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Best Escape Rooms in San Antonio!

With so many escape room in San Antonio,are you lost to find your perfect escape? Look no further. Check these 10 must-do rooms for a mind-blowing time in San Antonio!
Escape Room in San Antonio-30 Second Summary

Escape Rooms are live-action team-based games. They have been rapidly gaining popularity all over the world! Not only do they provide an outlet for people to enjoy themselves and relieve their stress but they also provide game masters an opportunity to give a tangible form to their creativity and imagination. Escape Rooms are one of the best team cooperation activities, they not only bring people closer but let them depend on each other under strenuous situations. They are enjoyed by people of all ages and genders for they offer a little bit of something for everyone no matter what they're into.

San Antonio, officially the City of San Antonio, is the seventh most populous city in the United States, and the second-most populous city in both Texas and the Southern United States, with more than 1.5 million residents. It was the fastest-growing of the top ten largest cities in the United States from 2000 to 2010. San Antonio is also home to several commercial amusement parks, including Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Splashtown and Morgan's Wonderland, a theme park for children with special needs. This city caters to a massive number of tourists as well as locals with its amazing attractions and now escape rooms are some of the most famous ones.

We have compiled a list of 10 epic escape room experiences you absolutely have to try the next time you're in San Antonio and up for some good fun! We put in hours of work in with research, surveys, analyzing 5000+ reviews, and reaching out to the game masters themselves to make sure we put forward unerring experiences of the escape rooms to help you make the right choice. So if you want to take your imagination on a ride, Here are the top 10 escape room San Antonio.

San Antonio, known as the City of San Antonio, is the 17th most popular destination when it comes to escape rooms. There are several amusement parks, that includes Six Flags and Morgan's Wonderland. There are also many escape rooms with amazing themes that you can explore with your friends and family. The top escape rooms from 2021 escape Room Project are compiled for you below.

Top escape rooms 2021

Cabin Fever: Texas Paniq Room

Prison Break: Texas Paniq Room

Tomb of the Red Queen: Escape Room San Antonio

Waldschrate: Escape Room San Antonio

Top Escape Room Companies in San Antonio

The Escape Game

This company was founded in 2013. The Escape Game company gives experiences crafted by a team of architects, carpenters, scenic artists, tech experts, and storytellers. This escape room gives importance to every little detail, and the missions are designed to deliver interactive experiences for every guest.

The company has immersive story-driven multi-room adventures that people can enjoy with friends and family. The brand has won the Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Awards and garnered fantastic reviews on Google. The brand is located at 5822 Worth Pkwy Suite 101, San Antonio, TX 78257, United States.

Prison break- Can you escape the prison cell of the 1950s before you are the next victim?

The Depths- Start to uncover the secrets of a lab under the depth of the ocean.

Special O.P.S. mysterious market- A secret international crisis and only 60 minutes to solve it! Can you?

Gold Rush: Can you find the gold before the mob which Clyde Hamilton had hid who was a greedy gold prospector who was missing? Make it out in 60 minutes.

Playground: Can you and your teammates ace the ultimate group project that you had taken up in this summer for your school and complete it in time?

Escape The Room

Escape The Room was established in December 2016. They have locations in cities across the US, all of which hold a rich history in entertainment and customer service. They offer fun and interactive games that include real-life puzzles.

Here are the adventures they offer in San Antonio:

Western Bank Heist: Enter the old wild west and rob a bank in 60 minutes.

The Dig: You are stuck deep beneath the earth in an excavation site! Escape in 60 minutes!

The Agency: Complete a covert mission in 60 minutes to prove that you are worthy enough to be a part of The Agency.

Extreme Escape Colonnade

Extreme Escape is founded by the same team that brought famous Downtown San Antonio attractions like Ripley's Haunted Adventure. The escape company has created hands-on live adventures that guarantee immersion to the players. They run two successful locations in Colonnade and Stone Oak.

The establishment in Colonnade also sells puzzle-games and official merchandise that the players can take home as a memory.

