Enigma Adventures @ Maple Grove, MN

Enigma Adventures @ Maple Grove, MN

The facility is an all-purpose entertainment destination with high-quality escape rooms and indoor activities for all age groups to have fun together.

4-20 2 games 15+ 10+

About the company

Enigma Adventures was established in 2017.

The brand provides highly immersive escape rooms with original storylines, detailed set design, and innovative props. The company's primary goal is to create a wholesome, entertaining experience for people across different age groups and preferences.

The facility offers additional indoor entertainment options, including laser tag, a sports bar, a whirly ball, and a restaurant making it a one-stop destination for all your recreational needs.

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Updated: [Apr-2022]
4.9 (120 reviews)
We made a last minute reservation to this escape room and it did not disappoint. By far the best escape room we have done. The whole family got to be involved mom and dad with kids 9-16 all found it fun. Very well done and high quality with fun technology built in with a great story line. The developer was an incredibly nice guy and great at guiding you with clues if needed. Made it extremely fun for the whole family. Highly recommended.
This was the 15th escape room I had done in the Twin Cities area. Done some pretty great rooms and a few bad/boring ones. I was a little leery of Enigma Adventures since they are brand new and only have one room. But I shouldn't have worried - this was, without question, the best escape room experience I've had yet. Story - original and detailed, with some nice hooks to get you invested Puzzles - a nice mix of some more traditional ones, like hidden keys and directional locks, to some more high tech and physical ones (don't want to spoil w/ too much detail). Towards the end are some really original, high tech puzzles and challenges I've never seen in a room before - these were really really fun and a highlight of the room Design - top notch. Probably the best I've seen. Lots of cool little details to bring you into the setting and story Difficulty - pretty challenging, wife and I got out w/ about 1 min to spare. Your guide is quite helpful though, offering tips and clues when you are stuck. I think it would still be pretty tough for a first time group. Overall - this is the best escape room in town. All the different elements (story, puzzles, tech) combine for a thrilling and fun time. Can't wait for them to open another room
It was a really well designed mission and we had a blast! I would highly recommend Enigma and I am looking forward to their next room and going again!