Texas Panic Room

Texas Panic Room

This state-wide brand provides enticing storylines and original set designs for an immersive, unique escape experience.
$32/ person
5.0 (228)

About the company

Texas Panic Room was established in 2014 by Robert Ma.

The brand offers an escape room adventure with unique and challenging scenarios. The rooms are designed with props and puzzles that engage players in a compelling storyline and tests their wits.

The company’s success motivated the owners to open escape rooms in several locations in Austin and reach out to a broader audience.

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About this location

The facility is located at 3510 Main St suite c, Houston, Texas. The venue is close to Buffalo Soldiers National Museum.

The business is located inside a multi-facility building with a white and beige exterior. The brand name displayed right at the entrance ensures that the venue is easily recognizable.

Walking in, you are greeted by a spacious lobby area with wooden walls. The floors are patterned like a chessboard, hinting at the complex challenges one will be solving inside these rooms.

The waiting area is furnished with a plaid patterned couch and wooden desk. The brand has set up a colorful spinning wheel in this area to keep you entertained while the game setup finishes.

The venue offers street parking and garage parking for your vehicles.

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5.0 out of 5
228 customers ratings
During our visit in Houston, I’d thought we try an escape room for our first time. We didn’t know what to expect because the last thing I want to do is to be trapped (claustrophobic), but the front desk guy Ryan was understanding of my anxiety and reassured us that he will keep an eye out for us. He actually gave us some tips along the way before I began to hyperventilate. It was a fun experience for us! I will definitely drop by next time I’m in Houston.
My first escape room experience! I was nervous going into the activity but the puzzles are surprisingly enjoyable to solve! I like that the puzzles are challenging but still do-able. They're a nice balance for the group because everyone can participate. Ryan (who runs Project Panic) was very informative with the instructions in the beginning to get us started. During the actual escape attempt, he offered the right amount of assistance to make the experience fun. Our group of six people was a good size for the activity. Every time we unlocked a lock or opened a door, it was thrilling! Highly recommend this escape room! It's great for both beginners and experts.
My family went with another family and it was definitely quite a bit of fun! None of us had a lot of experience with escape, so we aren't experts in the puzzle room world, but the room was definitely creative and quite doable! We escaped with around 5 minutes left, and even though we had 10 people, everyone was able to contribute in some way to solving the room. The room master was fantastic in giving us little hints that didn't give the solution away, but provided a small nudge in the right direction. Definitely would recommend this location.