Here are the games offered at the venue:

Master of Illusion: You are locked in the workroom of a maniacal magician! You have 60 minutes before he makes you a part of his Illusion!

The Undead: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse! You have 60 minutes to find the antidote that can stop the infection.

Trapped Below: Find a legendary treasure in an elevator shaft. You have 60 minutes to go home rich.

Breaking Point: A new twisted game show on television, and suddenly you are in. Captured and trapped with no way to escape, you must face your worst fears to survive the game!

Horror On Hallows Eve: You and your team are determined to investigate the legendary "Halloween House". Will your team succeed in unraveling the horrifying mysteries?

Extreme Escape- Stone Oak

Extreme Escape is founded by the same team that brought famous Downtown San Antonio attractions like Ripley's Haunted Adventure. The escape company has created hands-on live adventures that guarantee immersion to the players. They run two successful locations in Colonnade and Stone Oak.

Here are the escapades you can enjoy:

The Other Side: Paranormal forces have taken over an innocent town. Can you save lives in 60 minutes?

The Cursed: You are trapped in a cabin in the woods! Escape before the evil witch returns and captures your soul!

The Lost Tomb: Return the Mayan artifacts to the tomb to evade the impending doom!

Encounter: Defeat a carnivorous alien and restart your spaceship to return safely back to earth. You have a fleeting 60 minutes!

Komnata Quest

Komnata Quest was established in 2017. The escape company currently has 104 locations in 39 cities of the United States, Europe, and Russia. Each escape game involves unraveling the mystery of the room in an hour and finding a way out.

Get ready to click pictures with life-like props and costumes!

Here are the games you can choose at the venue:

The Impossible Murder Mystery: The murderer is behind bars, but his victim list is still ever-increasing! Can you crack the case in 60 minutes?

Saint Angelo's Castle: Escape from the dungeon where lost souls lurk! Can you break free in 60 minutes?

Doctor Frankenstein: There is a rift in the space-time continuum. Can you help Dr. Frankenstein fix it?

The Exit Game

The Exit Game was established in 2015. The escape company's games are designed by professional game designers, organizational behaviorists, psychologists, mathematicians, and other field experts. They strive to provide a fun and challenging time for players of all ages.

Book an exciting 60-minute The Exit Game escape room:

Area 52: An experiment carried out by the government has gone wrong! Escape your quarantine and find the cure to the apocalypse!

Zodiac Killer: Legacy: Escape before the serial killer returns to his lair! You have 60 minutes before you meet a horrid death!

Sherlock Holmes: Parliament Games: Someone is plotting to destroy the Parliament! Complete Sherlock's investigation and become a national hero!

Best Escape Rooms in San Antonio

Phase III: Human Trials: Texas Panic Room

About The Experience

You were headed to the doctor's office for a regular checkup. Little did you know that you were digging your own grave! 

Unfortunately, things took a sudden turn, and now your life is at stake!

You must work your way out of this turmoil before you drop dead on the ground!

Hurry up. You just have a fleeting 60 minutes on the clock!

Will you be able to think straight and find a way to escape before it is too late? 

Find out what fate has in store for you at Texas Panic Room. Confirm your bookings now!

Can you find a cure and escape before the doctor returns as you have been injected with a lethal drug and the chances of survival is extremely slim?

This is your chance to find out! Book your escape room experience at Texas Panic Room today!

Saint Angelo's Castle : Komnata Quest

Tales of horror and tragedy envelop the infamous dungeon of Saint Angelo's castle. Innocent people who were preyed upon in the name of The Great Inquisition had been locked in this dungeon. Thousands of people became victims of the malicious intent of this chamber. But there's a strange rumour going around about this dungeon. It is said that instead of giving prisoners a last wish, they were given an opportunity to flee!

Anyone on a death row gets locked in this dungeon and they get one hour to figure out the puzzles of this room and possibly break out of the confinement! The prisoners are free to go if they can make it out, but only one person has ever succeeded! Benvenuto Cellini, widely considered as the greatest master of the jewellery craft. How did he make it out of the room? No one knows, but you'll have to figure it out as now it's your turn. Can you make it out on time or will you make your way to the execution chamber?

