10 Amazing Escape Room Miami

10 Amazing Escape Room Miami

With so many escape room in Miami,are you lost to find your perfect escape? Look no further. Check these 10 must-do rooms for a mind-blowing time in Miami!

We all have a tendency to imagine ourselves doing something unrealistic and being a badass while doing it! It’s human nature to long for being places we usually can’t be in, doing things we don't dare to do. We want to be an adventurous version of ourselves. the escape room in Miami let us have this opportunity. They make this imaginative endeavor into a reality! No matter what we want to be, time travelers trying to save the world or secret agents infiltrating terrorist organizations in order to maintain the peace of the world, there’s an escape room Miami experience that can make this fantasy into a reality!

Miami, officially the City of Miami, is the seat of Miami-Dade County, and the cultural, economic and financial center of South Florida in the United States. Miami is a major center and leader in finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, the arts, and international trade. Miami enjoys a vibrant culture that is influenced by a diverse population from all around the world. Miami is known as the "Magic City" for seemingly popping up overnight due to its young age and massive growth. It is also nicknamed the "Capital of Latin America" because of its high population of Spanish-speakers.

We have come up with a list of 10 amazing escape room in Miami you can’t afford to miss the next time you’re visiting Miami and looking for a great time. We put in hours of work in with research, surveys and reaching out to the game masters themselves to make sure we put forward unerring experiences of the escape rooms in Miami, to help you make the right choice. So if you want to take your creativity and intellect for a ride, here are the 10 best escape rooms in Miami!

Prison Break

About the experience

This escape room in Miami will transport you into a dark and scary jail cell! You’ve been unjustifiably accused of a crime and incarcerated to live in prison without parole! Ever since you got in your cell, you’ve been hearing rumors about the previous resident. Some say he escaped. Some say he murdered by the diabolic warden. Truth be told, the mystery of his disappearance still remains unsolved, no one really knows what really happened.

Did he escape? Was he murdered by the warden? It doesn’t really matter now. This escape room in Miami will put you through your paces with its intense riddles and mind-tingling puzzles. But no matter what hurdles stand in your path you must give it your all and break out. The aesthetics of the place are as close to reality as possible so try not to freak out once you’re locked in. The walls seem to be closing in on you. You have sixty minutes to figure out the puzzles and find your way out of the prison. Can you make it out? You have to escape before you share the same fate!

Player review

“We did the prison break with the real, decommissioned jail cell. We needed to work together and the clues were accessible but not easily solvable. We used about 5-6 hints, and ultimately were able to get out with minutes to spare! Our family hails from all over, and have done escape rooms all over the country. We all agreed that this pace offered the highest level of reality.”shariwitkoff (TripAdvisor)

This room escape Miami by Fox in a box is an amazing prison break scenario that’ll keep you at the edge till the very last moment!

Zodiac Serial Killer

About the experience

A dark shadow has loomed over Americans for over 30 years now. Through the nights, a criminal going by the name of the Zodiac Killer has induced fear in the hearts of many. He is merciless, and won’t be affected by the age, sex or status of his victims! Countless have fallen prey to his psychopathy. The authorities tried their best but failed to catch him every single time.

As luck would have it, it's your turn to bide your time in his dungeon now! You’ve been kidnapped by the Zodiac Killer and locked up in his secret lair. You have no idea where you might be but you’re sure there are people near you. You have made up your mind to join your fellow inmates and find your way out of the deathtrap. But you can’t let him walk free. You and your crew must find clues leading to his true identity so that you can get rid of him once and for all! Do you have it in you to stand against a serial killer?

Player review

“I had a really great experience doing the Zodiac themed escape room with my friends for my birthday. Our game master made it very engaging and was always helpful when we needed. It was challenging, but we managed to escape the room with 13 seconds to spare! I have also tried another room which was challenging but really fun. I love escape rooms and have really enjoyed my experience at this place.”Compass (TripAdvisor)

This zodiac killer escape room Miami experience has you kidnapped by a dangerous serial killer! Can you make it out alive along with your cremates?

Escape Your Nightmares

About the experience

Your body aches all over pleading for rest as lay your head down on the pillow, fighting your body’s natural urge to enter a deep slumber. Why would you fight sleep so much when you need it badly? You don’t want to see what’s waiting for you on the other side. Nightmares have been plaguing your sleep for quite a while now. Each night your dreams become more and more terrifying and you wake up with real cuts and bruises! The pain and frustration have slowly started to build up and you’re not sure what to do.

Your body is extremely physically exhausted now and overcomes your will to stay awake. Before you know it, you’re in your bedroom. You can’t help it anymore! You think to yourself, ‘well this doesn’t seem so bad.’ As it turns out, you spoke too soon. Your deepest fears have come to life. Clowns, ghosts, arachnids, serpents, darkness, you name it. All your fears have come out crawling out of a dark void and you must face them on your own! You have sixty minutes to escape the havoc that is about to ensue.

You must break out of your nightmares before they end up consuming you!

