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About Las Vegas escape rooms

The city of Las Vegas is often synonymous with fun! Luxurious hotels, fine-dining, and glamorous nightlife attract people to this city. However, the emerging escape room companies have taken the city by storm.

With 90+ escape experiences, escape rooms give players a unique opportunity to escape reality, as is tradition when in Vegas!

Players get an opportunity to step into the shoes of characters they have only seen in the movies! Whether you book the official Las Vegas SAW escape room or a two-player game at Number 1 escape room Las Vegas, abundant fun is guaranteed.

People are often overwhelmed with choices regarding ways to spend their leisure time in the city.

Luckily, we have collected all escape room experiences under an umbrella! So that on your rainy day, you can cheer yourself up with an escapade! Read through our elaborate article 10 Amazing Escape Room Experiences in Las Vegas so that you don’t miss out on the best escape room in Vegas that has become the talk of the town!


What is one unique escape room in Las Vegas that one cannot afford to miss?

Official SAW Escape Room Las Vegas is a multi-room experience inspired by the movies.

What is the best escape room company in Las Vegas?

The Escape Game offers diverse escape adventures that are perfect for every escape enthusiast.

What are the scary escape rooms in Las Vegas?

The Basement Escape Room Las Vegas, The Cabin (Number 1 Escape Room), One-Eyed Jack (Trapped! Escape Room), are some chilling escape games you can experience for an instant adrenaline-rush.

What are the family-friendly escape rooms in Las Vegas?

The Magical Forest (Xterious Escape Room) and Playground (The Escape Game) will be a treat for the entire family. Each player will be able to contribute to these gripping escape games.