The Grape Escape

The Grape Escape

The brand that challenges your wits by offering intense competition. You have limited time to gather clues and escape in The Grape Escape, Nada!
$35/ person
5.0 (211)

About the company

The Grape Escape in Napa was created in 2019 by Rick and Shannon Johnson,

The owners decided to fulfill their ambition by launching the city's first escape room in July 2019.

The company provides entertaining interactive adventures in which users are confined to a room.

Other players must use objects in the room to solve a series of puzzles, uncover hints, and escape the room in a predetermined amount of time.

The business offers imaginative storylines, authentic props, and creative designs.

Visit The Grape Escape, Napa, today to immerse yourself in heart-pumping challenges!

About this location

The Grape Escape is located at 1345 W Imola Ave, Napa, CA, United States.

The facility has an eye-catching brand logo with bright white lighting, with the letters "E" and "A" written opposite.

Players are welcomed by a large, spotless waiting area with sofas and couches as soon as they enter the escape room.

The hardwood floor furniture enhances the space's overall appearance.

Taking pictures inside the escape rooms is prohibited; the brand provides separate rooms for group photos.

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5.0 out of 5
211 customers ratings
Fantastic surprise! My friends surprised me with this experience as a birthday present and I loved every minute! Our guide was fantastic - she provided just enough clues to assist us when we got stuck without giving away the answers - great balance and patience. The experience was unique, fun, and challenging so I truly felt like a little kid again, getting the opportunity to PLAY!
This escape room was great! MJ was such an awesome host and the room itself was challenging and really fun to solve. Definitely planning to go back again!
This was my first escape room and it was the BEST experience. We got out with seconds to spare. I was in a group 5 people and it really made us think and work as a team and communicate. I would absolutely do it again! You have to try it at least once.