Jackson Escape Rooms @ Jackson, TN

Jackson Escape Rooms @ Jackson, TN

Jackson Escape Room is a locally-owned brand offering multiple escape room themes that challenge players to solve puzzles and unlock mysteries.

2-38 5 games 13+

About the company

Jackson Escape Room was established in 2015 by Lee Wilson.

The brand offers an adventure in escape rooms developed around a story and challenges players to test their wits by finding clues, solving puzzles, and unlocking mysteries hidden in the rooms.

Each room has a unique theme that transports the players in a different world and immerses them in the adventure.

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Updated: [Jul-2021]
4.9 (748 reviews)
We went with 14 of our family members for my sisters birthday and had the best time! The owner and all the employees went out of their way to make sure we had a great experience.
My daughter has made Jackson Escape Rooms a birthday tradition, taking a group of her friends every year. The rooms are dynamic, creative and fun to solve. Staff are always friendly and helpful. Highly recommend.
BEST escape room by far! I was with my 11 year old daughter and 20 year old son and his 19 year old girlfriend. We had 4 others at the time we signed up and had the BEST time! Didn’t escape but got further than our host thought we would! Awesome and can’t wait to book our next one for Thanksgiving break!