Player review

“The staff there were also super nice and explained everything great. Once we were inside the room, the game master was the perfect combination of helpful, while also letting us independently work things out. The whole place has this really cool, steampunk rustic look. We were actually celebrating a small party, so we used their conference room and it had this massive TV that was playing music.”Camikinss (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience in Miami will have you face your worst fears as you try to escape your nightmare before it consumes you.

Lab: Outbreak

About the experience

The world is in ruins, streets are crowded by sinister creatures looking for human flesh to feed on. The governments have fallen, armies devoured and humanity is on the brink of extinction. How did it get to this? What happened? A few months back, a deadly virus was released in the air. The first few victims were enough to trigger fear in people’s hearts. The victims started craving for flesh and after a while lost all sense of humanity and turned into the walking dead!

Ever since that day scientist from all over the world has been trying to come up with an antidote to battle the virus. The number of victims has increased exponentially and most of the population has turned into zombies. You and your team are a group of scientists that have been researching this virus ever since it was released, but you haven’t made much progress. While you were in your lab working on the antidote, a mob of zombies attacked the place and are now trying to break into the facility! You have sixty minutes to find a cure for this virus if you wish to save yourself as well as the rest of humanity.

Player review

“My partner and I did the LAB: Outbreak room and it was a blast! We are seasoned escape room players and usually prefer rooms with a tech element that this room definitely had! We also prefer rooms to be more puzzle-heavy over search-heavy and the lab room did not disappoint. The room flowed really well and many clues were intuitive which made for a smooth seamless game.”Naveetha (Yelp)

This escape room in Miami will put you through your paces as you make the antidote to save humanity from a deadly virus.

The President's Bunker

About the experience

You and your team were out in Washington D.C. due to a work-related trip. You had some time on your hands so you decided to go and take a look at the white house while you’re there. As you were strolling about gazing at the building, you and your friends get invited in for an exclusive private tour of the white house itself! There’s no way you’d no to such an opportunity. You readily agree and follow the security personnel into the president’s residence. You were in absolute admiration of the hallways rich with historic stories and photos of the past presidents.

While you were looking through the rooms and hallways, out of the blue the security personnel decide to show you a very special room. They ask you to follow them into the basement and open up a door that led straight into a bunker-like room. You are informed that during any state of emergency, the President and his staff take refuge in this bunker. While you were in the bunker, the room goes into a state of lockdown due to an impending attack threat! Somebody is trying to hack the US Nuclear Missile system and annihilate the nation!

You and your team members are the only people who have access to the missile system. You must prevent Nuclear Armageddon at all costs. Your team has sixty minutes to save millions of people from an approaching nuclear catastrophe.

Player review

“I'm happy to say that the concept behind escape rooms is pretty amazing, especially if you're into problem solving and analysis. We did the Presidential Bunker which they said was the hardest and I gotta say it was a blast. It definitely got you thinking and all I can say is think out of the box for some of these. Our monitor was really cool and helped make the overall experience better.”Jonathan (Yelp)

This escape room experience will have you shoulder the fate of an entire nation! Can you rise to the occasion?

Mystery of Sherlock

About the experience

Sherlock Holmes is the world’s most famous detective. Sherlock and his assistant Watson’s exploits are known all over the world. They have many admirers and you are one of them. He was the reason you became a detective in the first place. You were going through your cases when suddenly you received a call from none other than Dr. Watson! He has called your team to Sherlock’s place. You were overjoyed by the invitation and made your way to his place along with your team but a terrible was awaiting you.

Watson has called upon you to investigate the disappearance of Sherlock Holmes! He says Sherlock was supposed to have written back to his letter as usual, but he’s not heard back from him in days and is worried that something terrible might have happened to Sherlock! Watson has asked your team to investigate his room for any signs or clues to what could help uncover the truth, but while your team is scouring the room for clues, it seems to be getting harder to breathe! You realize that the door has been locked and oxygen levels are dropping by the moment!

You and your team have sixty minutes to find out where Sherlock is and escape before the oxygen runs out!

Player review

“We did the Mystery of Sherlock room which was super fun and very challenging. This was my first time doing an escape room and I had a blast. Trying to solve all the riddles and clues was a lot of fun. This place is a MUST DO! I really recommend going with a group. The staff was really nice, friendly, and helpful. I can't wait to go back and check out the other rooms.”Steph (TripAdvisor)

This escape room Miami will take you to Sherlock Holme’s place where you try to look for clues to uncover his disappearance mystery!


About the experience

The US government undertakes various initiatives to respond to catastrophic situations and in light of the recent outbreaks, they had assembled a team of the most prominent scientists to come up with cures. But something terrible has happened at the research facility! 23 hours ago, all the members of Project Minuteman, which is an elite government initiative tasked with taking care of the unknown infectious outbreaks, were forcibly quarantined when somehow their lab’s isolation failsafe got triggered.

