Best Escape Rooms in Boston!

Best Escape Rooms in Boston!

With so many Escape Room Boston ,are you lost to find your perfect escape? Look no further. Check these 10 must-do rooms for a mind-blowing time in Boston!

Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular for their exceptional gaming experience that integrates problem-solving and teamwork. Not only are these games fun to play, but they also teach essential life skills

Boston houses 60+ escape experiences. These games are a favorite of people who like to seek thrill and embark on adventures.

We have come up with a list of 5 top-rated escape experiences and 10 best escape room experiences you cannot afford to miss the next time you are up for some fun. We put in hours of work with research, surveys, analyzing 10000+ reviews, and reaching out to the game masters themselves to make sure we put forward unerring experiences of the escape rooms, to help you make the right choice. Make sure you stick till the end because, as they say, the best always comes last! So if you want to take your creativity and intellect for a ride, read further!

Top Escape Room Companies in Boston

Breakout Games

Breakout Games, one of the top escape rooms chain in the US, was established in 2015. The escape company aims at bringing adventurous, fun, and challenging experiences to the area. They claim that their escape games are designed to create strong bonds between players. They are perfect for a fun day with friends, family, coworkers, and even for a team-building exercise.

Here are the games you can enjoy at the venue:

Undercover Alley: Investigate the Doomsday Alley in 60 minutes before a high-profile criminal organization initiates its next sinister plan!

The Kidnapping: You have been blindfolded, handcuffed, and kidnapped! You have 60 minutes to break free.

Runaway Train: Radicals have taken over the train and planted explosives. Stop the train and release the passengers before the train blows up in 60 minutes.

Do Not Disturb: You have become the victim of the kidnapper you were after! Escape in 60 minutes.

Operation: Casino: Uncover the mysterious disappearance of your fellow spy agent in 60 minutes.

Mystery Mansion: Enter the spine-chilling mansion and uncover its secrets in 60 minutes.


Boxaroo was established in 2016 by a group of engineers, artists, entrepreneurs, and puzzle enthusiasts. The escape company describes their adventures as quirky and whimsical, mixed with puzzles that promote out-of-the-box thinking. They can also arrange scavenger hunts, ballroom-sized escape games for large groups, and murder mysteries!

The team-building packages offered by the company can be tailored for up to 300 players.

Here are the creative adventures offered at the venue:

Mystery Of The Magician's Study: Unravel the secret of a legendary magician's study. You have a fleeting 60 minutes.

Conundrum Museum: You have been framed for a crime in the museum. Solve the mystery in 60 minutes, or you might end up behind bars!

Storyteller's Secret: Step inside the cabin of a bestselling adventure novelist. Does she have something worth hiding? You must find out in 75 minutes.

The Red Fox Escapes

Red Fox Escapes was established in 2019 by two technology professionals with a passion for puzzles and creating engaging and immersive fun. All escape rooms offered by the escape company are designed meticulously to create immersive sets and are integrated with challenging and satisfying puzzles. The escape company is the first to adjust the puzzles according to the group size and experience.

Here are the games you can challenge yourself with:

The Heist: Steal a diamond worth millions of dollars from a private art gallery. Can you pull off the heist in time?

The Uboat: Travel back in time and become a part of the British naval officers to turn the tide of WWII. You have 60 minutes.

Amaze Escape

Amaze Escape was established in 2015 by two escape room enthusiasts who wanted to extend a unique gaming experience. The escape games offered by the escape company encourage teamwork and methodical discovery to escape. The games guarantee to test the players' minds and wits. Players are encouraged to scour the room and move, push, and turn to secure their victory!

Here are the games you can choose at the venue:

Escape From Death Row: Can you and your team escape execution? You have a fleeting 60 minutes to break out from jail.

Art of the Heist: Break into a police station and retrieve a priceless suitcase. Can you pull off the heist in 60 minutes?

