10 Amazing Escape Room Indianapolis!

10 Amazing Escape Room Indianapolis!

With so many Escape Room Indianapolis ,are you lost to find your perfect escape? Look no further. Check these 10 must-do rooms for a mind-blowing time in Indy!

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Escape Rooms are some of the most sought after entertainment venues, may it be for private parties or team-building experiences, even birthday parties! Escape Room in Indianapolis offers you a whole another world of thrill and a ton of adventurous and engaging storylines to choose from. No matter the occasion, there’s an experience for you that’ll make your day memorable and take you away from your monotonous daily routine. Experiencing something extraordinary and treat your adventure-seeking urges to something out of this world!

Indianapolis often shortened to Indy, is the state capital and most populous city of the US State of Indiana and the seat of Marion County. Indianapolis anchors the 27th largest economic region in the US, based primarily on the sectors of finance and insurance, manufacturing, professional and business services, education and health care, government, and wholesale trade. The city is home to the largest collection of monuments dedicated to veterans and war casualties in the US outside of Washington, DC. Also, Indianapolis is home to dozens of annual festivals and events showcasing local culture, and because of that, it gets a lot of tourists throughout the year. Establishments like Escape Rooms provide the perfect flavor of adventure and thrill to make the visits memorable!

We have come up with a list of the 10 best Escape room experiences you can’t afford to miss the next time you’re out and about in Indianapolis. We put in hours of work in with research, surveys and reaching out to the game masters themselves to make sure we put forward unerring experiences of the escape rooms, to help you make the right choice. So if you want to take your creativity and intellect for a ride, here are the 10 amazing escape rooms in Indianapolis!

James Bomb

About the experience

The world is not as peaceful a place as it might seem. There are a lot of organizations that make it their motive to wreak havoc and destroy world peace. But there are secret agencies which take care of such threats and ensure the safety of innocent people. You are an elite secret agent who works for MI6! You’ve been all around the world taking down some of the most dangerous syndicates. You received a tip that an organization might be planning an attack on the Bank of England!

While you were out on a mission to intercept the information to lay waste to their plan something unexpected happened. You and your team of agents were ambushed and captured by Count David of Liverpool! You tried to fight back but you were outnumbered. You open eyes and find yourself tied up in a dark room. The Count has you and your team shackled in the basement of the World Bank along with a bomb! He’s planning to destroy the World Bank and you along with it. The clock ticks and time for detonation creeps closer. You have sixty minutes to find a way to deactivate the bomb timer and break out of the confinement.

Player review

“James Bomb was the Bomb! Our group consisted of 10 friends from high school. Starting off in handcuffs behind our backs, it was an awesome adventure. Matt from Escape Indy was our guy and he was great. Although we didn't escape (if we had 2 more minutes, we would have), we all had a wonderful time and will definitely be going back.”Cosmopolitan (TripAdvisor)

This escape room will let you experience the 007 lifestyles! Do you have what it takes to curb the crisis?

Missing Maestro

About the experience

You’ve always been a huge fan of the opera. Classical music speaks to you in a way nothing else does. You’re euphoric as the world-famous orchestra Twisted Symphony is going to be in town today and you have managed to get tickets for the event! Finally, the performance night arrives and you reach the venue. While you were waiting for the performance to start, you heard a rumor going around, the conductor has gone missing! With just an hour remaining in the performance, this is the worst-case scenario.

As a fan of the arts, you have decided to step up and investigate the scene. While talking to the people working alongside the music director you came to realize that Leopold Stubernski had an arrogant and paranoid personality. This might have contributed to the reason why he was receiving those threats. You also learned about Morton Stib, a talented trombonist who has been eyeing his chance to steal the spotlight. You enter Leopold’s private chambers to find any clues that might lead you to his present location. You have sixty minutes to figure out the mystery of this orchestral enigma!

