Top 10 escape room experiences in Johor!

Top 10 escape room experiences in Johor! We've included all kinds of experiences in our list, from horror and fantasy themed to family friendly.

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Top 10 escape room experiences in Johor! We've included all kinds of experiences in our list, from horror and fantasy themed to family friendly. Top 10 escape room experiences in Johor! Top 10 escape room experiences in Johor! We've included all kinds of experiences in our list, from horror and fantasy themed to family friendly.

Each and every place has stories and fables of the people and their history. To actually get to know a place and it’s people it is imperative that you get to know the history and culture of the place. escape rooms give you an opportunity to familiarise yourself with many of these tales and fables in a much more tangible way giving you an insight that would not have been possible otherwise. From the legends of the samurai to famous murder mysterious of the place. Escape room from different cities give you a completely new experience! Visiting escape rooms while traveling is a great way to make memories and getting a greater insight about the place.

Johor , formerly known as Johore, is a state of Malaysia in the south of the Malay Peninsula. Johor shares maritime borders with Singapore to the south and Indonesia to both the west and east. Johor Bahru is the capital city and the economic centre of the state. Johor's culture has been influenced by different ethnicities throughout history, especially by the Arabs, Bugis and Javanese people, with the state also becoming a mixture of different cultures among the Chinese, Indian, Malay and aboriginal people. With such a varied and colourful culture, Johor attracts a lot of tourists and thus newer establishments like escape rooms are on the rise. A lot of tourists want to try something different while travelling and escape rooms are a great option.

We have compiled a list of 10 amazing escape room experiences you can’t afford to miss the next time you’re visiting Johor. We put in hours of work in with research, surveys and reaching out to the game masters themselves to make sure we put forward unerring experiences of the escape rooms, to help you make the right choice. So if you want to take your creativity and intellect for a ride, Here are the top 10 escape room experiences in Johor!


About the experience

The Heaven’s Eye, one of the worlds most sought after treasure has been missing for many years now. But it suddenly appeared at an international charity auction! The necklace being one of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery ever created, attracted many people trying to get their hands on it but in the end the winning bid of $12 million was placed by the world’s richest man Mr Smith. This news of a treasured being auctioned off for such a ridiculous amount of money spread like wildfire and eventually made its way to you.

You and your team have been looking for the necklace for the longest time and now that it’s surfaced you can’t let this opportunity slip up. You along with your team of thieves did an extensive background check and located the treasure. It has been locked up in Mr Smith’s ultimate chamber of secrets, the sky cell! But it won’t be easy breaking into the place, the sky cell is filled with traps and puzzles. Can you break into the place and break out with The Heaven’s Eye before the security catches you?

Player review

“Stealth is highly recommended! A lot of fun puzzles to solve. You get a walkie talkie to communicate with the game masters and they also pass you a tablet that contains clues to the puzzles. We solved it with 4 people. Me, an experienced escape room player and the other 3 were first time escape room players, so it’s not that hard. But it's still fun for all! At the end, they will take a photo and print it out for you.”cptslowyeo (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience will have you break into a secure facility and steal one of the world's most expensive diamond necklace.


About the experience

One of the most famous and terrifying tales of paranormal activity is that of Annabelle. The cursed doll that brought about misfortune and death is feared far and wide. Fortunately the demon possessing Annabelle was exorcised and the doll was kept in the house museum of the man who did it all. William has been keeping the demon at bay for a long time now but as fate would have it, the demon has returned!

William can no longer fend off the evil powers of the possessed Annabelle. Dark powers of terror are on the rise and you have to stop them. You and your friends are new age exorcists and have been called upon by William to help him subdue the sinister demon residing in the doll. It won’t be an easy feat getting the evil spirit to return to the nether world for the calamity this time is far worse than what it was before! The scary and sinister ambiance of the room will send chills down your spine. Do you have the guts to go through with the exorcism?

Player review

“We played Annabelle as a group of 10 people! It was definitely spooky and the experience lingers on even after you have escaped! As we were stuck in the jam, we were very late, but the staff were very patient and understanding. Personally feel that this is one of the better escape rooms in Johor Highly recommended for anyone looking for some fun with friends and Annabelle!”Kasturi (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience will require you to bring for every ounce of courage you have and exorcise the evil spirit possessing Annabelle.

Legendary Swordsman

About the experience

The legendary Yue Bu Qun of the Hua Shan Sect is one of the strongest Wushu masters to ever walk this world. Many people have traveled to Hua Shan and begged Yue Bu Qun to teach them the art of Wushu, dreaming of one day being able to use that strength to fight for the weak and crush the injustice! But as ironic as fate can be sometimes, being constantly worried about the position of his sect and in order to claim all the power for himself, Yue Bu Qun plotted to make the other sects to fight amongst each other!