And to make matters worse, a system error has compromised the entire facility’s air supply and communications. The staff is left trapped inside the contaminated facility with air running out and no way to contact anyone for help. Fortunately, this incident was discovered and the government has started to plan a rescue mission. Your team has been selected by the officials to carry out this important assignment. Your mission is to enter the lab, find out the cause of the quarantine, and find a way to deactivate the system before you and everyone inside suffocate.

Your team will have one hour to carry out the mission and save innocent lives.

Player review

“Tonight, I just went here to celebrate my best friend's birthday. We did Quarantine, and it was just beyond amazing. We escaped with 11:19 to spare! The room was well decorated! And you feel like you're in a zombie apocalypse. The place was super clean and very well decorated. Our game master was super sweet, she made me and my best friend feel so welcomed. I'm telling everyone about this.”Noely (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience will have you break into a quarantine facility to deactivate the security systems and save the trapped staff.


About the experience

As you slowly gain consciousness, the searing pain in your head gets worse. The last thing you remember is being hit on your head from behind while you were walking down the street. Where are you right now? How did you get here? As you pondered upon these questions, the reality hit you. You have been kidnapped! A chill went down your spine as you looked around the room. The place was replete with limbs of people who must have been the previous victims!

You started to lose grasp over the situation. How could this be happening to you? The serial killer who had kidnapped you seemed to be a psychopath. One look around the room and you realize that this man enjoyed killing people and you were going to be the newest addition on his list. You had almost given up hope when you realize that the serial killer wasn’t present there at the moment. This could be your only shot at freedom, your final chance to save your life! You have sixty minutes to look through the room in order to find the clues and solve the puzzles that entail them in order to find a way to break out of this horrendous facility.

Player review

“We did the Kidnapped room, and it was EXCELLENT! We’ve done many escape rooms, and this was one of the best. For the touristy area, this escape room establishment has the best prices, and since we were the first booking of the day, it was nice and quiet. A great break from the hustle of the beach. The staff was great too. Lots of fun!”Carissa (TripAdvisor)

This escape room in Miami will have you face your worst fears as you try to escape from the lair of a serial killer!


About the experience

Dr. Walter Brandt is a world-renowned chemical weapon scientist. He has been working with the United States government to develop a bioweapon that could annihilate enemy forces quickly and efficiently. The deadly virus thus created is of absolute importance to the government. But as it turns out, Dr. Walter has gone rogue and plans to sell the deadly virus to an enemy nation! You can’t let this happen, you must find the antidote before the enemies get their hands on the virus.

You and your team break into the secret lab where TS-51 was conjured. As you were looking around for the antidote, a team member accidentally knocks over a vial that contains the deadly virus! Now you’ve all been infected by the virus and as the chemical detection sensors pick up the virus the whole facility goes into lockdown and a total decontamination procedure countdown is triggered. After sixty minutes all living creatures shall be annihilated! You must solve the puzzles and riddles in order to get to the antidote before it’s too late!

Player review

“Very organized and really friendly team. The venue is really nice and well decorated. The games room was set up really well for the theme. We chose the antidote game as it was the easiest but we failed to get out of the room. There were two of us playing the game and we needed to crack 2 more clues to get out. That game had approx 35% success rate. You are given clues in the game if needed. You feel well looked after during and after the game.”SPL82 (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience will have you search frantically for the antidote of the deadly virus that has infected you and your team.

Budapest Express

About the experience

You are onboard the famous Budapest Express. Accompanying you on your journey to Budapest is Karine Peaufiner, the famous French detective. You’ll be meeting with various detectives showcasing the latest research and progressions in the forensic sciences. As you were going through your case notes in the middle of the night, suddenly the train manager approaches you and requested you to follow him to the first-class dining coach.

As soon as you walk into the coach your eyes dart to the body of Sir Clarence Hayden slumped over the dining table. He had been murdered, and the killer was still on board! The trainmaster asks you for help as the train would arrive at the next station in sixty minutes and the killer would be free once he or she walks off the train. You have narrowed down your list of suspects to five people who were seen near the coach at the time of the murder. But the killer has targeted you now! You have an hour to unmask the criminal before you become the next victim.

Player review

“Tonight I went into my 4th escape room from escapology, the Budapest Express. This was the first time we didn’t escape, but we still had a blast. Highly recommend this place, I’ll absolutely be back to try the last 2 rooms. Also, a special shout out to the game master for being awesome, and so accommodating! Very well detailed and excellent fun! loved it.”Kristina (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience in Miami will have you at your wits' end! Find the real culprit before you fall prey to the killer yourself.

Let your creativity fly with the innumerable Groupon Miami escape room available to choose from. We all imagine ourselves in unrealistic scenarios doing things we don't dare to do, being the badass we always wanted to be in our lives. escape room Miami beach establishments let you live such experiences. You can have all your wildest imaginations come to life with them, may it be fighting against aliens to save your planet or looking for hidden treasure in jungles! No matter what your brain conjures up, there’s always a paniq escape room Miami that’ll quench your imagination.

Do you agree with our list? Engaged in any of these experiences? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section down below. If you believe we missed out on any great experiences, share your suggestions, we’ll make sure to consider them!