Raising Industry Awareness
Unlock the Potential of Your Escape Room Business
Partner with escaperoom.com to raise awareness of the industry and increase bookings
More Bookings
More Bookings
New Customers
New Customers
Zero Risk
Zero Risk
It’s not your responsibility…
It’s not your responsibility…

The escape room industry is young, underappreciated, and an afterthought to most. With so many activities pulling for people’s attention, awareness of the industry needs to be a group effort.

At escaperoom.com, we want to help you grow your business and elevate the escape room industry so it’s the first thought when someone asks, “What should we do this weekend?”, “What are fun things to do near me?”

Value Proposition
Expand Your Reach
Expand Your Reach
We focus on reaching new customers who are traveling for work, vacation, or enthusiasts checking your rooms off their list! You take care of your community.
Only Pay For Results
Only Pay For Results
Unlike other partners, there are zero upfront costs and zero commitments. Onboarding takes 15 minutes, and we’ll guide you through the whole process.
No Direct Competition
No Direct Competition
We focus on gaining market share from competing entertainment options. Together, we can make a larger impact for the escape room community!
We get it – building a business alone is hard
Running a business now is more complex than ever. You shouldn’t have to do it alone! Partnerships can be intimidating, but the right ones can free you up to do the things you love to do in your business.
We Integrate With Popular Booking Platforms
What Are My Costs?
Setup Fees
When we say $0, we mean $0. There are no hidden fees or surprises along the way either. You only pay when you get bookings. The end.
10% of booking
The average booking for escape rooms is around $100 and the average cost-per-conversion for Escape Rooms in digital marketing is $10.
Stripe Processing Fee
2.9% + 30¢
As with any online transaction, there is a payment gateway fee. That means on a $100 booking, you’re going to net around $87. Again, full transparency.
How It Works
Fill Out “Partner Request Form”
Fill Out “Partner Request Form”
We need to verify you own the Escape Room business you’re requesting and collect additional information to begin the partnership.
15 Minute Onboarding Call
15 Minute Onboarding Call
Our primary focus is integrating your booking software. On this call, we’ll also walk you through how to manage your listing.
Start Receiving Bookings!
Start Receiving Bookings!
As we’ve said, escaperoom.com is great for reaching new customers. The sky’s the limit!
About Us
The Escape Room industry is growing, but people still don't think of it as their first option for a fun, memorable experience.escaperoom.com is run by a team of enthusiasts who also happen to have experience in programming and business. Collectively, we’ve helped start over 30 businesses, so we know a thing or two about starting, growing, and scaling businesses.
Will escaperoom.com have access to my existing bookings?

No. We do not have visibility/access to your bookings. We will only be able to view and share empty slots and make bookings.

If any modifications are required to a booking, the customers will directly reach out to you.

Are double bookings possible?

Our reservation system integrations work with your existing booking system. Hence, double bookings are not a possibility.

How do I pay the platform fee?

When the customer makes a payment, the platform fee is deducted, and the rest is deposited directly to your Stripe™ account. Your Stripe™ account is managed only by you. We do not have access to your account.

I do not have Stripe™? What do I do?

Stripe™ is a modern and growing payment gateway solution. Signing up with Stripe™ is simple, and this can be done during the escaperoom.com partnership signup process. Stripe™ allows us to directly process payments to your account, eliminating the wait times to release funds.

Can I get some help during the partnership process?

We would be happy to set up a Zoom call, and our technical product lead will walk you through the simple process.

How do you handle corporate or birthday event leads?

When we receive a group booking request through our lead form or customer chat, we validate the lead and pass on vital information such as customer name, email, phone, # of people, date preferences, and other customer requests to you.

When the lead converts, you pay us the platform fee.

I have already claimed my listing. Why should I partner with you?

Customers prefer a simple booking process without moving through multiple pages/websites.

Without the booking system integration, 1 in 3 escaperoom.com customers drop off before going to your website, resulting in lost revenue.

Only verified purchasers get to review partner brands and games on the site. Partners get to manage and respond to these review. So, no more false reviews!

"Why partner with us?" section above highlights the benefits of the partner program.