Puzzle Break

Puzzle Break was founded in 2013 by Nate Martin, a former senior Microsoft executive passionate about interactive entertainment, design, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Puzzle Breaks was the first escape room company in America. Since then, the company has stirred a revolution in entertainment. They claim to have served millions of escape enthusiasts and thousands of corporate clients for team-building.

Here are the escapades available at the venue:

Escape From 20,000 Leagues: You are trapped in an underwater laboratory. Escape in 60 minutes before you meet a watery grave.

Escape The Midnight Carnival: Uncover the mystery of a strange carnival. You just have 60 minutes!

The Grimm Escape: Break the witch's spell to escape the enchanted Grimm Forest.

Best Escape Rooms In Boston

Antidote: Escapology

Dr. Walter Brandt might as well be the world's most famous chemical weapons scientist. He has been operating with the U.S. government for years to develop a bioweapon that would quickly and expeditiously eradicate enemy forces. However, Dr. Walter has gone rogue, and he is planning to sell the deadly virus to an enemy nation!

You and your team have managed to force an entry into his hidden research laboratory where the infamous TS-51 was conjured. As you were shuffling around chemicals looking for the antidote, a team member accidentally knocks over a vial that happened to contain the deadly virus! Currently, you've all been infected by the virus.

The entire facility has gone into an imprisonment protocol, and a complete decontamination procedure countdown has been triggered. You need to solve the puzzles and riddles to get to the antidote in sixty minutes!

Player Review

"We escaped the room 'Antidote', which was a lot of fun. The room was challenging, but not so hard that we were discouraged and/or left feeling like some things were unsolvable. My family and I will be coming back here! I also want to thank our game host, she was so nice and funny, and was helpful during the time before we escaped by explaining rules." Hannah (TripAdvisor)

This Escapology escape room experience will have you search for the deadly virus's antidote that has infected you and your team.

Budapest Express: Escapology

You are onboard the famous Budapest Express. You'll be meeting with various detectives showcasing the latest research and progressions in the forensic sciences. As you were going through your case notes in the middle of the night, the train manager suddenly approached you and requested you to follow him to the first-class dining coach.

As soon as you walked into the coach, your eyes darted to Sir Clarence Hayden's body slumped over the dining table. He had been murdered, and the killer was still on board! The trainmaster asked you for help as the train would arrive at the next station in sixty minutes, and the killer would be free once he or she walks off the train.

You have narrowed down your list of suspects to five people. But the killer has targeted you now! You have an hour to unmask the criminal before you become the next victim.

Player Review

"I went for the first time to Escapology for the Budapest Express and it didn't disappoint! The decor is astounding and immerses you in the experience. I thought the floor was going to start rumbling like a real train. The staff was pleasant, funny and helpful. We booked a return trip on the very same day." DayTrip (TripAdvisor)

This escape room in Boston will have you at your wit's end! Find the real culprit before you fall prey to the killer yourself.

The Apartment: Escape The Room

You have always thought your aunt was living an ordinary life. But today, things take a drastic turn as you learn the truth. Her days have been strenuous and demanding as your cousins are looking to steal their mom's inheritance and even placed her in a retirement home so that they can get rid of her faster! You were enraged when you heard the news.

In grave danger, she has come to you, her favorite nieces and nephews, to enter her condo and retrieve a few personal belongings that mean a lot to her. There's not much time as she feels weaker and heartbroken every moment. What was once a happy and thriving family has now turned into a hellhole full of conceit and greed

But your cousins are hot on your tracks. You only have sixty minutes to get the belongings before they get to you. And if you're successful, your aunt will leave all her inheritance under your name!

Player Review

"My mom and I wanted to try an escape room, so we did The Apartment. We were booked with another family who ended up being good teammates. Good staff. Good rooms. The puzzles are challenging but solvable and when you're stuck they'll give you clues to help you out. And if you are still banging your head against the wall they'll give you an extra nudge in the right direction." Calvin (Yelp)

This Boston escape room has a dramatic storyline that'll keep you hooked till the very end!

