Brain Games Escape Room

Brain Games Escape Room

The Laboratory is an award-winning escape room venture offering movie-styled kid-friendly escape room experiences in LA.
< 18
$38/ person
4.9 (334)

About the company

Brain Games Escape Room was established in Jan 2022 when two award winning designers came together to produce some of the highest production value level games in Southern California.

The designers loves the concept of escape games and has put their heart and soul into designing every aspect of the escape rooms.

The designers have won multiple awards over the years including Best Comedy Game, Best Online Game for Miss Jezebel, Best Puzzle Overload.

The company offers creative and innovative escape room experiences, transporting players to a new world.

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About this location

The Laboratory is situated at 117 E 11th St., Los Angeles, CA.

You can spot the one-storeyed venue by its dark-colored signboard carrying the brand name in bold letters.

The building has a simplistic exterior with its brick-walled texture.

Stepping inside the facility, you will find the waiting area with its hardwood floors and white-washed walls. Paintings hang on the white walls. There are sufficient chairs for teams of all sizes to sit and wait for their gaming session.

Walking straight past the reception desk, the walls turn blue. You will notice a white door carrying the label "Escape Room" on top. Behind this door lies your game.

The facility provides handicapped accessibility and a parking area for your convenience.

Embark on your movie-styled escape game in this escape room in LA today!



4.9 out of 5
390 customers ratings
Great room! Puzzles are awesome. Game master is the best.
Such a great room! We had an amazing time! The puzzles are diverse and challenging and Dan is a charming and adorable host.
I've done many escape rooms in Los Angeles and this is the best room. by far. Dan, the owner, has done a masterful job in setting these puzzles up. The puzzles are complex and unique, with a large variety of challenges. Many escape rooms have simple puzzles all of one type (math only, or sequence puzzles only, etc.) but this room has them all including many I had never seen before (mirror puzzles, physical searches, sound puzzles, etc.) It's truly a great room and I suggest going with a group of 6-8 people so you have time to try everything. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.