Best Escape Rooms in Tucson!

Best Escape Rooms in Tucson!

10 Amazing Escape Room Experiences in Tucson! We've included all kinds of experiences in our list, from horror and fantasy themed to family-friendly.

10 Amazing Escape Room Experiences in Tucson! We've included all kinds of experiences in our list, from horror and fantasy themed to family-friendly.Best Escape Rooms in Tucson! 10 Amazing Escape Room Experiences in Tucson! We've included all kinds of experiences in our list, from horror and fantasy themed to family-friendly.

Best Escape Rooms in Tucson - 30 Second Summary

Escape Rooms are a great way to inculcate team spirit while having tremendous fun. They are guaranteed to transport you to an alternate reality that will make your experience truly memorable! There are 20+ escape rooms in Tucson, and all of them are wholly immersive and challenging.

We have come up with a list of 5 top-rated escape experiences and 10 best escape room experiences you cannot afford to miss the next time you are up for some fun. We put in hours of work with research, surveys, analyzing 2000+ reviews, and reaching out to the game masters themselves to make sure we put forward unerring experiences of the escape rooms, to help you make the right choice. Make sure you stick till the end because, as they say, the best always comes last! So, if you want to take your creativity and intellect for a ride, read further!

Top Escape Room Companies in Tucson

Mystery Escape Room

Mystery Escape Rooms are a Utah-based family-owned business established in 2014. The founder, Les Pardew is an artist, author, and entrepreneur. His mission is to give teams the tools they need to succeed based on real research and reliable data. The team-building games are led by a cast of actors dressed in costumes who guide you through the entire experience. The escape company has been featured in popular magazines such as Vogue, Country Living, and Wanderlust Chloe for its immersive adventures.

Here are the thrilling escape rooms you can check out at the venue:

Dracula's Castle: Step inside Dracula's castle and uncover the many secrets that it holds. But hurry, he wakes up at the stroke of midnight, and he will be hungry!

Under Fire: You and your team are journalists in a war-torn city in 2025. You must escape enemy snipers and mortar fire after an explosion separates you. Can you outsmart the threats to survive?

The Storyteller's Study: The Storyteller is interested in seeing who can solve his mystery.

Sherlock Holmes And The Hound Of The Baskervilles: Clues have been found and the case is back open! Who killed Old man Baskerville all those years ago?

Afraid Of The Dark: While visiting the town you notice the old house. You see a plaque stating the house is on the historical registry. Intrigued you start looking around.

Ace of Escape

Kathy and Allison, Escape Room enthusiasts, launched Ace of Escape in April 2016. The company focuses on escape rooms interweaved with interactive and mechanical puzzles. Ace of Escape also offers private rooms for kids aged 6 to 15. They tailor the kids' escape rooms to aid the child's overall development, such as hand-eye coordination and teamwork.

Here are the epic games that you can check out at this location:

Six Shooter Bunk House: A safe in an almost run-down motel houses a lot of cash, and you want to crack it open before the motel is demolished. Will you go home rich?

The Dorm Rooms: You are supposed to don the University Mascot's costume, but it is kept under tight security. You have 60 minutes before the big game!

The Illusionist: There has been a gruesome murder involving an illusionist and his assistant. You have 60 minutes to find the evidence and solve the crime!

Freeing Frosty: Set in a Snowy Ice Cavern can you save Frosty from melting away in an hour? Work together to solve the puzzles and rescue Frosty from his ill fate!

Mr. Toad's Wild Escape: Can you keep your head straight? Your team has 60 minutes to solve this puzzling wild adventure!

That 70'S Room!: Your groovy neighbors took a road trip and left you in charge of their house.

Fox in a Box

Caitlin and Neil S opened Fox in a Box in 2016. The owners felt inspired by the leadership and team-building created by escape room games. They went on to open their own brand of escape rooms that focuses on developing these crucial soft skills. The escape rooms are known for their engaging 60-minute missions that require collaboration, cooperation, and communication.

Here are the exciting games offered at this location:

Bank Robbery: You and your gang of thieves have decided to steal diamonds from the Bank CEO's office. Can you pull off the heist before the alarm rings in 60 minutes?

Zombie Lab: A zombie virus has taken over the world, and you are one of the few that have remained uninfected. Your task is to make the vaccine before chaos is unleashed.

Wild West: There's a corrupt sheriff who is threatening to blow up the town of Tombstone. You need to defuse the threat before it's too late!