He even captured you and other the Hua Shan disciples and imprisoned you within the Cave of the Golden Snake! Cutting you off he went ahead and placed the blame on the Wu Dang Sect! While you were stuck in the cave, the ground below started to crack and the future looked bleak. But a sudden turn of events gives you the opportunity to learn a martial art skill hidden inside the cave! This skill can’t even be rivalled by Yue Bu Qun himself. You have an hour to learn the skill and break your way through the rocks and escape from the cave.

Player review

“We made an online appointment, and were promptly served and ushered to our game room. We played the Legendary Swordsman, which requires some knowledge of the Chinese language. There was an english translation book, but it was not helpful for a particular riddle. The use of sensors in puzzles in the room was fantastic. Would definitely recommend!”BudgetTravellerso (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience is a must for all the kung fu movie fans out there. Learn an unrivalled martial art skill and break your way through the rocks!


About the experience

It’s spring and the sakura blossoms fill the air with semblance of romance. This season has a tendency to bring out the romantic in one. Nobita falling for the antics of spring finally mustered up the courage to confess his feelings to Shizuka! He went ahead and bought a bouquet of the most beautiful cherry blossoms. As he was on his way to Sizuka’s place, he crashes into Jyaiko and accidentally ends up handing her the bouquet. What is he supposed to do now?

Utterly shocked by the situation he runs back home crying as usual. He pleads Doraemon for help and seeing how Nobita mustered up the courage to confess his feelings, Doraemon decides to help out his friends. Nobita must regain the bouquet from Jiyan’s sister without incurring his wrath. It’s a very sticky situation so Doraemon better bring out his ace gadgets! Embark on a journey of a love confession along one of the most iconic and loved anime characters of all time!

Player review

“My friends and I played the Doraemon escape room. The puzzles are logical with reasonable storyline. The room for Doraemon is very cute, the puzzles are relatively straightforward and the room is bright! We just could get enough of it! Doraemon was so cute and fun. Love all the tricks in the room. Overall my experience with this has been fantastic. I will definitely be back again.”thelonelytraveller12 (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience lets you live the life of one of the most loved anime characters ever! Can you make his dream confession a reality?


About the experience

Yi Ling and Xiao Wen were inseparable ever since they were kids. They were almost like real sisters, never leaving each others side. But one day a fateful car accident took away Yi Ling’s life! Ever since that day, Xiao Wen has been all by herself, grieving her friends loss. She never came to terms with Yi Ling’s death and can’t bear to live her life in regret. She wants to give Yi Ling her favourite ‘Flame Necklace’ somehow. But how can you get in touch with the deceased?

That’s where you come in the picture. You are a famous psychic who can see, hear, understand and communicate with the souls of the deceased! Getting in touch with the underworld is usually a simple task for you, and when Xiao Wen approached you with the necklace and explained everything, you decide to help her. But as you take on the task and begin to contact the deceased soul, you find out something isn’t right. This trip to the underworld seems to come with a surprise! Can you make it back? Or will you be trapped in the nether world forever? You have one hour to make it back.

Player review

“We tried the soulmate room. Great game play, sufficient adrenaline rush and fear factor. The staff was very friendly and helpful. My boys were still talking excitedly about the game, hours after the game. It was definitely money well spent. We were in the area for a short weekend trip. The establishment is in a very pleasant and safe neighbourhood. Will definitely be back.”Chengann (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience will take you on a trip to the underworld! Can you make it back from the land of the dead?

Bar Murderer

About the experience

A scream filled the night with terror! Where did the shilling sound come from? A famous establishment called the Wonderful Bar seemed to be the genesis of the scream. When the bar manager and a female customer rushed in to see what had happened, they were left aghast by the scene that had unfolded in front of them! A woman’s body was hanging from the ceiling in one of the toilet cubicles! The neck had given away and the body was hanging.

When the police were called and the body was finally brought down, it turned out the woman was none other than Rebecca, a very famous actress! How did she end up like that? Initially thought of as a suicide, when further investigated by the police, turned out to be a case of murder. The police has narrowed down to list list of suspects to just five people and all of them have different possible motives to commit the crime. Who was the one to murder Rebecca? Solve the mystery and help the police apprehend the real culprit behind this gruesome act.

Player review

“We were a group of people with age ranging from 30s to 60s and the game is great for ages. The theme that we chose was more of a mandarin story but english explanation is there too. It was fun and good bonding and teamwork in a team. The theme is to find the murderer in one room. It was fun and we enjoyed it. The team in Escape Room was very helpful and flexible with time.”Spy138 (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience will have you solve a gruesome murder mystery! Find the real culprit from the five suspects.