Player review

“This place had a room just for the two of us - The Maestro Mystery! The staff was so helpful when we needed them, very polite and very soft-spoken. Just a GREAT FUN EXPERIENCE overall! Try it out on a first or second date, your partner skills will be put to the test - For better or worse lol. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! You won't be disappointed!”Gazal (Yelp)

This escape room will take you on a journey through the backstage secrets of an orchestra!

Dr. K’s Lethal Injection

About the experience

Dr. Kevorkianstein is an evil genius! After years of research, he has finally succeeded in synthetically create a bloodborne pathogen virus in his laboratory. He is a gifted individual, but he has chosen to walk the wrong path. The doctor has come up with a masterfully sinister plan to make an insane amount of money. He has released the deadly virus, he intends to infect every person on the face of this planet and once people are at his mercy, he plans to sell the antidote and make billions of dollars.

The innocent citizens of countries all over the world have started coming down with the virus. No matter where you go, no one is safe! No matter how hard the governments tried to negotiate with him, he wouldn’t budge and also, he is the only person alive who could possibly make an antidote of this virus! When the officials ran out of options, they turned to you for help. You and your friends are a group of CDC Agents. You have been tasked to infiltrate his secret laboratory, find his notes regarding the antidote and make one that can be brought back to the headquarters to be analyzed. You have sixty minutes before the doctor returns and shuts everything down!

Player review

“Dr. K's Lethal Injection is an excellent room, combining the story, environment, and puzzles seamlessly. The game master really made our experience memorable (in and out of character). While I can't give anything away, suffice it to say that this room incorporates some of the most clever set pieces and effects I have ever encountered. Take on Dr. K and save humanity!”Y2K (TripAdvisor)

This escape room will have you develop an antidote that could save humanity from a deadly pathogen virus!

The Hunted II

About the experience

The Sandman is back once again! Who might that be? The Sandman is a supervillain who intends to get the planet rid of humans, who he refers to as ‘Inferior Beasts’. He makes a return from the first instance of the game. This time he’s plotting another attack on humanity and you must quell his sinister plans. But the problem is, he has hidden deep in a far-flung corner of the world. After investigating for a while, you’ve managed to locate the criminal. He’s secluded himself somewhere in a swamp! As soon as you and your team find out about the sandman’s location, you start working on a plan to put an end to his evil schemes.

You must go to the dangerous swamps of the Okavango Delta. These swamps are located deep in the heart of South Africa. As soon as you and your team land in South Africa, you make haste and make your way to the swamp. At first, you were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful nature echoing with the lively and vibrant animal sounds but as the sun began to set and the day turned into night, the beauty started fading into a terrorizing atmosphere. The vibrant animals sound turned to squalls and growls! You have sixty minutes to find the clues and put an end to the sandman plans.

Player review

“ It was a fun and exciting evening for our whole family. We took a group of 6 to the Hunted, aged 10 to adult and everyone had a ton of fun! We escaped with just 4 minutes to spare and the room was a difficult level that allowed all of us to actively participate! The scare factor was not so high as to scare the 10 and 12-year-old girls. We look forward to going back and conquering additional rooms!”Tabitha (Yelp)

This escape room will take you an adventure through the swamps and jungles of South Africa while fighting a supervillain!


About the experience

The second world war had aftermath, the likes of which the world had never seen before. It had left scarlet stains on the pages of history as the bloodiest affair of mankind. The whole concept of national security and military prowess changed. Now countries starting pouring in mammoth amounts of their GDP into military R&D. The United States government was no exception. Several top-secret projects were conceived to help them increase their warfare prowess, and one of these secret projects was the submarine training project. Military personnel was trainer underwater in strenuous situations to strengthen them for a demanding situation.

Unfortunately, the whole operation was shut down due to a certain ‘Unfortunate Incident’. Even though the personnel was called back, the submarines were dumped in the depths of the ocean. Years passed by but suddenly one of the submarines surfaced again! You and your friends are a group of treasure hunters and as soon as you got word of the incident, you made haste to be the first ones to get there. As soon as you get there you are enchanted by the lonesome contraption floating in the ocean.

