend this place." Bao (Yelp)

This escape room experience will have you follow an inmate's escape plan to break out of the prison.

Western: Lockdown Escape Rooms

You are a proud member of the Kumeyaay tribe, and the sacred totems have been the symbols of God's grace upon your tribe! Things were peaceful, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary when tragedy struck out of the blue. There has been an unusually long and hot drought since the totems of the Kumeyaay tribe were stolen. People were scared, and no one has any idea who could have something so sinister! Feeling utterly helpless, they turned to the authorities. The sheriff gave you his word that he'd get to the bottom of this.

The sheriff managed to catch the thief but kept the totems for himself. The Shaman even sent out messengers to reclaim their rightful possession. To cover up his greedy motives, the sheriff plotted and accused the messengers of collusion and locked them up in his office. You and your friends are among the ill-fated messengers. Now, the sheriff is out for lunch in the saloon, and he will be returning in an hour. This might as well be your last opportunity. Being the Shaman's messengers, you have to get out of the cell, retrieve the sacred totems, and escape.

You have sixty minutes to look for clues and solve the mysteries to escape from this predicament!

Player Review

"We played at the new location today and absolutely loved it! We played the western room and it was amazing! Our game master was an amazing host and the rest of the staff was so sweet and helpful as well! The puzzles were great and we received hints when were stuck. Thank you for an amazing time!" Amanda (Yelp)

This escape room experience will have you escape the prison cell and retrieve the sacred totem stolen by the sheriff. Book a game at Lockdown escape room Las Vegas today!

Under Pressure: Escapology

Take a step back in time and experience the second World War like never before! You've been transported to the year 1944 when the second world war is at its peak. World peace is in shreds, and the sole issue on every government's agenda is to counter enemy plans and destroy them.

You and your team are one such group of spies working with the U.S. government for a long time now. Your team has been deployed hundreds of meters underneath the sea! Your team is aboard the Steel Shark, and you've been tasked to embark on a stealth mission in which you'll be diving deep into the North Atlantic Ocean to spy on the German battleship, Scheer. Everything was going well, and you were successfully intercepting a ton of intel and laying waste to numerous enemy attacks. However, the Germans caught a whiff of the situation.

The submarine has been sabotaged by German agents sending it into a state of emergency! The controls have gone berserk, and because of that, the oxygen gas tanks won't last longer than sixty minutes! You must find a way out of this problem before you end up stranded within the depths of the Atlantic Ocean!

Player Review

"Had a great experience! Group of 8 did the under pressure room. It was intense but also really fun. The game leader kept us on track without giving us too much information. The staff was super friendly. The place was easy to work with and super aesthetic. I will definitely come here again!" Gaby (Yelp)

This escape room Las Vegas will have you trapped in a submarine hundreds of meters under the ocean!

Underworld: Lockdown Escape Rooms

The god of underworld is here and he has no time for pity or mercy! He hates the trespassers! You are caught and you need to please them to escape!

I am Hades, god of the Underworld, and you are trespassers in my domain! I know not how you made it to the land of the dead; as natural causes, or perhaps as stowaways on the River Styx. No matter, in an hour's time your souls will be trapped here forever.

Don't bother begging me for mercy! I have no pity or time for puny mortals. Your efforts are better spent appealing to the other gods. If you can please them according to their particular tastes, they may just give you a chance to save yourselves!

Can you pull this mission off? This is your chance to find out! Book an escape room at Lockdown Escape Rooms today!

Player Review

"My family and I absolutely loved it!! We got stuck a few times, but Chris was very helpful through it all. Can't wait to come back" Alanna Elaine (Google)

This escape room experience will have you wake your inner detective as you look for clues to solve the murder mystery.

The Third Gate: The Third Gate Hotel

An experience unlike anything you've experienced before: Playing an ESCAPE ROOM right in the middle of a HAUNTED HOTEL!

The stakes are high and your path to freedom is quickly closing, you must take your chance to escape before the opportunity vanishes completely. Forget your typical haunted escape room experience!

Use your wits, brains, critical thinking and other cognitive abilities to escape this haunted hotel room within a limited time constraint!

Get ready for an adventure that will transport you to another world and challenge you to think outside the box. You and your crew need to work together-but will ALL of you make it out alive?

Can you pull this mission off? This is your chance to find out! Book an escape room at The Third Gate Hotel today!

Elaborate! Unique! Exciting!


Player Review

"so much fun!! my friends and i went (first time for a couple of them while my boyfriend and i are seasoned pros) and we had such a good time :) cherry was our game master and she was SO good!! so funny and good at creeping up on us. the atmosphere also made it such an immersive experience. 11/10 would recommend for anyone!" Hailey Kervick (Google)

Indulge in a classic prison-break escape experience at The Escape Game!

Antidote: Escapology

Dr. Walter Brandt is the world's most famous chemical weapon specialist. He has been working with the U.S. government for years now. He and his team have developed a bioweapon that can destroy enemy forces in the blink of an eye! However, as it turns out, Dr. Walter has decided to go rogue and sell the deadly virus to an enemy country! Your task is to retrieve the antidote before the enemy nation gets its hands on the virus.