The Overlook Hotel: Room 13

About the experience

You finally got the chance to go on a vacation with your family! It was such good fun being together with everyone just relaxing and having a great time. Now that the vacation is over, you were driving back and suddenly your car breaks down. You are stuck in the middle of nowhere with your family! Fortunately you find a hotel nearby, but the place is completely run down and operated by an old man who is beyond his means and can’t take care of the establishment.

You take a room and as soon as you walk in, you realise something off putting. The room seemed a bit creepy and while the thought crossed your mind, the old man locks the door! Now you are stuck in there with the spirits that haunt the dreaded room. You and your team have forty five minutes to break out of the room before the spirits get angry and come for you. The dark and haunting aesthetic of the room might spook you a bit so steel your nerves as you step into room 13.

Player review

“We picked Room 13 theme. Though the theme and setup was quite nice, I was disappointed with the number of clues to be solved in order to escape the room. For a 45 mins session, I think the clues should be kept to 3-4. I loved the horror theme and music. The price was good and reasonable. Escape game is one of the best experiences for team building and for puzzle lovers.”Ekta (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience will put you in a haunted hotel room. Can you make it out before the spirits turn against you?

Prison Break

About the experience

You’re locked in a prison cell. You might be wondering, why? Well, as it turns out, you have been framed for the murder of your own wife by the sinister Dr. Malcom. There’s no hope of proving your innocence, Dr. Malcom made sure you take the fall and he goes unscathed. As you await your execution, rumours about some inmates disappearing started spreading. People are starting to say it’s because they managed to break out of the prison.

You see these rumours as a silver lining. Do you still have a chance to make it out of the ever closing walls? Can you go back to being a free man once again? There’s only one way to find out. Many of the inmates that tried to escape before either got captured or killed by the guards. But, this is your last chance and you’ve got nothing to lose! You have forty-five minutes before the guard comes in to take you to the gallows. Give it everything you’ve got and break out of the prison before it’s too late.

Player review

“We chose prison break and before we went in, we must keep our things in the locker provided. We are being handcuffed and blindfolded and them bring into a dark room. The time to solve the puzzle is 45 minutes, the puzzle is good to keep us occupy but in the end we didn't really escape and stuck at the last puzzle, we have a really fun time together. Highly recommended to play.”Jacky (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience will give you the chance to break out of a prison cell! Will you walk free or hang at the gallows?

The Mysterious Room

About the experience

You recently found out a secret about your rival! Dr. Malcolm has been hiding something valuable to him in his secret workshop. After many atrocities he’s put you through, it’s finally the time to get back to him. You call upon your former colleagues and criminal specialists to help you out with the task. Many members of the team run a reconnaissance at the establishment itself to figure out all the security measures, daily routine of the doctor and the map of the building itself.

While a team was running the reconnaissance mission, another team created an exact replica of the vault used by Dr. Malcolm to hide his valuables. You need to practice breaking into the vault as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once you enter the doctor's secret warehouse, you will have just forty-five minutes to break into the vault, retrieve the items and escape the building before the alarms go off. Can you beat the doctor at his own game this time around?

Player review

“I went there with my siblings and cousins, we took that as an outing that was meant for us to bond! Choosing the hardest level of game was not the best choice made but we still found pleasure in the entire game! Although eventually we did not break all obstacles, but we were all glad that we went to play and we enjoyed the time we had together in that tiny lil' mysterious room!”Xin Hui (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience will let you experience a rivalry of villains. Can you take down the evil doctor?

The tenants upstairs

About the experience

In the famous Fortune Apartments lives a single 48 year old rich man who goes by the name ‘Landlord Shi’. He is known for his bad temper and even terrible personality. None of the tenants were close to him and nobody conversed with him. Something was weird about those apartments as no one was allowed to go up to the 7th floor. Something was being hidden there. On a fateful day, Landlord She was found dead in a pool of his own blood!

He had been hit heavily on the head with a weapon and lost his life from the blunt trauma of the attack. As soon as the police found out about the murder, every single of the five tenants became a suspect in the police investigation. Who could be the real killer? This live action murder mystery will involve every single player in a role and make the experience very immersive. The storyline and it’s progression throughout the time period of one hour keeps you hooked till the end! Can you figure out the real culprit amongst yourselves or will the mystery remain unsolved?

Player review

“Crime Scene's The Tenants Upstairs is a must experience. For me, the highlight of The Tenants Upstairs was its very clever, subtle use of evidence. You have to really think about the significance of certain items. Even though we found most of the clues and uncovered most of the storylines, we were still blown away by some specific pieces of evidence in the final reveal video.”randomvoice (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience brings a whole new level of immersion with its murder mystery storyline involving all the players!

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