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Why Escape Rooms are Perfect for Seniors?

Escape Room Experiences are the perfect activity for seniors. They're exercising their brains, and they're coming out of stress! Choose the best Escape games for the weekend.

Age is just a number they say. Then I wonder why I see what I see?

Are your grandparents also following the same routine for days? Walks, chess with an old friend, relaxing around at home, tea meet-ups and so on. Is it like the universal written code for them to spend their time like that?

A Number Defines you?

The wise ones (as I like to call them) are usually inbound once they hit a certain age. At least mine makes it seem that way. I don't know if it's because they have their age to blame or have worked so hard at life that home sweet home is literally true. Or is it simply in the head?

I feel concerned about how enthusiasm seems to be missing from their lives. I mean, it is not necessary to do something exciting every day. But once in a while, they do deserve moments of sheer fun.

Break their routine, shall we?

How about something fun and exciting that they can share with you? Or maybe just a bunch of their friends?

What I did this summer could be your next move to add a pinch of fun to their routine.

So, what did I do?

I got mischievous and booked my grandparents and their friends for an escape room experience.

Well, I told them it is this new restaurant they have to try, has an antique décor with an innovative menu, and got them all excited for it. I would not have got busted till it's late, as the theme I chose for them was actually restaurant-centered.

What is this thing?

Do you not know escape rooms? I am sure you do. The amazing new concept that puts a bunch of people in a room (willingly, of course) for sixty or so minutes, giving them hints and clues to figure out a way to escape the room.

The team to do so in the least time goes on the wall of fame.

What did my Wise Guys do?

To explain in brief, they entered into a restaurant-themed room, which they thought was a real restaurant. Once locked in there, they were clueless as there was no cutlery or food or even a butler to help. To top it all, theirs was the only table in the room. I cannot imagine the puzzlement on their face. It must have been amazing to watch.

A few seconds in, the host announced to them that they are trapped in a game room with the purpose of reaching the last course in a 3-course meal using their wits and logic. Basically, they had to find the food (not real, of course) till they reach the desserts.

I had not known how it went until they came home that evening. When they did, they were all about it. The smile on their face was the biggest I had seen in recent times, and in their hands was a brochure of the place with details of other themes. That moment I knew I have succeeded in what I intended.

They explained to me how from being clueless about what prank I pulled off to the mini-games and quizzes they engaged in to complete the game, everything was unusual and fun.

They had never thought that such a game existed where they could forget everything and just be in the moment of sheer 'childhood-like' craziness and yet easy on them in terms of physical strain.

The game did involve movement but nothing extreme. How they explained it to me is, "There were poetry clues, real nice ones, logic puzzles that made us feel like hackers, and colorful buttons to follow."

I have no clue what they were challenged to, but I do know they are going back again this weekend to play a new theme, and I got invited too. With just one attempt, I was able to make them think that there is more to life than walks.

Trendsetter Move!

Getting old does not mean one needs to let go of the excitement in life. There should always be new things to engage in life, and escape rooms are the best to set that example. With multiple themes, they will always have something fun to look out for.

What options were not available in the past are now the real deal-a place to unwind and engage at the same time. There are various other options for excitement and activities like GoKarting races, Laser Tag, Bowling, Paintball, etc.

However, not all are appropriate activities for older people. Most of them may be physically straining.

An escape room, however, gives a good mix. Lots of brainpower mixed with a few movements is the perfect recipe for our seniors' day out.

Let's them get a little mischievous and break the routine for them. It allows them to meet new people through this experience who share similar interests (You guys are gaming together after all).

Imagine what all that stress-busting is going to do. Happiness to the soul, laughter to the face, good times with friends, and boost to the brain - what a perfect anti-aging secret.

In fact, such games have an added advantage. They boost memory, sharpen thinking processes, engage the brain in the right ways, and involve light physical movement, which is necessary to keep healthy as age progresses.

Such exercises help keep issues like arthritis, dementia, etc., in check. Constant engagement of all cells while having fun is like another health check-up - One that can be enjoyed and willingly indulged in.

Moreover, escape rooms are a nice place to meet new people, interact, share some life experiences, and enjoy a new hobby.

No more monotonous routines for my grandparents. They still do some of the usual chess-noons and other senior activities, but at least their discussions have become more enthusiastic. They discuss games and puzzles that can come up in a theme and plan how to prepare for the next one.

So many of their friends have now started doing the same and tagging along with their friends and grandkids, too, sometimes.

I think I have started a new trend for them, thanks to the Escape Room.

Have you booked one yet for your wise ones? It is time we change how Old Age should be experienced!


It's been over a year and the escape room visits are still on a roll.

However, due to the ongoing pandemic my family and I have switched over to playing virtual escape rooms to ensure safety.

We even held my niece's birthday party at an escape room (Online of course - however, the game hosts never let us feel that way. Physically we were on our couches but mentally we were there - in the moment).

Escaperoom.com has a vast directory of remote escape rooms, if you ever want to play one.

So, if you ever feel bored, gather your friends and family and give it a try.

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