Player review

"One of the best escape rooms we've done. My wife and I did the Saint Angelo's Castle room. I was worried that we wouldn't be able to complete the room because it was just the two of us and the room was designed for 2-6 people, but we made it just in time. The puzzle were inventive and they did a great job drawing you into the story. The staff was wonderful as well."CD (TripAdvisor)

This Komnata quest San Antonio experience will have you break out of the infamous dungeon in Saint Angelo's Castle.

Cabin Fever: Texas Paniq Room

About The Experience

Cabin Fever is a suspense and thriller-themed escape room that is designed by Texas Paniq Room.

You and your friends are all set for a thrilling adventure and a ski trip! But unfortunately, in a sudden turn of events, you and your friends are stuck in a snowstorm. Your only chance at survival is to find a shelter before you freeze to death.

Do you have what it takes to protect each other? Can you escape the deadly snowstorm? Find out how your fate unravels for you in Texas Paniq Room.

Player Review

Verene K. Had a great experience during our visit! We were able to easily book a room through the website, and when we got there, they had us fill out a quick waiver online. Garrett was super welcoming and set us up for our room very efficiently. We did the Cabin Fever room and it was super fun! Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for a mid-level difficulty escape room. We were the only group in our room, which is a nice precaution they are taking for covid. A great escape room close to the downtown area!

Prison Break: Texas Paniq Room

About The Experience

Prison Break is a suspense and thriller-themed escape room that is designed and conceptualized by Prison Break: Texas Paniq Room.

You are thrown into the jail for a crime that you did not commit. This makes you innocent and determined to prove yourself. The prison is guarded with high security and there is no way out.

You decide to break out of the prison. But you do not have much time! The Sheriff can be back any moment.

Can you escape prison? Can you get out on time? Find out what your destiny holds for you.

Game Master Depiction

Determined to prove your innocence, you make a bold decision to break out of prison.

But the clock is ticking - the sheriff will be back!

Can you get out of jail before it is too late?

Player Review

Ankur K. I went to Austin Panic Room a couple months ago and had a blast so I had to go back with more of my friends for a different room. This time we attempted one of the harder rooms "Prison Break" and although it was difficult, we were eventually able to complete it (with some help). Walter, our guide, was really nice and did a great job immersing us in the story. I'm definitely going back sometime in the near future!

Tomb of the Red Queen: Escape Room San Antonio

About The Experience

Tomb of the Red Queen is an adventure and historical-themed escape room conceptualized by Escape Room San Antonio.

You and your group are archaeologists studying the ruins of Mayan culture in the Palenque. You take your team into the next room to explore but alas! All the flashlights start to dim and flicker, and rocks fall around you. You try to search for an exit but in vain. You are trapped inside a tomb! Panic is starting to grip you and your team.

Suddenly… you hear the booming voice of the soul of King Pakal. He commands you to complete the ritual burial of his bride the Red Queen and then you can escape. If you succeed, you get a chance to escape the tomb, if not…. you remain locked inside forever!

Can you solve the 24 mind-bursting riddles in 60 minutes?

Game Master Depiction

Your team of archaeologists is studying the Mayan Ruins in Palenque. You take your team into the next room to explore, when suddenly your flashlights begin to dim and rocks start falling around you…

Then you hear the booming voice of the soul of King Pakal! He commands that you must complete the ritual burial of his beautiful bride, the Red Queen.

Only then, can their souls reunite, triggering the mechanism to unlock the doors. But the magic can only be activated if you complete the ritual in under an hour…

You find yourselves trapped in a tomb with no way out! Panic begins to set in…

If you and your team can't solve all 24 mind boggling puzzles in 60 minutes, you will remain locked in the tomb forever!

Player Review

Thomas L. It was a fun experience with an awesome challenge. If you are a beginner or experienced, you will like this place.

