Best Escape Rooms in Atlanta!

Best Escape Rooms in Atlanta!

With so many Escape Room Atlanta, are you lost to find your perfect escape? Look no further. Check these 10 must-do rooms for a mind-blowing time in Atlanta!
30 Second Summary of Escape Rooms in Atlanta

The concept of escape rooms is, without a doubt gaining huge prevalence worldwide. Since its inception, more than 2300 escape room venues have come into existence in the United States of America. Atlanta was one of the first cities in Georgia to embrace the escape room phenomenon when it first entered the US. There are 60 active escape room venues in Georgia, and 9 of these are located in Atlanta. Here are a few statistics regarding the Atlanta Escape Room Industry.

We have analyzed over 16,900 reviews and done exhaustive research to make a list of the best escape rooms in Atlanta. We assiduously inspected different escape room games, analyzed endless surveys, and consulted gaming specialists thoroughly.

We have assembled a rundown of the best escape rooms in Atlanta, Georgia, US by having some of the employees try these experiences individually and talk with the game masters to ensure you get the most accurate information.

Here's a list of the best escape room venues and experiences across various locations in the city.

Top Escape Room Companies in Atlanta

Ultimate Escape Game Atlanta

This escape room offers some of the most immersive escape room experiences in the city. Their riveting escape rooms are assembled with top-notch elements that add to its distinctive charm. Their employees are experts at handling customers with patience and care. The brand offers a private space for people who're looking to host events. They also help non-profits and schools with fundraising events!

Here are the games currently offered by them:

Erased: This game is a sequel to the 'Hackers' room. You've been hired by a group of hackers to 'scrub' their facility and get rid of all evidence incriminating them.

Submerged: Something goes wrong while you are touring an underwater facility! Can you find your way out? Or will you remain submerged?

Atlanta: Locate the hidden Cola formula as you go about solving puzzles and riddles about Atlanta's landmarks and attractions.

Amnesia: Unravel the mysterious past of an amnesic patient as you explore the inner workings of a human mind.

Dead By Dawn: At the dead by dawn, you need to retrieve the ancient relic and the gentleman's missing hand! You just get an hour to do this and get a reward in time!

PanIQ Escape Room

PanIQ Escape Room in Atlanta, GA, offers unparalleled immersive experiences, blending adventure and strategy. Step into our meticulously designed rooms, each a unique world with puzzles and mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Perfect for thrill-seekers, friends, and families, our escape rooms guarantee unforgettable challenges, teamwork, and fun. Dare to escape?

Medieval Madness: Embark on a thrilling adventure in Medieval Madness! Solve puzzles, unravel mysteries, and escape the enchanted castle before time runs out. An immersive experience awaits you!

The Red Wire: Embark on a thrilling adventure at The Red Wire, PanIQ Escape Room. Solve intricate puzzles, crack codes, and unravel mysteries to escape within 60 minutes. Are you ready?

Wizard Trials: Embark on an enchanting adventure at Wizard Trials! Solve mystic puzzles, unravel secrets, and wield magical powers in this immersive PanIQ Escape Room experience in Atlanta.

Amazing Escape Game Atlanta

Amazing Escape Atlanta was established in 2016. The company's ultimate goal is to offer unique and memorable experiences replete with fun puzzles, brain-teasing riddles, and hidden clues. They offer exciting and interactive escape rooms that challenge and encourage players to collaborate and escape within 45 minutes. Whether you're looking to host a birthday party, corporate retreat, or even a youth group, Amazing Escape Game Atlanta has got it all.

Here are the games currently offered by them:

Cabin: While you were out on a trek along with your crew, you got locked inside a psychopath's cabin. You need to get out before the crazy killer gets you!

Virus: The world is on the brink of destruction due to a deadly virus, and you must locate its antidote before it's too late!

Vegas: You need to pay an outrageous bill after an incredible night at the Vegas hotel! Too bad you can't remember any of it.

Prison: You have been imprisoned for a crime you never committed! Escape before you're transferred to the maximum-security facility.

Biohazard: There is biohazard released, you are appointed to find an antidote for it from the underground lab. Find it quick before the facility self-destructs everything.

The Escape Game Atlanta

The Escape Game Atlanta offers its players some of the most critically acclaimed escape games. The flawlessly crafted rooms instantly mesmerize the players with their incredibly designed interiors and immersive storylines.

We guarantee that you will have a blast here! They ensure that games are accessible for everyone, whether you're 8 or 80, so it's a great place to host family get-togethers.

Here are the games currently offered by them:

Prison Break: You've been sentenced to a life behind bars for a crime you never committed. You must escape this high-security prison before it's too late.