Escape Room @Grant

Escape Room @Grant offers an experience in unique and immersive escape rooms designed and constructed by a team of professional designers, architects, technicians, and carpenters.

The escape room provides a variety of puzzles, clues, and riddles that range from digital and tactile to geometric and pattern-based. Each room is challenging enough and suitable for both children and adults alike.

Book now for an experience at Escape Room At Grant!

Hangover: Your best friend is getting married, so you decided to party like there is no tomorrow. You wake up the next day to find the ring, air ticket and car keys are missing.

Cowboy Mafia: As a new mafia group, you want to send a message to your rivals by stealing their gold. The rival gang is dangerous. So, make it out before they are back.

221B: An eccentric painter Lord Byron has vanished under unusual circumstances. As the Baker St Agents, you have been asked to help the painter's son.

Will You Escape

Will You Escape established in February 2015. Their proprietary game design is well received by fun-seekers and game enthusiasts alike. The escape rooms provide a team bonding experience perfect for friends, co-workers, families, or couples. The company offers nail-biting themes that will keep you on your toes! So, get busy escaping.

Here are the epic games that you can indulge in at the venue:

The Witching Hour: You and your friends have wronged a witch, and so, she has cursed you. Can you retrieve the ingredients for a potion in 60 minutes?

Santa's Naughty List: Santa's Naughty List has some new names, including yours! You must sneak into Santa's office and erase your name before he returns.

Serial Killer: A serial killer has got you and your friends. Unless you escape, you will end up being his next victim. Hurry, you only have 45 minutes!

Warden's Ruse: You are wrongfully accused inmates who have tunneled out of your cell and directly into the warden's office.

Best Escape Rooms in Tucson

The Illusionist: Ace of Escape

A famous illusionist lives in your town, and he's attracted audiences from all over the nation. But a few days ago, the illusionist seems to have gone a bit too far. The famed illusionist has allegedly murdered his assistant!

Everyone was shocked by the news, and the authorities got on it immediately. You were assigned to handle the case and solve the mystery. You decided to raid the crime scene to find some useful evidence.

Your team of investigators went back to the crime scene looking for clues but, in turn, found yourselves locked in the room. Now your entire team has been put under a hypnotic trance. You have 65 minutes to find out the cause, date, and location of the sinister crime.

Player Review

"I did the illusionist room and it was amazing! The rooms were very well thought out and the puzzles were clever. All the puzzles were interactive and involved in different mechanics. We had a large group, but there were plenty of puzzles for everyone to participate in. Our game master was friendly and energetic. Highly suggest escaping this place!" Alisha (Yelp)

This epic escape room experience will have you differentiate between reality and illusion as you solve a murder mystery!

Six Shooter Bunk House: Ace of Escape

While you were traveling, you decided to stay at a motel for the night. After you entered the condemned motel, you get to know that the motel used to be quite famous for hosting famous actors, cowboys, and bandits since the late 1800s, but it was closed down in the 1960s. As you talked with the motel's heir, he told you that the safe in room 13 contains the stolen cash from Ace McCoy's infamous train heist!

Ace had somehow managed to get the safe to his motel room, but he could never open it because the train conductor refused to give him the combination to unlock the safe no matter what. The legend further continues that after his abduction and murder, the train conductor haunted Ace McCoy from beyond!

There's no way you're going to pass up the opportunity to rake in a ton of cash just because of a ghost story, so you decided to go into room 13 and find a way to open the safe. Will you crack the code in time? Or, will the city of Tucson arrive in time to demolish the motel and walk away with all the cash?

Player Review

"We have done a room at each location, and they were so much fun. We tried 6 Shooter at this establishment, this time we had 4 people which was perfect for the difficulty level and size of the room, we made it out of this one with seconds to spare! It was really fun to try and do something different for a change, it was challenging, frustrating at times and extremely rewarding once we made it out!" EL (Yelp)

This exciting escape room in Tucson will have you go into the haunted chamber of a sketchy motel to get your hands of someone else's loot!

Dracula's Castle: Mystery Escape Room

Set foot in a world where the mythical creatures you've only heard of in fables exist in reality. A while ago, humanity suffered a lot due to the vampires, and only one man stood against those sinister creatures' wrath. He bravely took on a mission to destroy the king of vampires. Everyone thought that Abraham Van Helsing had successfully defeated the wicked monster that resided in the ancient castle.