Waldschrate : Escape Room San Antonio

About The Experience

Waldschrate is an adventure and horror escape room game designed by Escape Room San Antonio.

You and your group of friends are going on a road trip, and everything is packed inside the car. You are headed towards the woods and feel excited for the camping experience. Pristine fresh air sounds of nature, and the calmness of the woods is all you were looking for.

According to the authorities, people went missing in the woods. You and your friends are skeptical about it. Your group rented a cabin in the forest where you have already gone several times.

You unpack and settle in and start a fire for dinner. After dinner you go to watch the sunset on a hill. A mile into the hike, dark clouds cover the sky. A little rain would not hurt anyone!

Suddenly… your group sees a dimly lit pathway in the forest and then a rundown cabin comes to sight. The candles and lanterns in the cabin start flickering and everything goes dark! All of you black out.

When you wake up, you only have one hour to figure out your way out to safety! Can you solve this mystery and get out of the cabin?

Game Master Depiction

You've got one hour to figure out what happened to you and get back to safety! The clock starts now.

Player Review

Shane N. An amazing escape room experience! I've played over 40 escape rooms and the decorations in the room are towards the top I have played. The rooms are challenging enough but not so obscure that it's not fun. Tasha was very welcoming and a great game master. Thanks again for a fun time!

Zodiac Killer: Legacy : The Exit Game

A dark shadow has loomed over Americans for over 30 years now. Through the nights, a criminal going by the name of the Zodiac Killer has induced fear in the hearts of many. He is merciless, and won't be affected by the age, sex or status of his victims! Countless have fallen prey to his psychopathy. The authorities tried their best but failed to catch him every single time.

As luck would have it, it's your turn to bide your time in his dungeon now! You've been kidnapped by the Zodiac Killer and locked up in his secret lair. You have no idea where you might be but you're sure there are people near you. You have made up your mind to join your fellow inmates and find your way out of the deathtrap. But you can't let him walk free. You and your crew must find clues leading to his true identity so that you can get rid of him once and for all! Do you have it in you to stand against a serial killer?

Player review

"We were offered their Zodiac room, but warned us that it had a four person minimum so our two-person likelihood of success was almost non-existing. We checked our pride at the door and entered in hopes of making it as far as we could. We escaped with almost 7 minutes to spare. It wasn't easy, we were in rare form for this room and only recommend it for experienced escape artists."JJ (Yelp)

This escape room experience has you kidnapped by a dangerous serial killer! Can you make it out alive along with your cremates?

Scary Escape Rooms in San Antonio


You find yourself in a strange room. You don't really remember going there though, what exactly is this place? When you glance around the room you see just a few objects but suddenly you lay eyes another man! You felt at a little ease with the company in this unnerving situation. But the poor guy seemed to be chained. You approach the man in order to help him.

As soon as you approach him the man looks at you and sent chills down your spine! He wasn't a man at all, at least not anymore. You realize you've been locked in a room along with a chained zombie! You have sixty minutes to rummage around the room and find clues to help you escape the ridiculous situation. The zombie is now trying to break free from the chains! You don't have much time left, can you solve all the puzzles and get out in time?

Player review

"After hearing about the place in a bus tour, we checked it out in our last day. The room was well done and the puzzles were fun. When hints were needed the staff helped without giving away the puzzle which kept it fun. In the zombie one we had to battle poor lighting, shorting circuits and spare body parts to solve the puzzles. It really kept you on your toes!"Jeff (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience will lock you in a scary room along with a zombie!

No matter what you like, there's an escape room experience you'll love. With people letting their creativity run wild when designing new escape the room san Antonio experiences, there are escape rooms San Antonio panic room offering different kinds of experiences. Everything ranging from horror and slaughter to mystery and drama, from fantasy to kids-friendly scenarios. Numerous establishments now offer a wide selection of escape rooms making them popular amongst people from all walks of life.

Do you agree with our list? Engaged in any of these experiences? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. If you believe we missed out on any great experiences, share your suggestions, we'll make sure to consider them!

Shweta Tiwari
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