You and your friends entered the submarine looking for something precious when suddenly the hatch closed behind you and a voice boomed over the speakers, "Is that you, Captain Penrose? Welcome back. Training sequence initiated!”You have sixty minutes to find a way out or else you’ll be trapped in the depths of the ocean.

Player review

“First escape room for a number of us, and we decided to go all out and try a difficult one. This was to celebrate my fiancé’s birthday, and everyone with us had a blast. 8 members in our crew, we did the Submarine room and it was great. Challenging puzzles, that were very sequential and made sense along the way. We had an absolute blast!”Brad (TripAdvisor)

The escape room will have you embark on an underwater adventure in a once abandoned US military submarine!

A Night at the Castle

About the experience

You and your friends are a team of historical investigators! You’ve been interested in King Ludwig II’s murder mystery for a long time now and you’re finally flying to Europe. You’ve been studying the case for a long time now and the claims that his death was a successful suicide attempt seem ludicrous. There’s no way that’s what really happened and you’ll be the ones to prove it. As soon as you set foot in Europe, you and your team make your way to the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. The majestic abode is replete with mysteries and secrets you must uncover.

King Ludwig II often referred to as the ‘Mad King Ludwig’ is said to have committed suicide by drowning in Lake Starnberg on 13 June 1886. During that time everyone readily accepted the death as a suicide and the ones who wanted further investigation were silenced, you and your associates share views with the latter group and believe that there’s more to this mystery. You have decided to search the castle to find the hidden clues and unravel the secrets and mysteries that might cast a possibility of a conspiracy involving his family! Dive into the world of treachery and find the truth along with the crown jewels!

Player review

“My family and I chose to do the Castle room and had such a blast. It was challenging and entertaining. Everything was well thought out and put together. It definitely exceeded our expectations! Our guide did a great job of explaining everything we needed to know and really made our experience fun. He gave us a tip that allowed us to find the answer which we loved!”Julia (Yelp)

This escape room will let you experience the lies and plots of a royal household as you solve a murder mystery.

KGB Interrogation

About the experience

The cold war is at its height. The governments of the USA and the Soviet Union are at each other's throat. Each and every step is being monitored, schemes are being hatched, people are losing their lives! This silent warfare was no less tense than an all-out war for both sides never rested. Secret agencies from both sides had planted spies in each other’s countries. You and your team are a group of secret agents working for the USA! Due to the KGB agents in the US, many national secrets are at risk and if the Soviet Union were to get their hands on anything, things could go south.

The year is 1964 and the Soviet Union has decided to go big! They have been working on a mind-altering drug. This drug has been engineered to cause long term amnesia. When injected in a person’s bloodstream, this drug slowly destroys the memories of that person and leaves the mind vulnerable to be reprogrammed! You and your team of secret agents have been tasked to infiltrate the Soviet Union and retrieve the sinister drug.

You were almost successful in getting your hands on the drug when your cover got blown and everyone was apprehended by the authorities. You find yourself in the KGB headquarters! You have sixty minutes to break out of custody or get ready to face interrogation, torture or worse of all the mind-altering drug!

Player review

“My family and I did the KGB escape room although we were not able to escape we had a blast trying to! Our game master was very helpful with the three hints we were allowed and we never would have gotten as far as we did without them! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a fun yet challenging experience.”Rachel (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience will have you infiltrate the Soviet Union and break out of the KGB Headquarters!

Museum Heist

About the experience

Your town has a very famous museum, people from around the nation visit it. Recently, the museum has been making headlines again. The news of a very prestigious art gallery opening has been the talk of the town. People from all around the world are flying in to take a look at some of the most amazing and rare pieces of art on the planet. Everything was great, all the preparations for the evening were complete and you were ready to have a great evening looking at paintings and sculptors when you heard the terrible news.