Special Ops: Mysterious Market: You and your crew have been investigating a marketplace to unravel its hidden mysteries.

Gold Rush: Locate Clyde Hamilton's hidden gold stack before the mob gets to it!.

The Depths: Mysterious videos from a rumored undersea laboratory surface, detailing some strange and troubling experiments.

The Heist: Make your way through a perplexing museum to steal a masterpiece from Vincent Hahn's office!

Big Escape Rooms

Big Escape Rooms is the perfect destination for individuals who love immersive and adventurous encounters. Their games encourage team development, leadership, collaboration, and bonding in a fun, interactive game! This escape room in Atlanta hosts up to 300 people and even offers complimentary valet parking for private events.

Here are the games currently offered by them:

Outbreak: The deadly Ileus virus has left the world in utter chaos! Find the antidote within 60 minutes or risk facing the same fate!

Clown: A deranged clown has lured you into his circus. Escape in time if you don't want to end up as a ghastly circus act!

Pharaoh: Dr. Jones was supposed to showcase his research and artifacts from Pharaoh Tao's tomb, but he's gone missing! Solve the mystery of his disappearance!

Basketball: The match is about to start, and your team has been trapped inside the locker room! Find the spare key before it's too late!

Breakout games Atlanta

Breakout Games is one of the largest escape room brands in the US, with multiple venues across many states. They have secured a special place in enthusiast's hearts with their incredible experiences and unique storylines! They offer a massive catalog of games to choose from, making it a great place to host private and corporate events.

Here are the games currently offered by them:

Clue: Save the day by uncovering who is plotting the murder, with what weapon, and in what room all in less than 1 hour.

Submarine Survival: You must resurface along with your teammates after acquiring the submerged treasure. Hurry, before you run out of oxygen!

Runaway Train: Your challenge is to take control of the train laden with explosives and bring it to a halt before it's too late!

Mystery Mansion : Face the heart-wrenching horrors of this abandoned mystery mansion before it traps you in forever!

The Kidnapping: You've been kidnapped and are being kept hostage! Cut loose the handcuffs and break out before it's too late!

Do Not Disturb: You've managed to track down a kidnapper to a motel, but you got ambushed. Can you escape in time?

Island Escape: You're stuck on an island where a volcano is about to erupt. Find a boat and escape before the lava gets you!

Museum Heist: Find the stolen art pieces hidden within the museum before you run out of tim

Operation Casino: You're an undercover agent trying to take down The Syndicate, who have a secret base in the famous Casino!

Hostage: Your aircraft was hijacked, and you've now woken up in a locked room handcuffed to your co-passengers!

Moving on from the city's best venues, here are some of the best escape rooms in Atlanta! We've curated a list of some of the most unique and memorable experiences.

Best Escape Rooms in Atlanta

If you're looking for amazing experiences that'll get your heart racing, here are a few Atlanta escape rooms you can't afford to miss!

Prison: Amazing Escape Atlanta

You've been thrown behind bars!

You, along with your teammates, have been sentenced to imprisonment for a gruesome crime that you never committed! Now you are locked up in a sickening penitentiary. Your task is to break free from the shackles of handcuffs that forbid your escape.

If you want to breathe the fresh air of freedom, you'll have to escape stealthily before the guards move you to the maximum-security prison forever!

This immersive environment in the escape room will challenge your conceptualization of reality with baffling puzzl and an engaging storyline. The carefully crafted interior of this escape room is famous for transfixing players in a jiffy. Moreover, the light physical activity required for successfully accomplishing the tasks adds a pragmatic angle to the experience.

Only 45% of the participants are actually able to escape this stupendous thriller. Do you think you can join the ranks? Try this escape room in Atlanta today!

Player's review

My family chose Amazing Escape for a fun outing and had a GREAT time! We chose PRISON. We definitely found it to be a bonding experience as we all worked together to find clues for a quick escape! The staff here was super friendly. The facilities were clean and all of the clues were great!- Angela Coates, Google reviews

Price: from $28.00

Players: 2-6 

Amnesia: Ultimate Escape Game

Step back in time as you enter an eerie 1950s mental hospital.

You are trying to discover the true identity of a patient suffering from severe memory loss. Take a peek inside the human psyche as you learn what really goes on inside the treatment room's walls! Things can get pretty intimidating in the facility if you're not ready for them.

Steel your nerves as you try to unravel the mysteries of a mental ward and the patient residing in it. You'll face mind-bending challenges and enigmatic puzzles that'll push you to the wit's end!

