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Common Myths About What To Wear in Escape Room?

All about the dress code for an escape room: what to wear to an escape room, what not to wear, and staying cool for your next escape room experience.

Remember those days when we used to pretend to be a different person for one day, in those fancy dress-up competitions? They were such incredible moments and filled us with so much happiness and adventure.

I remember I used to be super enthusiastic about my dress-up competitions. I dressed up like toothpaste once and a fan the second time. And yes, I was the winner both times.

We haven't felt that same childish free side of ours in ages-the side where we can do anything we want to without the fear of being judged.

But, hold on, fellows, there is an excuse to get silly and dressy all over again. Yup! I'm not kidding!

Escape rooms, the beat-the-clock-to-escape game, is the perfect excuse to be dressing up as someone else, once again. Whether you want to dress up elegantly like James Bond for an FBI mission or as a Princess who's out to save her kingdom, it is your choice.

Call up the Escape Room company, pick your themed room of choice, and dress up. Is that not a perfect excuse to be a kid again?

If you find yourself Googling " what to wear in an escape room?", don't worry, we understand your concerns, and we have got you covered!

Dressing up for an escape room is not at all a crazy idea. Some people might think it sounds stupid. But trust me, it is not. Dressing up adds to the natural feel of the game. It helps to get into the character of the theme chosen for the game. It also adds to the charm of the experience.

Dressing up is encouraged by these game rooms. How do I know this? Because they have props and costumes available for you to borrow and use. Escape room companies love for you to be wholly involved in the game. It is a sense of satisfaction for them too.

Seeing you all dressed up and motivated for the game is their motivation to keep innovating for you.

Although it is worth noting that uncomfortable and flowy clothes can hinder certain games, as there are physical movements and efforts involved, sneaking under a table may get a little tricky.

I am not saying you can't be a princess in a gown or a prince with a long robe. But definitely, you can alter that gown into a hot glittery short skirt or that robe into a velvet tuxedo, so that you can have it all; a fabulous escape room outfit, and comfort!

Why should I dress up for an Escape room?

Planning an escape room outfit makes the experience more realistic.

You can finally get to play your favorite agent or book character and be in the shoes of the essence.

The feeling of playing and winning the game is far better when you are dressed up for the part.

Dressing up lets your creative side out. You can play around with your costume and add elements you have always wanted to. There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing an outfit for an escape room.

You get to be goofy with your friends and bring that childhood fun and pointless laughter riots back. After all, you are never too old to get silly with friends and family.

The best way to make something memorable is to do it differently. Dressing up when you play guarantees an unforgettable experience.

And these reasons are good enough to get into those costumes and have a great escape room experience.

Dress up tips for an unhindered gaming experience:

Dress up to your heart's desire, but try to be in comfortable shoes because a lot is moving around that will happen in these sixty minutes.

There could be running and jumping involved, too, especially for the victory dance. For climbing to potential pieces of evidence and bending through obstacles to get your next clue, comfortable feet are important. Girls, no heels, please.

Dressing up involves a lot of stylish wear, inclusive of matching accessories for those who are particular about things like that. Escape Room is an active clue-gathering experience. Avoid clothes that are so tight they constrict you.

It would help if you had a smooth movement when in the room. Avoid loud, jingly jewelry. Some rooms require you to work quietly, like running from a crazy killer. Sounds will give you away.

Let your entire costume be something you can swiftly move around in. Escape room outfits typically shouldn't have long flowy sleeves, open long hair or dresses with long threads that may get stuck in props.

Escape rooms are an indoor gaming experience. Expect well-ventilated rooms, which may get chilly. Assuming you're used to air conditioning, the temperature in the game room should feel comfortable.

If you feel cold too soon, carry a light jacket to focus on the game.

Escape games test several skills. You or your team may be needed to read out clues and material to discover the next phase. If you require glasses to read, bring them with you. Relying on other participants to read clues can be inconvenient. There is nothing like seeing a puzzle for yourself.

The same applies, of course, if you have difficulty hearing. Make sure to bring your hearing aid with you to enjoy the escape room to the fullest.

You are now guaranteed to get to the real thing. What to dress up as for your escape room experience. You have various options to choose from.

Even if you are playing a virtual escape room, feel free to dress up! Dressing up will give you the feeling of actually being there, and not to mention, it will be something to talk about, for sure!

Involve your group members and turn it into a full-blown costume party. It's up to you!

Be Inspired:

Inspired by James Bond from the Bond films, or Tom Cruise from the MI series, dress up for the heist of the year. An elegant three-piece suit for the boys and a royal knee-length dress is an excellent idea for the girls.

Be the unbeatable team who everyone is jealous of and look the part too. And guess what, you can even head out for a fancy after party, for the experience to last longer. Think hats, cigars, smart glasses, and more.

Here are some escape room outfits that I would recommend (from personal experience).

You will feel like a movie star and armed with these escape room outfits, you will be ready to conquer your escape room!

If you are planning to play space missions, I suggest renting spacesuits. Wearing a spacesuit will make you feel like you've instantly transported into your favorite space movie. It'll be the closest you will get to experiencing space (unless you're Elon Musk or an astronaut).

In case you are heading to a prison break experience, dress like an inmate. Yellow jumpsuits or black and white stripes, you choose. The prison cells at these games are crafted to give you the authentic and lifelike experience of the game.

Another great option is to dress up as pirates. And head out to an escape room that offers a 'steal the loot' experience. You get to be Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean for the day. I would choose this one. It sounds like an unimaginable amount of fun.

If you are good at solving murder mysteries, which is the theme you wish to choose for your game the next time, take inspiration from the detective of the 1930s.

A fedora or a fancy Italian work suit with a matching jacket with flaps on the sides would be a great choice. Girls, you can consider a fancy work dress with a low hemline on the bottom and shoulder pads on the top or a bolero jacket.

Dress the part, and you may solve a mystery or two.

This one is another favorite of mine. I love going to the nuclear meltdown missions in the escape room. Dressing up for this one, the team has two choices:

Dress up as scientists. Be the smart ones in the room, knowing all the chemical stuff that goes in there and save the day. It might be a nerdy look but appropriate for the mission. After all, who better than scientists to understand nuclear things?

Be the President and the accompanying disaster management, team. Most of the nuclear meltdowns that happen in our web series are saved by the President's command.

This option lets you enact out your favorite 'Save the Day' scene from a series and make it a little dramatic too.

Opt for Halloween unique costumes for a thrilling experience. Many escape rooms have the option of horror and thriller themes such as zombies and skeletons, witches, and freaky dolls.

Get that old Halloween costume you got lying around and get dressed for the thrill. Put on some Halloween makeup, and you are ready to celebrate it any time of the year.

Dress up as your favorite sports team. Now you don't have to match the theme. Be silly and goofy. You have the choice to dress up as you like. So, how about your favorite team? That may give you the kick of motivation while playing.

Reading my thoughts would have given you some of your own. Let me know what you are thinking.

I would love to try one of your ideas and share my experience. If you are not sure, then why not pick that phone and ask your game room host to provide theme-related props for dress-up.

Dress Crazy, Enjoy the Experience, Click that Selfie and Share with us! Let the game start!

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