5 Factors in Choosing Your Ideal Escape Room

5 Factors in Choosing Your Ideal Escape Room

Escape Rooms are a lot of fun! But finding the right one, may be demanding. Well… we have simplified it for you! Read more on how to find your ideal experience.

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What do you do on a free weekend? Or a day off? Plan a day out with your friends and family to picnic spots or your favorite restaurant. How about a day at the most talked about place in the town?

The Escape Rooms Experience!

Many people have started spending their weekends at escape rooms. (no statistics to show you except that every time I call or go, bookings are in huge numbers) It is one of the best life-sized interactive gaming experiences one can have.

They have multiple one-hour slots you can choose from, provided you call in advance.

Escape room plans are more than fun and entertainment as it involves serious thinking to save yourselves. Sixty minutes to find clues, solve riddles, connect the dots to either escape the room or complete a goal. These games usually require a team of two to ten people. The more, the crazier.

Setting up a team to go together, the same time may be a tough task. But what is even tougher is selecting the right escape room theme for the group. Deciding on that can be stressful.

The choice of the escape room determines the end experience and feelings. Every room has something unique to offer, and irrespective, it is fun.

If you’re lucky, there will be a few options available to you in your town or city.

Don’t worry, I am here to sail you through this. Your selection can be based on various factors, the most important of which I discuss below.

Find Friends that Flock together!

Escape Rooms will have their own criteria. This game is mostly played in teams. Consider the number of participants that are needed for the game. Having the correct number of teammates helps you solve challenges faster. You are on a clock after all.

Also getting to know the age group will be of advantage. Not all themes may be suitable for all age groups. Like kids in a horror room may be a bad idea.

Different escape rooms have different rules. It is necessary to understand the rules so that you don’t break them, which may attract some huge penalties.

If your team has children, look for escape room games that have options for them.

There is an interesting concept of a ticketing system available with some escape rooms, namely public or private or both. The public system states the possibility that you can be grouped with other players. This allows you a chance to meet new people, and an opportunity to participate even if the number of participants on your team is not enough.

Or if your friends are simply unavailable opt for this one if the escape room near you has this option.

This one or...?

The location of convenience should be chosen for an escape room experience. Unless your preferred theme is available at a distant place and you don’t mind making a trip of it.

It’s also good to know that different games will be charged differently. Having an idea of your budget will be helpful in such a case if that is a constraint. You check more than two locations of the game rooms so that you can choose the reasonable ones and are not charged unreasonably.

Facilities available at the premises may also matter to some. Like the availability of parking areas is an important consideration. The availability of restaurants and eating joints nearby is an added advantage.

Stick with what steals your heart!

With an extensive range of set-ups available, you are sure to find something that makes your heart skip a beat. Searching through the list of themes is a good start when you are looking for the correct escape room.

Brush through the various themes and stories and pick one that sounds interesting or exciting to you. Attempt a bank robbery, halt the launch of nuclear missiles, escape the clutches of a serial killer, run from a mental asylum, and many other options are there for you.

The themes are varied as per locations. Every location will offer you a different experience. Though some of them could be common. Choose a theme that is realistic to make the experience more thrilling.

As a team, you can talk and decide on the type of theme you want to take part in. It can be an adventure, mystery, sci-fi, horror, etc.

Every room will have a description available as to what you are required to play out as. It tells you the story of the room and what you’re going to have to do while in it, the kind of puzzles that will be in it. It paints a picture of the adventure that awaits you without really giving out the details.

These descriptions will be enough to help you choose the right room for your team.

Level it!

Even though the difficulty is not a big concern in this game (Fun is the motive, and that is guaranteed), it is essential when you are looking for the best escape room.

The difficulty level is often measured by the overall percentage of teams that escape the room.

The difficulty you are willing for is something you need to determine as a team. Also, the level of your excitement will depend on the difficulty of the game. If the game is too easy, it will make you feel bored quickly. Though it should not be too hard to stress you up.

It needs to be just right for you and your team to be wholly involved and have a lot of fun.

Players who have been doing this for a while, enjoy challenging escape rooms. It racks their brain over riddles up to the very last minute. It is a different kind of addictive high for them.

However, the concept takes some getting used to for newbies. If it is your first time, go for the game room tagged as “beginner.”

Once you have been there, got a hang of the game and it a few times, you can move on to “medium” and “hard” levels.

Also, keep in mind who is on your team. If the theme requires physical involvement, it might not be suitable for all on the team.

Escape rooms are usually pretty good at specifying what is expected of the players. They also mention the fear factors involved. Not all themes require you to be literally locked inside haunted mansions and mental asylums. Most don’t have horror themes, so don’t let that put you off. There are various adventure based options available.

Who said what!

Reviews are a must-see. This is where you know what the good stuff is and what can be passed on.

Check out the reviews of the escape room you are planning, on different platforms. This will give you an idea of the number of players that have been satisfied by the game challenges, enjoyed it beyond expectations and the services of the staff.

The reviews are mostly present at the bottom of each escape room page. Or it could be easily available on google. If the room has a bad review, it may not necessarily be a terrible one.

The way the company reacts to them should be considered. Also, how many people think negatively of it matters.

Certain escape rooms help you organize up for special occasions. They offer birthday party or love proposal avenues. Such a case can be considered too when deemed necessary.

At the end of it, choosing the perfect escape room is a part of the fun time. Get together with your buddies and debate about it. You can toss a coin, or draw some chits if you just don’t agree on one. (unanimous decisions are tough in this case, so many cool options).

Even if you end up in a theme that you did not originally choose, because that was the only one available, be open to it. You never know what you thought to be the hardest turns out to be the most fun for you and your gang.

Bottom line - don’t let the idea that there is a perfect room you HAVE to start with stress you out. There is not anything you cannot handle.

Challenge yourself and have fun with it. Try to push your limits and beat the clock. There is no limit to what you can achieve in this game. Pick up your friends and then pick a theme, and just go for it.

Once you are back, log back in and tell me which escape you chose? May be your recommendation gets chosen for my next adventure.