Are you up for the challenge, or will the spine chilling challenge get the best of you? The incredible aesthetics and sound effects add to the authenticity of the experience.

This Atlanta escape room is not for the faint-hearted. So it's not recommended for novice players or children under 14 years of age.

Player's review

This experience was absolutely amazing. Went with the Group of Seven we all had our thinking caps on tight! Things are not what they seem you have to use logic on all levels we did the Amnesia room made it out, barely. Totally worth it!-Michelle Mckelly, Google reviews

Price: from $26

Players: 4-8

Sorcerer's Secret: Mastermind Escape Games

Transport yourself to a world of magic and mystery!

You must investigate the mysterious disappearance of your beloved uncle!

Could the sinister Sorcerer be behind this? You must find out!

The only way to make it out alive is to scrutinize each move because you just have 60 minutes!

If you fail to unravel the mystery, you might face the same fate as your uncle and disappear into thin air! Rehearse all the spells you know from Harry Potter and make a reservation today!

Barely one in every three teams find their way out without falling victim to the malicious curse. Visit Mastermind Escape Games and try your luck!

Player's review

Had a great time at mastermind! This was my third visit to Mastermind and by far my favorite. I did the Sorcerer's secret with my little brother and we had a great time. I also appreciated the COVID safety measures that they had in place.- Sean Arnold, Google reviews

Price: from $27.99 - $28.99

Players: 2-12

AL Capone Speakeasy: Time To Escape

Fascinated by the life of a secret agent? Here's the chance to live it!

You are an undercover agent on a mission to expose the notorious gangster, Al Capone. Luckily, the perfect opportunity knocks on your door as you gain access to his Speakeasy as one of the members!

Find out potential clues in his Speakeasy and unveil his transgressions. The challenge is to persuade his bartender, Mr. James, to help you find vital pieces of evidence.

To win, you must gather enough evidence to put Capone behind bars within 60 minutes.

This Atlanta escape room features a versatile live actor famous for adding to the authenticity of the experience. Will you be able to beat their best time record of 45 minutes? Come and find out this weekend!

Player's review

This place was INSANE! We did the Al Capone SpeakEasy bar room escape. It was challenging & sooooo much fun. We had the most incredible actor Chase playing by the name of 'James' as the bartender. He was witty & hilarious. I definitely recommend all my 2million followers to check them out.- Elle Certified, Google reviews

Price: from $29.00 - $44.00

Players: 2-14

Zombie Apocalypse: Paranoia Quest

The fate of the world rests in your hands!

There has been a zombie outbreak, and you only have one chance at survival. You have to break into a government building and push through all the zombies waiting for you at every turn.

Find your way to the laboratory protected with scanners, card readers, passwords, and high-tech surveillance devices!

Once inside, you must perform DNA tests, search the lab for clues, and help your friends escape in time before they take their last gasp of air.

Only 37% of people manage to save the life of their teammates. Will you be one of them? Play this zombie escape room in Atlanta to find out!

Player's review

The wife & I tried our very 1st escape room for her 37th Birthday. We chose "Zombie Apocalypse" & loved it! Unfortunately, we were unable to escape & became the main course🤯...Our handler, Ms. Cat was awesome & a great actor playing many roles.- Only 1 Living, Google reviews

Price: from $35.00

Players: 2 - 8

Scary Escape Rooms in Atlanta

If you're looking for a spooky experience, then you're in luck! Here is the best scary escape room experience in Atlanta.

Cabin: Amazing Escape Atlanta

You and your hard-working crew members were out on a mountain trip. You came across an abandoned cabin in the woods. Blinded by your curiosity, you recklessly decided to enter that forsaken property.

In a flash, the door slammed behind you, leaving you locked inside.

You have been TRAPPED!

You soon realize that this place belongs to a psychotic killer, who loves to collect skulls!

Escape before he returns to find you and your crew in his abode, else nobody would be able to stop him from feasting on your flesh! Will you be able to vanquish the mysteries of this creepy cabin within 60 minutes without traumatizing yourself?

Book your tickets and find out today!

Player's review

Went there to celebrate my daughter's 17th birthday. We had a blast. She and her friends made the cabin. The family and I did the prison room. It was great! The gentleman that works there is awesome. We escaped but my daughter and her group didn't. They had so much fun they went back the next weekend on their own to try again.- Olya Keys, Google reviews

Price: from $28.00

Players: 6 - 8

Kids/Family Friendly Escape Rooms in Atlanta

The Heist | The Escape Game

About the experience

Attention Agent, your mission should you choose to accept it: pull off the ultimate museum heist. A priceless Monet painting has recently gone missing from the Barclay Museum of Historical Art. We have reason to believe it's been nabbed by the museum's curator, Vincent Hahn.

