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Types of People that Every Escape Room Team Needs

Every player in an escape room team contributes to the game. You can find out the diverse people you are likely to encounter in every great escape room!

Every player in an escape room team contributes to the game. You can find out the diverse people you are likely to encounter in every great escape room!Types of People that Every Escape Room Team Needs Every player in an escape room team contributes to the game. You can find out the diverse people you are likely to encounter in every great escape room!

It is only through the fire and flames that our true colors emerge. Well, not literally. That sounds excruciating. But great trials do indeed unveil more of our true self. The nature of a person is drawn out in the moments of controversy, not in the days of peace.

Escape rooms are perfect for that reason. If you have ever wondered what you - or your friend(s)- are made of, an escape room is an excellent tool to reveal the various personalities of your escape room group.

Allow me to provide a short scenario, where we will take a look at different types of people who make up an escape room team and what kind of person you turn out to be.

The below story applies even to virtual escape rooms! The virtual escape rooms, in fact, have the added benefit that players can get the same experience as traditional escape rooms from the comfort of their homes!

You may be surprised at what you learn!

From Zero to Hero

The day is here. Scaredy-Cat (our beloved hero) has arrived at an escape room with all of his good buddies. Today is the day that he proves to them once and for all that he is not afraid of everything. Today is the day that he --- *BOOM* "AHHHHHH!" Scaredy-Cat screams and immediately pees his pants.

He was not expecting a door to slam shut in the dimly lit escape room. That was the last member of his party being closed in. Scaredy looks around nervously as his friends laugh at his outcry. He thinks to himself that it is fortunate the room is dimly lit.

Hopefully, nobody smells his urine. As soon as the laughing ceases, King begins to issue orders to all of his 'lowly' servants.

King loves to tell others what to do without getting his hands dirty. He tells the Competitor and Spectator to start searching for clues. The Competitor is one step ahead of him, having already forgotten that she has arrived with a group.

Her trademark attempts to be the 'hero' and thus gain bragging rights against her team have begun.

Even now, the Competitor shoves Spectator out of the way so that she can scan the corner behind him. "OW!" He cries, "We are here as a team, Competitor!"

Scaredy nervously looks at a shadow in the corner, trying to discern whether it is dangerous before saying, "Spectator! Why don't you do something for once? You're no good to us just standing around!" Spectator feigns ignorance, refusing to acknowledge the fact that he was being spoken to.

Suddenly, King exclaims, "A clue! Competitor has a clue!" The Riddler perks up, suddenly interested. In one fast motion, she steps up and grabs the small piece of paper out of Competitor's hands.

Knitting her brow together, she begins to decipher the alphanumeric code rapidly. Scaredy gets excited despite his fear.

"Soon we can be out of here, and I can go hide in my room at home again!" he whispers to himself, "I can't believe I---" He is startled out of his monologue by King's angry shout, "HEY! You there! Get to work, peasant!"

Scaredy follows his accusatory finger to see Overthinker staring at a blank section of wall, apparently in deep concentration. Competitor also notices, walking over to scorn Overthinker. "Ha! You are always working so hard to find clues in the wrong places. What an idiot!"

Overthinker turns, starting to get upset, "Well, you never know where the next clue might be! You can't be too careful." Scaredy ponders that internally, but only for a moment. He stares at a lock on the door, opposite where they came in.

Riddler suddenly exclaims, "Aha!" and runs over to the lock, quickly beginning to unlock it. Competitor attempts to fight with Riddler, seeking glory for herself. Suddenly, the King barks at her to stand aside.

In moments, the lock is open, and the smell of freedom is in the air! The team cheers as they walk out into the lobby, their mission accomplished.

As they emerge into brighter lighting, Spectator stares and asks Scaredy, "Dude, did you pee your pants?" The whole team erupts into laughter.

Scaredy smiles, not because he is being laughed at but because he has conquered his fear and emerged from the escape room, victorious at last.

Were You On Our List?

Quite a story, huh? While being very brief, this story was excellent in identifying different types of people you may encounter (or discover yourself to be) in an escape room. I should warn you, though. Do NOT expect an escape room to be that simple.

It will never be a simple scrap of paper and a lock. This story was purely to identify characters without writing a novel on the topic. In my experience, escape rooms are a complex series of challenges that would have extended my short scenario into a 4000-word story.

This scenario was only to exemplify some personalities for all of you. Coming back to my question. Were you on our list?

Are you a King, issuing commands to your team and allowing them to do all the work? Are you a Riddler, solving clues and codes like it's your second nature?

Are you a Scaredy-Cat, jumping at the slightest provocation and (hopefully not) urinating on yourself?

Perhaps you are a Competitor, seeking glory for yourself and fighting with your team to get it.

Or the Spectator, content to watch events unfold before them while offering little to no help.

Last but not least, you may find yourself to be an Overthinker, poring over unimportant details when you could be chasing real clues.

As for myself, I tend to fall into that category. It is surprising how easy it can be to think way too hard and miss something right in front of your face!

We like to think that everyone contributes something to an escape room team, even if it is not readily apparent. Sometimes all that people offer is the opportunity to laugh at them later.

This is sad but, unfortunately, true. Whatever happens on your escape room visits, do your best to make each other feel welcome. We all come with inherent flaws, but that is what makes us human.

What makes us true escapists is working together to overcome our shortcomings as a team. This is why companies are choosing escape rooms for their team events.

Escape Room team building is a whole other experience, unconventional but highly effective.

Meet Others Like You

Regardless of what type of escapee you are, escape rooms, yes, even virtual escape rooms are a great way to meet all kinds of people. You will indeed discover many more people like you if you branch out and attempt different escape rooms in and out of your area.

Some types seem to be rarer. For example, if you search for another person who regularly pees their pants when faced with any sort of scare or trauma, you may be looking for a long while.

But you will find them. Heck, you might get lucky and meet them in your first room and then be stuck smelling urine for over an hour!

Let's also not forget the tremendous benefits gained from interacting with all types of people. I believe every person has something to offer to a team, even if it ends up being a simple comedic value.

In an escape room, we all play out some type of story. That's one of the many beautiful things about them.


So, we went over a few of the types of people you may encounter in an escape room. Honestly, there are infinite possible personalities in there. We simply wanted to identify some of the more prominent ones we have witnessed.

But the story doesn't end there. The next portion is for all of you, readers.

We would like you to share some of your types of people you have discovered in escape rooms and the surrounding details.

What were they like? How did they reveal themselves? Were they a positive or a negative impact on your team?

If you haven't noticed by now, your inputs are essential to us. The 'Escape Room' community is multiplying, and we would like to be involved with the people making that happen - all of you.

Please take the time to share your stories in the comments. Also, like always, we would encourage you to check out an escape room near you.

Visit escaperoom.com for many more entertaining stories, facts, and instructions on how to make the best of your escape room experience today!

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