Puzzle Effect

Puzzle Effect

This fast-growing brand offers various unique, well-planned escape room experiences for the customers with immersive storylines and challenging puzzles.
$34/ person
4.8 (2482)

About the company

Puzzle Effect - NOUN

Definition of Puzzle Effect

puz·zle ef·fect | ˈpə-zəl i-ˈfekt

  1. The bewilderment and resulting euphoria triggered by escape room puzzle-solving.

Puzzle Effect offers an intriguing escape room experience to its customers in various interesting and unique themes. With 7 locations,

Puzzle Effect offers completely immersive rooms filled with puzzles, clues, and riddles.

Our escape games are curated with unexpected twists, scenery, and ambiance that transports escapers into an adventurous dimension.

So, mark your calendars and ping your loved ones! Book your tickets for a heart-pumping adventure at Puzzle Effect today!

About this location

The Puzzle Effect, Phoenix is located at 4700 N Central Ave Suite 102, Phoenix, Arizona. The venue is located close to St Francis Xavier Catholic Church, a popular tourist attraction.

The venue has an elegant structure and design. The building is spread over a large area, and its exterior is painted in a dusty shade of grey. The interior is decked with wooden wall furnishings, and the waiting room walls are painted in a thrill enticing patterns of red, grey, and black!

The waiting room is spacious with ample seating arrangements with comfortable couches installed at multiple spots for the customers.

The venue has a private parking lot for the customers to park their vehicles.

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Hi I was wondering if someone over 18 is required to do the escape room if there is only minors ? Thanks

AT Puzzle Effect, Players aged 15 and below need to be accompanied by an adult.

By khairunisa shoaib on December 26, 2022


4.8 out of 5
2482 customers ratings
Very friendly staff who were very happy to help in any way they could. A nice, family oriented experience!
It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed every moment of game. Jahson was a great game master.
The puzzles made you think outside the box and we're well thought out to prevent guests from just guessing. My wife, myself, and her parents had a most wonderful time and the puzzle effect owners were very accommodating letting us bring our two year old as well. The room design felt immersive and overall I hope to do their other rooms when I'm in town again. The puzzles all made sense with the clues given and the hints in the room flowed very well.