On the eve of the gallery opening, the museum owner has stolen a rare collection of artworks! Why would the owner do this? Where could he have hidden the paintings? The questions raced your mind but this was not the time to be contemplating. You and your friends decided to do something about it and find the centerpiece of the exhibition. The time of exhibition opening draws closer and you can’t seem to find any clues, so you decided to look in the museum owners' private chambers. As soon as you walk in the room, the door closes behind you, trapping you inside. You and your team must solve the mystery behind the owners' art heist and recover the paintings before the exhibition is ruined. You have sixty minutes to solve the case!

Player review

“This place is so much fun! We got a big group together and went and we really enjoyed it! The staff was really nice and very engaging! We did the museum heist and actually solved it! The puzzles are really challenging too. It's hard to expand on some of the things without giving it away! We’ll come back for sure, GO CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF!”Skeeter (Yelp)

This escape room will take you on an adventure through a museum owner’s chambers looking for clues to solve the mystery behind his art heist.

Mystery Mansion

About the experience

There’s an old mansion on the outskirts of your town. Everyone has heard stories about that place. Some people say it’s haunted by spirits, some say the original owners of the property met a dismal end but the truth is that no-one knows what really happened. The mansion has been abandoned for years now and no one dares to get close to it. On more than one occasion people have worn hearing strange sounds and seeing weird lights emanating from the building!

You’ve always been curious about the mansion’s mystery. You don’t really believe in ghosts and spirits so you’re not afraid of all the folklores and rumors that go around the town. One day you and your friends decided to break into the house and see for yourself if all the stories were true or not. As soon entered the ruins of what was once a hauntingly beautiful abode, you started feeling a bit anxious. You wouldn't believe it for yourself, but there really was a presence near you!

When you realize that you’ve made a mistake and decide to go back, you’re faced by locked doors! You’ve been trapped inside a haunted mansion and things seem to be getting worse by the second. You have sixty minutes to figure a way out of this place before it’s too late!

Player review

“We did the Mystery Mansion with a group of 2 and managed to escape with just a few seconds remaining. We loved this room. It had very high production values and several puzzles were unlike anything I've ever seen before in an escape room. We only asked for a few hints and they only gave us as much information as we needed to start thinking in the right direction.”Gretchen (Yelp)

This escape room will have you face your worst fears as you look for a way out of a haunted mansion!


About the experience

You wake up with a sharp pain in your head! Where are you? How did you get here? The questions clouded your conscious as you fought the pulsating headache to look around the room only to realize you’ve been blindfolded. The last thing you remember was walking down the street and then you heard a sound behind you followed by a sharp pain in your head! At that moment the reality finally dawns on you, you’ve been kidnapped! When you tried to move, you find yourself to be handcuffed as well.

A dark sinister fear started to creep up your spine. What are you supposed to do now? Will this be how it all ends? You suddenly hear a voice near you! You find out that you’re not the only hostage, there were people near you who shared the same fate. The fact that you do not alone give you some courage. You manage to get rid of the blindfold and realize that the kidnapper wasn’t present in the room. This is your chance to break out! You persuade the other hostages to gather courage and work alongside you to find a way out of this situation. You have sixty minutes to figure out a way to break out of the room before the kidnapper returns and lays waste to your efforts.

Player review

“This time, we did the Kidnapping. It was pretty tough, but again, we broke out, and it was a blast. I really enjoyed it. I honestly have not had a bad time at Breakout. It's always a lot of fun and is an excellent alternative to things like going to the movies. The overall atmosphere inside was very nice and well themed. If you love puzzles, you should try this escape room.”Marcia (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience will put you in the most demanding situation you’ve ever come across in your life!

Be sure to check out these amazing experiences next time you’re in Indianapolis! Everything from the ambiance to the engaging storylines has been curated perfectly to ensure the players get the best escape room experiences of their lifetime! Escape the room establishments put in a lot of effort and time to make sure that players are given an experience they won’t forget for years to come!

Do you agree with our list? Engaged in any of these experiences? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. If you believe we missed out on any great experiences, share your suggestions, we’ll make sure to consider them!