But as it turns out, the vampire had somehow managed to survive! He returned to this nightmarish castle soon after! That was the last time anyone ever saw him. Everything was quiet and peaceful for a while, but it seems the vampires have started gaining power once again, and Van Helsing is nowhere to be seen!

Now it is up to you to put an end to the evil that lurks inside. You managed to enter the monster's lair somehow, but you'll have to be swift and take great caution, for when the clock strikes midnight, the Dracula's powers awaken!

Player Review

"We just did the Dracula room recently. It was so well crafted, the props and the mechanisms, the puzzles. It was such a rush to solve it! Which we barely solved, the host gave a couple of extra seconds because we were right down to the buzzer but we did it! We already have plans to bring more people and do the other two rooms! Five stars all the way!" Jacqueline (Yelp)

This amazing escape room in Tucson will have you break into Dracula's castle and put an end to him before he wakes up!

Santa's Naughty List: Will You Escape?

You and your group have been added to the Santa's Naughty List. You have traveled to Santa's cottage to find the list and erase your names from their. You better hurry though, Santa is coming back in 60 minutes for cookie time.

Can you and your friends work together to solve the puzzles and escape before time runs out? With the fate of the heist hanging in the balance, you'll need to stay focused, work together, and keep the magic flowing to succeed.

Get ready for an adventure that will transport you to another world and challenge you to think outside the box. You and your crew need to get that gold-but will ALL of you make it out alive?

Can you figure out where Santa kept the Naughty List before he returns?

Find out now by booking your place at Will You Escape!

Player Review

"Great establishment for team building! Captain Steelhook's Treasure required a considerable amount of brain work. Reading maps and deciphering morse code felt sophisticated and enjoyable. Definitely a challenging room for two people (could have certainly used that extra person to join the group-- Thank you Nick!) Will You Escape? offers all private rooms which is wonderful. Loads of fun and will be back for our third challenge soon! Thanks" AZ520oliviad (Tripadvisor)

This escape room in Tucson will have you searching for an ancient artifact in a cursed Pharaoh's tomb under the pyramids!

Fool's Gold: Escape Room Yuma

Embark on a thrilling quest in "Fool's Gold" at Escape Room Yuma, where mystery and strategy collide. Assemble your team and step into a world of cunning puzzles and hidden clues that lead to the elusive treasure. The immersive storyline revolves around a legendary heist, where you play the roles of intrepid adventurers aiming to outsmart the cunning traps set by the enigmatic thief.

Navigate through intricately designed chambers, solving riddles and unraveling the secrets concealed within the room's confines. Every twist and turn challenges your teamwork and intellect, creating an engaging and dynamic experience. With a captivating blend of suspense and excitement, "Fool's Gold" promises an hour of unparalleled escapism. Whether you're a seasoned escape room enthusiast or a newcomer seeking an adrenaline-packed adventure, this Yuma-based escape room guarantees an unforgettable journey into the heart of an exhilarating mystery.

Player Review

"We had a very wonderful time!! They have such a friendly staff! The rooms really help build your teamwork skills and every minute you are working hard together and having fun! We have only done the workshop, but we will be back to do the others!!! They also go above and beyond with the picture and captions they do on their Facebook!" Mindy Phillipini (Google)

This thrilling escape room in Tucson will push you to your wit's end as you try to disarm a bomb while the seconds tick by.

The Witching Hour: Will You Escape?

You and your friends inadvertently wronged a witch and she has put a curse on you. She will turn you into a frog if she finds you!

Determined to break the curse, you must now break into her shop and collect a magic potion. You and your friends must break into her shop and retrieve the ingredients to a potion before the sun comes up in 60 minutes.

Can you retrieve the secret ingredients and escape before you get caught?

You don't have much time! Hurry up! Find out now by booking your place at Will You Escape!

Hurry the clock is ticking!

Player Review

"Just did it with my two smarter daughters for my birthday, The Witching Hour. It's the first escape room any of us have ever done and we inadvertently picked the hardest one. It was fun and interesting and we were grateful for Nick's help, he was a great host and he gave us just enough help when we needed it, and we very much appreciated it - thanks Nick! You made it a fun night for us!" Dick Dixon (Facebook)

This Tucson escape room will have you come out of retirement as a thief to carry out the heist of the century!

Cowboy Mafia: Escape Room @Grant

About The Experience

Cowboy Mafia is a heist-themed escape room game designed and conceptualized by Escape Room @Grant.

