The Room LA

The Room LA

Record your game and get an expert analysis performed to gain insights into enhancing your team’s effectiveness at this five-star escape brand!
$32/ person
4.6 (347)

About the company

The Room LA was established in 2016.

The company offers immersive escape room experiences with diverse storylines and unique themes. 

The enterprise offers an enticing escape from the drudgery of the real world into the mystic realms of magic, adventure, and thrill. The Room LA takes the players on an action-packed adventure ride in a lethal race against time!

The games at this facility are built to drive teamwork and collaboration. The brand runs a high-quality team-based learning initiative to drive organizational effectiveness.

Do you have what it takes to make it out in time? Find out for yourself at The Room LA.

About this location

Located in Burbank's streets, The Room is situated at 11500 Burbank Blvd Los Angeles, California. The venue is surrounded by several restaurants.

The exterior exudes an abandoned house vibe from the outside with a huge name board to it.

As one walks in, one would notice a contrasting modern interior based on the brand color scheme - red and white and the lobby walls are decked up with decorative props.

The waiting room and reception have a contemporary look, as opposed to the intricately designed escape rooms.   

They also have a photoshoot spot with their brand logo where you can capture this thrilling memory after your game!

The facility offers a private parking lot and bike parking for its customers.

Get your memories captured at one of the best escape rooms in LA



4.6 out of 5
347 customers ratings
The place looks like an abandoned building, I guess that's how it's supposed to look, but it's really nice in the waiting area. When you walk in, you are greeted by the friendly staff and they give you all the instructions and what you should know before going into the Escape room. I did the Cabin and it was soooo much fun, a little challenging, but I definitely recommend it.
Can you imagine wrangling 9 9-10 year old girls to focus on an escape room? Not an easy task! Bailey was a great host getting these girls to focus and Courtney was a superb game master. These kids had an the "best time ever" and couldn't stop talking about it for hours after. Susan was so accommodating and easy to work with, it made having a kids party a breeze. We can't wait to try this with a group of adults soon! We will definitely be back!
My first escape room experience and I'm hooked! The room was challenging and fun, the staff was delightfully, and it's a great experience all around! I'll be back for the spaceship@ 5 stars