You and your team have somehow managed to force an entry into the doctor's hidden research laboratory where the deadly TS-51 virus was conjured. As you were searching through chemicals looking for the antidote, one of the team members accidentally knocks down a vial that happened to contain the very same virus! Now you all have been infected by the virus. The chemical detection sensors have noticed the presence of TS-51 virus in the lab, so the entire facility has gone into an imprisonment and sterilization protocol. A complete decontamination procedure countdown has been triggered

When sixty minutes are up, every last living creature in the facility shall be annihilated! You need to solve the puzzles and riddles to get to the antidote before it's too late!

Player Review

"We had an amazing hour of fun trying to find an antidote to a disease created by a mad scientist. Within 3 rooms, we did find the antidote and escaped with our lives with 11 minutes to spare which put us 30th in their leaderboard. Your team photo is taken and emailed to you with your time and hints used. We are looking forward to our next visit!" Joby (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience at Escapology Vegas will give you a major Resident Evil throwback! Can you escape the lab in time?

Scary Escape Rooms in Las Vegas

SAW Escape Room: The Official SAW Escape

Get ready to have your socks blown off by a one-of-a-kind experience. The Official SAW Escape Room Las Vegas is an immersive, multiroom escape experience. It brings to life all the twisted games inspired by the fantastic SAW movie franchise.

You and your friends will enter the historic Egan & Co. Meat Packing plant on the pretext of an after-hours tour. However, as soon as you step into the facility, you find out that you are now players in an elaborate game devised by the sinister Jigsaw killer and his disciples.

All of you are trapped inside! The only way to get out alive is by working together to combat your fears. You and your friends must venture far out of your comfort zones, look for hidden clues, and solve intricate puzzles. You will have the opportunity to win your freedom as you make your way through the twists and turns of an entire factory of Jigsaw's games. If you've seen the movies, you're already familiar with the situation you're about to face. Saw escape room Vegas will make you scratch your head!

Everything from the ambiance to the technology has been made to match the movie sets. Simply put, SAW Escape Room Las Vegas is one of the world's largest escape experiences!

Player Review

"I'm a fan of the Saw movies and when I heard about this, I couldn't resist! So intriguing to see the props used in the movies and hearing Jigsaw giving us instructions on how to escape was legit! I love haunted houses and escape rooms so I was excited to try this one! Oh and there's a gift shop at the end of your experience and you could buy all your Saw souvenirs." Micki (Yelp)

Beat the world's largest escape room experience! Are you ready for a scary escape room Las Vegas?

The Basement Escape Room: The Basement

A cannibal with a taste for awful things is on the loose! Edward Tandy has terrified the town with his antics!

Known for his love for unique electronics, taxidermy, and human flesh, Edward has created a sick game for the town's people in his deceased mother's house. Edward's mother had a knack for escapism, and he now believes that people who cannot stand up to his mother's standards are entirely unworthy. Therefore, this is his attempt to wipe the town of unintelligent people and dim-wits.

You and your team have arrived in the basement. In under 45 minutes, you must use your communication skills, wits, and wisdom to escape! Or risk being served as Edward's dinner!

Player Review

"Wow!!! Awesome experience. The set, actors, puzzles were all so amazing. This is a very unique escape room. I recommend playing with at least a group of 4 people since there are so many puzzle. We did it with 2 people, but we both have done over 500 rooms combined. Highly recommend it."Khai N. (Yelp)

The game features a live performer! Get ready for a spine-chilling experience at the Basement escape room Las Vegas!

Kids/Family Friendly Escape Rooms in Las Vegas

Escape from Mars: ESCAPEability

Go on a treacherous journey to Mars. You and your crew are sent to investigate what happened to the missing astronauts from previous missions and to find out life expectancy.

NASA has found that there is possibly life on Mars and it could be the threat that took down previous teams. Figure out what happened and escape the Martians before its too late.

This is a bit scary and threatening. Get it done quickly and escape the Martians.

Get ready for an adventure that will transport you to another world and challenge you to think outside the box. You and your crew need to work together-escape the Martians!

Can you pull this mission off? This is your chance to find out! Book an escape room at ESCAPEability today!

Player Review

"So much fun! Definitely recommend Unknown escape room....looking forward to the Unknown 2. This husband and wife duo have created such an amazing space to think through puzzles with your friends or family. Small business for the win! Support our local community by choosing to shop/experience with a small business!"Tiffany B (Tripadvisor)

This kid-friendly escape room Vegas is the perfect experience for the little ones! Make a reservation at Xterious escape Las Vegas!

Do you agree with our list? Engaged in any of these experiences? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section down below. If you believe we missed out on any great experiences, share your suggestions, we'll make sure to consider them!

Top 10 Escape Rooms in Las Vegas! We've included all kinds of experiences in our list, from horror and fantasy themed to family-friendly.Best Escape Rooms in Las Vegas! Top 10 Escape Rooms in Las Vegas! We've included all kinds of experiences in our list, from horror and fantasy themed to family-friendly.

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