Onsite VS Online Escape Rooms

Onsite VS Online Escape Rooms

Imagine you and your friends were going about your day and your dead

With every challenge comes a new opportunity and with the pandemic tightening its vice grip on the entertainment industry, people were left with no real engaging entertainment options.

To tackle this situation the escape room industry came up with a whole new genre of entertainment that combined the immersive nature of escape games and interactive means of digital media.

About the online experience

Though not as hands-on as the traditional escape rooms, online escape rooms give players the opportunity to navigate through the storyline from the comfort of their homes making players feel as if they are living a movie!

“The puzzle and gameplay were great, and the game-master was supportive and friendly! Strongly recommend playing this virtual game!” says Jeffeanes who played ‘CIA Task-force: The Gamer’ experience.

The level of immersion offered by on-site escape rooms using interactive set pieces, elaborate contraptions and special effects made them unrivalled as the best interactive adventure games. But the very interactive nature of these experiences has put them in a compromising situation during the pandemic.

Customers feel that online escape rooms have given them the opportunity to let loose and have a great time with their friends and family without worrying about the pandemic and social distancing norms. Even though these virtual experiences might not deputize the on-site escape rooms perfectly but they allow players to experience a different take on the escape room phenomenon.

Reception of the remote escape room experiences

Ever since the commencement of this new form of escape rooms, the experiences have received an overwhelmingly positive reception from the participants. In just a couple of months, over 50 brands are offering 126 experiences for players to indulge in. And even though the number of experiences to choose from is nowhere near that of the traditional escape rooms, with new brands jumping on the bandwagon, the catalogue is surging.

Online escape rooms have received an unprecedented 99% positive response [from 200+ reviews analyzed] from its players the likes of which has never been seen before in any entertainment genre.

“I hope this room remains available for more players to enjoy it. I loved both the puzzles and the ambiance, and the host was very nice and helpful.”Gabi (Time Travelling Pirates)

Over 39% players reported that they were absolutely awestruck by the experience and recommend it to their close ones. The players stated that the experience surpassed all their expectations with the combination of immersive gameplay, digital interaction, and host involvement unlike their traditional counterparts.

Though online escape rooms were conceived as placeholders for the traditional escape rooms, their overwhelming reception by the masses signals that they are here to stay. They provide a whole new take on the genre and add to the versatility of the concept.

How does the online escape experience stack against the on-site ones?


On-site escape rooms use intricate set pieces and sound effects to immerse the player into the storyline, but its online counterpart is limited by the connectivity via video conference diminishing the full potential of the concept.


These virtual escape rooms make the entire team work on a single objective at the same time enabling them to take on the challenge collectively. The linear gameplay facilitates greater team integration unlike on-site escape rooms which could potentially overpower a team with scattered puzzles and challenges making teamwork a hassle.

Player Control

Online escape rooms require you to guide a live actor present in the room to do your bidding while an on-site escape room gives you the freedom to be in the space and interact with objects giving you complete control over the game.

Game Catalogue

There are 2400+ escape room venues offering over 8500+ experiences for players to choose from which dwarfs the 126 online experiences offered by 54 brands. But these numbers are growing by the day.

Host Interaction

These remote escape rooms are heavily dependent on the involvement of the host to provide a great experience to the players unlike on-site escape rooms which have limited host interaction during the gameplay. 67% of the online escape room players attributed part of their great experience to the host.

Myth Busters

Online escape rooms aren’t fun

Online escape rooms have been receiving great reviews from the players and they report finally having a great time after a long time!

Online escape rooms aren’t as good as on-site escape rooms

Online escape rooms were not conceived to replace their traditional counterparts. They act as a placeholder until the pandemic passes while giving you a fresh take on the concept. While both the genres have some commonalities, the gameplay could be starkly different with their respective merits.

Participating in online escape rooms is complicated

Participating in a virtual escape room experience could be easier than the onsite ones. All you need is a video conferencing app such as zoom and a team ready to take the plunge!

One of the biggest benefits of these remote experiences is that you get to play with a team sans boundaries or time differences, which would have been seemingly impossible otherwise.

On-site escape rooms are gone for good

The traditional escape rooms aren’t going anywhere! With the COVID-19 vaccine in final stages of testing and the pandemic on its last legs, the traditional escape rooms will make a comeback! And you bet, it would be a strong one! Aren’t we all dying to get out 😉.

Ways in which online escape rooms trump their on-site counterparts


Online escape rooms allow you to connect with people all over the world and have a great time together. Unlike on-site escape rooms, they aren’t limited by distance and necessities of physical presence. Online escape rooms allow you to play the same great experiences from the comfort of your home.


In testing times when health and safety are major concerns, online escape rooms are immune from the constraints of the pandemic. They are completely safe yet incredibly immersive as they walk the perfect line between a real interactive experience and a virtual game.


Online escape rooms make the players work on a singular objective and communicate their thoughts. This makes them the cooperative experience. With the pandemic deterring traditional team building events, online escape rooms provide the perfect opportunity for companies to involve their employees in a fun and edifying experience.

Cost Effective

Brands have shown their sensitivity to the current situation and hence, priced these experiences at steep discounts compared to the price of the traditional ones.

So, come and check this new age entertainment form! You have everything to win! Virtually everything!!



How much do online escape rooms cost?

The cost of an online escape room may vary for each brand, but they start from just $60 for a mission.

Are online escape rooms fun?

People who’ve participated in these experiences have reported having a great time experiencing a new take on the concept.

Are escape rooms hard?

Escape rooms are certainly challenging but not too overwhelming. They are designed to challenge your wits and make your experience fun!

How are the customer reviews of online escape rooms?

Online escape rooms have been receiving brilliant reviews with over 99% positive feedback which in unprecedented in the entertainment industry. That is basically 5 points above the traditional escape room experience. So, you would have virtually a negligible chance of having an unfavorable experience. You can read our comprehensive review of the online escape room phenomenon.