Can you and your teammates find a way to the Han's office, recover the painting and slip away before Hahn returns?

But you don't have much time - Hahn will be back soon! Make it out in 60 minutes.

Can you recover the stolen masterpiece and get out of the office in time?

Find out now the answer to these questions by solving various puzzles and riddles! Start by booking your place at The Escape Game!

Player's Review

Joshua FischerWe had a great time! The Heist was challenging and richly themed with so many puzzles, it engaged every person in our group, sometimes simultaneously in several directions. Sam was our enthusiastic host and guide! Thanks for the adventure!!

Price: from $38.99 

Players: 1 - 8

Playground: The Escape Game

If you want your school report card to shine bright with straight As, you must submit all your assignments on time! But there's a twist, these challenges aren't what you've studied in your textbooks!

These fun and intriguing conundrums augmented by the brightly colored interior of this Atlanta escape room will mesmerize you in no time.

Your challenge is to finish all the tedious assignments on time if you really want to go and enjoy your summer vacation. To help you out, you have an extraordinary group of friends who've got your back!

Will you be able to sip Kool-Aid under the sun or be stuck under a pile of unfinished assignments? Choose what you want your vacation to look like!

Player's review

The Escape Game is, by far, the best escape room chain I have ever been to. The rooms are well-decorated, the clues and all cohesive, and the staff goes above and beyond to ensure that you have a wonderful experience. We did Playground for my daughter's birthday and they decorated the room with balloons, banners, and streamers!Matt Murphy, Google reviews

Price: from $34.99 

Players: 4 - 12

Things to Do in Atlanta

Looking for fun things to do in Atlanta? We have scored the best escape rooms to host team-building activities and birthday parties in Atlanta.

Fun things to do in Atlanta, Georgia

Family fun and Stone Mountain Park go hand in hand! The largest family camp-ground, seasonal shows, and hiking are just some of the fun things you can check out at this venue.

Shakespeare Tavern is the destination to visit if you're a fan of drama but don't like the often hard-to-understand plays. The place is a professional theatre with cafe-style food and drinks available before each performance. The plays are under 3 hours and are specially adapted to ensure that even children will have fun!

Looking for a rush of adrenaline along with some fun things to enjoy? The Six Flags Over Georgia theme park will not disappoint! With several pulse-pounding rollercoasters to satisfy that adventurous craving and many other fun things like live shows, dining, and shopping, you'll never run out of things to do at Six Flags Over Georgia!

Cool Things to Do in Atlanta

Is Coca-Cola an irreplaceable part of your meal? Then World of Coca-Cola is the best place for you! Concoct your fizzy drink, see for yourself how exactly the drink lands in your hands from the factory. Here is your chance to taste more than 100 beverages produced by the company!

This place is undoubtedly a must-visit thing to do in Atlanta! Want to tour all of Atlanta in a convenient and eco-friendly way? Take a 90-minute Atlanta Electric Car City Tour. Tick off all of Atlanta's significant sights and neighborhoods, including National Historic Site, The Fox Theatre, and Centennial Olympic Park!

Visiting the Ponce City Market is one of the best things to do in Atlanta if you're looking for an all-in-one shopping, dining, and entertainment venue! The venue boasts a freight elevator that carries you up to the roof with an elevated beer garden, a cocktail bar, boardwalk-style games, and an 18-hole mini-golf course, all with panoramic views of Atlanta.

Celebrate Unique Birthday Parties in Atlanta

What better way to celebrate birthday parties than The Center for Puppetry Arts? It houses a permanent collection for Jim Henson, starring icons like Kermit and Miss Piggy. The birthday VIP gets a crown, throne, and an announcement for their special day before the performance. They can also arrange personalized Create-A-Puppet workshops making it a perfect location for birthday parties in Atlanta!

Looking for sporty birthday parties in Atlanta? Then check out the Mercedes Benz Stadium that can hold a whopping 71,000 spectators! They have over fifteen event spaces that provide customizable experiences. Don't forget to click a picture of Atlanta's skyline while at the stadium's lofty sky bridges!

If you want to host birthday parties amid nature, Saltwater Creek State Park is the way to go! It is more than 2,500 acres of rugged bluffs and hardwood forest. You can navigate the creek by kayak, canoe, or paddleboard. Spend your birthday at the 215-acre George Sparks Reservoir fishing, picnicking, or just feeding the ducks.

Do you agree with our list? Engaged in any of these experiences? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section down below.

If you believe we missed out any great experiences, share your suggestions, we'll make sure to consider them!

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