As cunning members of an ambitious gang, your mission is to send a powerful message to your rivals by breaking into the infamous Tombstone Saloon. Your target? The stash of gold hidden within the bar.

But time is not on your side. The rival gang is on their way back, and you must act swiftly. Navigate through a series of challenging and mind-boggling puzzles, uncover the hidden clues, and outsmart the saloon's defenses before it is too late! Can you steal the gold and escape before your enemies catch you red-handed?

Gather your wits, muster your courage, and bring your team to Escape Room @Grant. Will you rise to the challenge and prove your gang's supremacy? Book your spot now and find out if you have what it takes to execute the perfect heist in Cowboy Mafia!

Player Review

"Had a great time and some parts kicked our butts but I loved the Cowboy Mafia theme. I figured if it had to do with Tombstone, it's the perfect theme. Gamemaster was funny and extremely kind, I look forward to going again!" Blake Conklin (Google)

This epic escape room in Tucson will put you in the footsteps of a secret agent trying to locate a rogue agent!

Scary Escape Rooms in Tucson

Zombie Lab: Fox in a Box

A few months back, something unexpected happened. A patient was admitted to a hospital due to a virus infection, but he soon started transforming into something inhuman. The doctors couldn't seem to cure him of his ailment no matter what they tried.

Soon this virus started to spread all over the planet! This devastating virus is turning people into scary bloodthirsty, emotionless creatures. Sadly most of the population has fallen prey to the virus, and only a few people have managed to evade getting infected.

You and your friends are a team of genius scientists who have taken on a mission to find a cure for the sinister virus infection. Your team comprises the planet's last remaining lucid and focused geniuses. Your task is to travel to the only remaining facility where you can research and complete the vaccine before the entire human race turns into an army of the walking dead.

Player Review

"This is a really fun escape room. They have three options ranging in difficulty, we went into the one for a zombie apocalypse. The rooms are challenging but it gets easier if you have more people in your group. They're good at giving you hints and there's a video screen that can show what's happening outside the 'lab' while you're working. Interactive and really fun!" Kaitlin (Yelp)

This thrilling Tucson escape room experience will have you looking for clues and, with the help of your fellow scientists, make a cure to save humankind!

Serial Killer: Will You Escape

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is one of the most influential and secretive government agencies out there. The FBI agents always work in the shadows to ensure no harm comes to the nation's general population. But recently, something terrible has started to transpire, FBI agents have begun to go missing!

A serial killer going by the name 'The Rumpelstiltskin' has been gaining notice, and a lot of questions continue to envelop the growing number of missing FBI agents. You are a secret agent who has been working on this case along with your team. But as fate would have it, the serial killer has captured you and 3 of your friends!

He is away for now, but once he returns, you might be the victim of his next gruesome crime. Can you escape in 45 minutes?

Player Review

"What a fantastic new entertainment option for Tucson! We got to partake in a preview night before the grand opening and had a blast! It challenges your brain, forces you to work with your teammates, and is also pretty funny at times. It's so much better than just going to a movie! It would be a perfect date night, mom's night out, co-worker bonding event, or family night. Highly recommended!" Carlyon (Yelp)

This epic escape room will put you in the footsteps of an FBI Agent who a serial killer has kidnaped!

Kids/Family Friendly Escape Rooms in Tucson

Wild West: Fox in a Box

Welcome, partner! Not all is right in the town of Tombstone. It seems that Sheriff Fox has been helping the outlaws instead of enforcing the law. He has been charging "protection money" to the businesses and threatens those who do not pay.

The saloon owner stopped giving Sheriff Fox his cut of the money. To make an example of the saloon owner, Sheriff Fox has hidden dynamite in the town saloon. Sheriff Fox is threatening to blow up the building, along with half the town! You and your fellow US Marshals have been called to Tombstone, Arizona by the deputy of Sheriff Fox to save it.

Will the dynamite win... or you?

Player Review

"I had never done an escape room before so I had no idea what to expect. This was a ton of fun. The clues, and the ways to find clues were very inventive an unique, and it's easy to get everyone in the room involved. The employees were kind, helpful and informative. I would highly recommend Fox in a Box for this experience!" Diandra Heard (Facebook)

This top Tucson escape room will have you face off Moriarty in Sherlock's stead only to find out it was a trap in the first place!

Do you agree with our list? Engaged in any of these experiences? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. If you believe we missed out on any great experiences, share your suggestions, we'll make sure to consider them!

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