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Time to Level-Up Your Corporate Training Experience! Fun, Intuition and Learning

Change your perception of corporate events by hosting a team building activity at a highly-immersive Escape Room near you.

Over the past few years, corporate training has developed quickly to move beyond just training fresh hires, sales individuals, and leaders.

Professionals in learning and development and corporate trainers are seen as strategic partners critical to their business ' effectiveness.


Today, organizations suffer from a skill gap. Many companies say that it takes 3-5 years to take a seasoned professional and make them productive.

This implies that companies have to train, retrain, and jointly educate employees and managers to grow. As millennials take on more responsibility, companies will need to build leadership and communication skills at all levels and in all locations worldwide.

Team building is about providing the skills, training, and resources that your people need to work in harmony. But, to be truly effective, it needs to be a continual process embedded in your team and the organization's culture.

Developing trust, communication, accountability, and camaraderie are essential to a team's success, but the phrase team-building often gets a bad rap.

The activities might not resonate with the group, or the structure might seem too much like a regular day at the office. Odds are, your team is ready for something different.

On-the-job training methods like coaching, mentoring, job rotation, apprenticeship, etc., are the famous training methods applied in most organizations.

Corporates should try the most upcoming off-the-job training method, i.e., Training and team-building exercises at Escape Rooms.

Do you know what the twist is? Escape rooms are no more just an effective off-the-job training tool but much more.

The cool managers can call up escape room masters at their doorsteps (of the office, of course) to set up an escape room.

They randomly divide the trainees into groups of 6-8 members and establish content related to their training.

Riddles, cues, and puzzles will force them to think beyond chit-chat, build trust, and gain confidence in the subject matter, and have loads of fun. The more they will think, the better they will learn.

Not to forget the timer that ticks till 60 minutes which will help them manage their time effectively. Also, some escape rooms have thrilling stories to entertain you and build your own.

Are things getting boring? Let's get to the point and discuss how escape rooms can be such practical tools to refresh your employees' mood and make them productive in the workspace.

A live-action team-based game where players cooperatively discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in one or more rooms to progress and achieve a specific goal in a limited amount of time is the basic premise of Escape rooms.

These strategic rooms will help the employees to know each other better, get their imagination game strong, and much more. Escape room team building and corporate training exercises channelize the minds of the people towards being solution-oriented.

They help them effectively solve problems, think out of the box, and manage their time well. They thereby create a healthy environment in the organization, which is an exemplary aspect of the growth of the business.

Corporate training exercises through escape rooms!

Some escape rooms offer exceptional professional corporate training experiences through well-designed programs. They are generally conducted by professionals who understand the importance of capitalizing on the value of these programs.

These exercises are more specific to the learning and development content. This will directly impact the productivity levels at their workstations. All of these need not be spooky and scary. These games and activities are going to be more goal-oriented.

Some of the ideas to be considered can be:

Riddle solving

Suppose the corporate wants to train its employees on a particular software, let's say HRMS.

The subject experts can frame the riddles in a step-by-step manner to assist the members in learning the concept effectively and having fun.

With the timer on their head, they will be fast and furious and eager to get to the next step. Remember, this will be inside the organization itself.

Learning ability

The groups will be placed in different rooms where the light will be getting dim every 10 seconds.

They will have to remember the maximum concepts or processes related to the subject matter.

After learning, they will be passing on the information to their colleagues in the room.

The twist is, the door will open only when they tell 20 out of the 30 concepts correctly.


Completing a puzzle is not just a team-building exercise but a great way to learn and unlearn things. Under pressure and the adrenaline rush the timer gives, it becomes more thrilling to grasp new concepts. Though, that may not be true for all of them. Some need their own sweet time to learn. But, Escape rooms can enhance individuals' learning capacity, which will surely help them work better in the future.

Escape room outings can also be done at the onboarding stage. You must be thinking, how? The newly joined candidates can be taken for an escape room experience with her/ his team members to get them acquainted with each other as they will all be mere strangers to him/ her at the start.

This way, the new candidate will get to know all the members and get comfortable.

How do Escape Rooms prove to be a fruitful corporate training and team-building tool?

Unity in Diversity

Today's workplace is more diverse than ever. Therefore, organizations need to make sure their teams understand diversity issues.

Team building activities at escape rooms will help corporate people to blend well together as a single person cannot solve all those mysterious riddles, clues, and puzzles alone.


Your employees today will become your leaders tomorrow. That's why it's essential companies offer leadership training to everyone they hire and not just to the supervisors and managers.

By developing your employees' leadership skills at an early stage, you'll equip them with the knowledge they need to take on leadership roles in the future.

Escape rooms assist in waking up the leader within your employees as each member plays a vital role.

Solving and analyzing the strenuous cues and riddles through a corporate event at an escape room makes each person build confidence and become the show's hero.

Time management

For every organization, time is a valuable but limited resource. It is the key to success, yet many employees lack the skill set required to manage their time effectively.

This results in stress, missed deadlines, and low productivity levels. Time management training provides techniques and tools essential to companies to help your employees stay organized, focused, and be more productive every day.

What better way than to divide them into groups and put them in an escape room? If they have the zeal to win, they will surely understand the importance of time and manage it well because they will have only 60 minutes and not a minute more!

Powerful communication skills

Ineffective communication can often lead to hostile work relationships and can affect your company's bottom line.

Whether it's a face-to-face meeting or an email thread, every employee should understand the basics of communication.

Escape room fetches those skills as no communication means no solution. How will they rescue themselves if they do not communicate?

Creative Thinking

As the greatest Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge," it is how one thinks that sets them out from the rest. Do you want your employees to think out of the box? Take them all to the nearest escape room, which is the right place to think differently from the mainstream.

Collaborative decision making

No one person can solve all the cues, puzzles, riddles alone. Can they?

That's not even healthy because that will create a lot of pressure on the poor soul. Escape rooms force people to collaborate their opinions and put them to action.

This also acts as a trust-building exercise which will be of help to them in their corporate life.


An Escape room exercise lets them learn the most difficult concepts in a fun and exciting way. One learns and remembers the best when they get hands-on experience and get rewarded for it.

Solution Orientation

The escape rooms sure have problems, riddles, puzzles, and confusing clues. Every member will create a solution-oriented behavior to solve the issues at hand because time is less, and they have to get out of the spooky room as soon as possible.

How do you know you've gotten the escape room experience right? If there was laughter, a sense of excitement, learning and accomplishment, and maybe a few Instagram moments, you're definitely on the right track!

Therefore, an escape room is an excellent tool for corporate training and team building.

It's time that you guys try it out for your next training session, and don't forget to take your new joiners as well to the nearest escape room!!

Change your perception of corporate events by hosting a team building activity at a highly-immersive Escape Room near you.Time to Level-Up Your Corporate Training Experience! Fun, Intuition and Learning Change your perception of corporate events by hosting a team building activity at a highly-immersive Escape Room near you.

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