Breakout Games

Breakout Games

The brand provides a variety of escape room themes with innovative puzzles that challenge players' wits and team skills.
$25/ person
4.9 (1823)

About the company

Breakout Games was established in 2014. It is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky

With over three dozen branches in about 20 states, this escape room brand is one of the leading escape room brands in the United States. 

The company offers an interactive experience in escape rooms designed with artistic elements, interesting challenges, and diverse plots to ensure an enthralling escapade. 

The escape rooms immerse players in a real-life adventure in which they are assigned an integral role. They must find clues and solve puzzles to escape the room within the time limit.

Get ready to reignite the adventurer in you! Join now to have the time of your life at Breakout Games.

About this location

Breakout Games Columbia is located at 8661 Robert Fulton Dr, Columbia, MD 21046.

The venue is inside a beige and red brick building with the brand name visible in large fonts at the entrance. A glass door welcomes you inside the lobby that accommodates you.

The spacious lobby has white and orange walls that reflect the brand's theme. A black reception desk at one end of the room receives you as you walk into the facility.

Several comfortable black benches offer you seats as you wait for your experience. A hallway from the lobby leads you to the escape rooms for your adventure.

After your game, you can pose for pictures in the lobby with props provided. You can also purchase brand merch and take it home as souvenirs as your experience.

Parking is available at the facility for visitors.

Get your tickets now and head over to this escape room for an adventure!



4.9 out of 5
1823 customers ratings
This place is amazing! It was my first time doing an escape room, and I’m glad I did it with Breakout Rooms — Baltimore. Our game master was excellent in giving us hints without giving away what we actually needed to do. It’s a great bonding experience with family, friends, coworkers, etc, so I highly recommend scheduling a time to run through a scenario here at Breakout Games!
This place is awesome; the best escape room concept I've been to. The game masters are fun, but the rooms are awesome. Lots of options to pick from, and very well thought out puzzles. I like that they have rooms that you can start blindfolded or handcuffed- adds some thrill to the timed game. It's cool that you can take a picture and have it sent straight to your phone after too. Can't wait to do another room there soon!
Always fun with a group of friends Love going here with the family when (adult) kids are in from out of town. Have also gone here with a group of friends. Great Activity, can be pricy if you are on a budget, but our family likes trying the new experiences as they come out. Have never tried any other place so have no comparison to other chains or locations, but we love it and always have a great time. Don't overthink the clues, most are not obvious but are not superdifficult. Also don't be stubborn and waste time if you get stuck, it's ok to ask for help from the voice in the "sky" so that you get to enjoy more of the experience. Have always found it clean, well maintained, and the staff friendly and helpful.