The Heist: The Red Fox Escapes

You and your band of thieves have made headlines quite a few times. Many rare artifacts and treasures have fallen prey to your skills and your last haul only adds to your collection. But it's been a little while since you last planned a heist. A massive 500-carat diamond hidden in a safe in a private gallery in Back Bay is now on your list!

As soon as you heard about this mammoth of a diamond, you were set on stealing it! The gallery might be full of numerous expensive and rare artifacts, but nothing can seem to match that monstrosity of a diamond! If you were to put the diamond for sale on the black market, it'd easily fetch you over $100 million!

This is an opportunity that could change your life forever. You must look through the blueprints, inside knowledge of the alarms, and break into the facility. As soon as you enter the room, you'll have sixty minutes to steal the diamond and break out of the place. So, what will it be, a lavish life or a decade behind bars?

Player Review

"This was unbelievably fun! It was myself and 3 kids and the experience was so realistic and beyond what I expected. I hadn't done an escape room before so I wasn't sure what to expect but this blew me away! The kids had a great time and so did I. I highly recommend this as a family activity while vacationing or visiting Boston. You won't regret it!" JW (TripAdvisor)

This best escape room Boston will allow you to carry out the most hellacious diamond heist humanity has ever seen!

Under Pressure: Escapology

Step back in time and experience World War II like never before! You've been transported to the year 1944 when the Second World War is at its height. You and your team are a band of spies that have been operating for the United States government. Your team has been deployed almost a thousand meters underneath the ocean!

You are aboard the Steel Shark, and you've been tasked to commence a stealth mission that involves diving deep into the North Atlantic Ocean to spy on and gather intel from the German battleship, Scheer. However, the Germans caught a whiff of your snooping.

Not long afterward, the submarine was sabotaged by german agents, pushing it into a state of emergency! The controls have gone haywire, and because of that, the gas tanks won't last longer than one hour! You have no choice but to find some way out of this problem before you meet a watery grave!

Player Review

"The room is good. The guys were nice to us and pretty understanding. One of us did not speak English and me, I do understand pretty well, though under pressure it's always a Lil bit more complicated, so out game master had to work a little harder, and give us more clues. We had lots of fun, but we were a bit lost at the beginning." Anna (TripAdvisor)

This escape room Boston MA will push you to the very edge, but can you keep your cool and find a way out of the situation?

Operation: Casino: Breakout Games

The crime rate in your city began to go haywire after a Casino opened up in the town. Everyone knows that the casino is just a front used by the most sinister crime organizations. However, no one can find any concrete evidence that would pin the organization with those crimes.

As the situation seemed to be getting out of hand, MI6 sent a secret agent to infiltrate the organization as a spy and report back all the vital intel he could gather! Everything was going well initially, but suddenly MI6 lost all contact with the secret agent and couldn't locate or contact the undercover agent.

Your team has been chosen to break into the casino where the agent is supposedly being held captive, save the agent and track down the mafia while you're at it. You have one hour to locate the secret agent and find the evidence to ensure the downfall of this sinister syndicate.

Player Review

"My family and I had fun doing the Casino room. Our voice from above, we called Jesus. Whom we had to call for clues from time to time, it was a lot of fun and we did it with less than 2 minutes to spare. I liked how we didn't have a guide in the room with us, we had the room to ourselves, didn't have to share it with another group like other escape rooms we did." Mary (Yelp)

This thrilling escape room in Boston will let you rob a casino! Make sure you get out of there in time, or you'll be spending a fair amount of years behind bars.

Runaway Train: Breakout Games

You had been trying to book tickets for a cross-continental journey for the longest time now! The waiting list was ridiculous, and you had to pull a lot of strings to get your hands on the tickets, but you've finally managed to do it.

As you were taking in the view, a sudden uproar brought you back. Something seemed to have gone wrong, and soon the news spread throughout the compartment. Some radicals seem to have boarded The Breakout Express and taken over the conductor's cabin. They have planted explosives and locked everyone in! As the train races towards its destination Central Station in the heart of the city, the time is running out.

