Bailout Escape Rooms

Bailout Escape Rooms

The family-friendly brand provides ample-sized escape rooms with puzzles in extra spaces that players can explore. Visit now for an adventure!
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$25/ person
5.0 (36)

About the company

Bailout Escape Rooms was established in 2019 by Frank and Gina Lipski.

The couple had always wanted to bring a new form of entertainment for families in the Highland community. They experienced their first escape room in Texas, and after this adventure, decided to start a brand of theirs.

The brand provides live escape rooms where players put themselves in the roles of the characters in the stories. The ample-sized rooms often contain additional spaces that let players navigate through the experience.

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About this location

The brand is located at 1010 Walnut St, Highland, Illinois.

A huge signpost with the company's logo directs visitors to the red brick building. The building features a parking lot that the players can use.

Inside the building, a reception desk receives the players into a grey-walled lobby. One of the walls bears the logo and brand name. A shelf close to this wall has props that players can use for their pictures.

The facility features a well-furnished party hall.

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5.0 out of 5
139 customers ratings
So enjoyed working with my friends to figure out all the clues, locks and some trivia of this puzzle. Really fun.
Our family had such a good time at Bailout Escape Rooms! The owner went above and beyond to make sure we had a great experience. We have been to many escape rooms but this is by far our favorite. We will definitely be back to check out the other room!
I had an absolute great bonding experience with the family at Bailout. The complex and challenging room made it a realistic and integrating experience. We escaped with 10 seconds left! Would highly suggest going.