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Can you escape before you're forced to face horrible truths of your family?
Availability for 1 guest on Jun 5, 2024
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If the magic backfires you will remain trapped in this room for all eternity.
Availability for 1 guest on Jun 5, 2024
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You have been granted the power to rewind from "The End" to "Once Upon a Time" and save the child's innocent heart.
Availability for 1 guest on Jun 5, 2024
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About the company

The Ultimate Escape Room was established in 2016, and Annette C. owns the brand.

The owners aim to offer fun-filled, exciting, and unforgettable escape room experiences to adults, kids and families.

The brand also operates in two other locations - Ventura and Solvang. Escape room enthusiasts love the games offered by the company.

The venue presently offers a unique escape room game for players to try with their team.

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About this location

Located in the beautiful Ventura Harbor Village, The Ultimate Escape Rooms is expansive and inviting.

The wooden interiors coupled with props that add to the vintage feel, give the venue a homespun and rustic ambiance. The quaint reception area further creates the feeling of traveling back in time, while offering guests a comfortable place to wait and ask questions. Lockers are provided next to the reception area, offering guests a safe and secure place to store their personal belongings while they play.

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4.5 out of 5
400 customers ratings
The room we booked “The Attic” was more challenging than I thought it would be… of course my partner/teammate couldn’t keep on track for the clues we were uncovering…but like majority of the people that attempt this room, we did not make it out in time I’m not even sure if we made it halfway. Definitely something I want to do again as soon as possible.
My first (and probably last) escape room experience, but it was more fun than I'd thought. The rooms (there's 4) are well decorated and imaginative and the puzzles were not as easy as one might think. I highly recommend you do this with a private group of friends, rather than with strangers, as it can get frustrating when you can't figure out a puzzle. The attendant was available for "hints" when the whole group agrees and even in spite of this our group was not able to escape in the time allowed. Maybe that's because we'd brought in our own wine (which I understand they allow if you have a special event).
Can't wait to come back!! First visit- had no idea what to expect. The person at the front was great and talked us through what we would encounter. We came with a giant group of co workers (comedy club) and were split up into two rooms because of so many of us. It was so awesome, dark and creepy (mermaids curse) we didn't stop laughing the whole time it was so fun trying to figure out the code to get out. Second visit-just as fun as before (were all mad here) but the room was a lot brighter with lights on. Was easy to escape. Such a good time. I will be back soon and I have been recommending it to all of my friends and acquaintances!