You have to find a way to break into the conductor's cabin and diffuse the explosives before hundreds of people fall prey to the radicals' sinister plan. You have sixty minutes to come up with a plan and make your escape!

Player Review

"I had an amazing time and even after leaving can't stop thinking about my experience. I was looking for a late-night activity to do with my best friend for her birthday. I arrived and my game master was awesome. We did the runaway train which we heard was the most difficult. It was difficult but we were so close to getting out. I'm booking it again and I'm super excited!" Cassandra (Yelp)

This Breakout room experience will take you on a bomb diffusing adventure on The Breakout Express.

Museum Heist: Breakout Games

The news of a very prestigious art gallery opening has been the talk of the town. People worldwide are flying in to look at some of the most unique and rare art pieces on the planet. Everything was going well, all the preparations for the evening were complete, and you were ready to have a great evening looking at paintings and sculptors when you heard the terrible news.

On the eve of the gallery opening, a museum owner has stolen a rare collection of artworks! The exhibition opening is drawing closer, and you can't find any clues, so you choose to look in the museum owners' private chambers.

As soon as you walk into the room, the door closes behind you, trapping you inside. You and your team must solve the mystery behind the owners' art heist and recover the paintings before the exhibition is ruined. You have sixty minutes to solve the case!

Player Review

"We love Breakout for our company outings! This was our third time and we chose the Museum Heist room. Lots of great challenge and creative thinking required; but nothing too difficult. We came close, but didn't escape. I believe our mistake was waiting to long to ask for clues. Fantastic time for all!!!" Mike (TripAdvsior)

This Breakout Game experience will have you solving the mystery of the stolen centerpiece of an art opening in a museum.

Scary Escape Rooms In Boston

The Kidnapping: Breakout Games

You gain consciousness; the pain in your head is killing you. What just happened? You remember being hit from behind, and everything went blank. You soon come to realize the situation, you've been kidnapped! But even after coming to your senses, you cannot move or see as the kidnappers have blindfolded and handcuffed you. As morbid thoughts cross your mind, you hear someone call for help!

It looks like you're not the only one being held hostage. The kidnappers were discussing something and left for a while. You ask the other hostages to help you and break out together, everyone agrees readily. First and foremost, you remove the blindfold, and now you must find a way to lose the handcuffs.

After you've gathered together, you must find a way to solve the puzzles and break out. You have sixty minutes before the kidnappers get back and foil your plans. Can you find a way to break out in time?

Player Review

"We got the one where we had been kidnapped and needed to find clues from past kidnappers who had left clues behind on how to escape. I won't give too much away, but it's done incredibly well and challenges you mentally game-wise and as a team. Perfect place to go with some friends for an afternoon. Beats the old board games, right?" Ellie (Yelp)

This scary escape room will have you experience being kidnapped and breaking out. Can you manage the task on time?

Kids/Family Friendly Escape Rooms In Boston

Storyteller's Secret: Boxaroo

You have always keenly followed the adventure novels of Emily Carter. An adventure novelist, Emily Carter is well-known for her writing style that captures the reader's attention within seconds.

You and your friends have decided to visit the novelist's cabin. But does the ordinary-seeming cabin house secrets about the world-famous author that could shake her readers?

Now that you are inside the cabin, you must find out! You have 75minutes to unravel the secrets and escape.

Player Review

"Our family with 2 teenagers played the "Storyteller's Secret". The kids absolutely loved it, especially my daughter, who loves fantasy novels. She said the experience reminded he/r of a "video game" that she likes to play. It is very enchanting. We solved the puzzle with 10 minutes to spare." Amy C. (TripAdvisor)

This escape room for kids is perfect for families—step inside Emily Carter's cabin for an immersive escape room adventure.

Do you agree with our list? Engaged in any of these experiences? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section down below. If you believe we missed out on any great experiences, share your suggestions, we'll make sure to consider them!

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