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Best Escape Rooms in Los Angeles!

Choose from 15 amazing escape room experiences in LA! We've analyzed over 22,500 reviews to find the best escape rooms for you.
Top Experiences in Los Angeles

Ever since the concept of Escape Rooms entered US in 2013, it has been gaining popularity at an exponential rate. California was one of the first adopters of escape rooms in the US and escape rooms in LA are some of the best in the country. There are 285 active escape rooms venues in California and 49 of these are located in LA. Here are a few statistics regarding the LA Escape Room Industry:

We have analyzed over 22,500 reviews and done exhaustive research to make a list of the best escape rooms in Los Angeles. Some of the employees tried these experiences individually as well as had conversations with the game masters to ensure you get the most accurate information.

Los Angeles has the biggest escape room brands and companies to choose from. Escape brands in L.A. have been one of the best in the U.S.A. since 2013. There are 49 escape rooms in L.A., and out of these, the top escape room brands from 2021 have been chosen for this article.

Here's a list of the best escape room venues across various locations of the city.

Escape Rooms in North LA

Escape Rooms in Sylmar

The Basement

This establishment is perfect for the fans of immersive theatre. The Basement LA provides the best live actor escape room experiences. All their rooms have a connected storyline and the live actors do an impeccable job to pull you in it. Located directly across Taco Bell, this place offers some of the best experiences in the city.

Tandy After Dark - Tandy After Dark is an overnight escape adventure designed to test you in ways you never thought possible!

Dead And Breakfast - You and your friends have been kidnapped by Edward Tandy -- a cannibalistic serial killer with a hunger for taxidermy, strange mechanisms, and of course human flesh.

The Basement - You've been kidnapped by a cannibalistic serial killer going by the name Edward Tandy.

The Study - You managed to get out of the elevator shaft and now you're in Edward Tandy's study.

The Elevator Shaft - Your body was hauled in the elevator shaft by Tandy's assistant, you must find a way out.

The Courtyard - You're almost Free! You must find a way to scale the 14 foot high brick walls.

Escape Rooms in Beverly Hills

MagIQ Room

This establishment offers some of the best escape room experiences in Beverly Hills area. The game plots of MagIQ Room are very immersive and the themes are spectacular. Their experiences contain no gore, live actors, pop-outs or other scare factors during the game so everyone can have a great time.

The Curse of the Mummy - If you manage to find King Tutankhamen's tomb, all the incredible treasures and secrets shall be in your grasp.

The Secrets of Wizardry - Break the elf's evil curse and find your way out from this strange place.

The Pirate's Den - People have been looking for Henry Morgan's treasure for nearly 400 years and you want to find it.

Escape Rooms in Burbank

Exit Artist Escape Room

Their rooms are designed for adrenaline junkies who love exciting adventures. Exit Artist Escape Room offers experiences with a 90 minute timer to ensure the players get enough time to enjoy and appreciate the adventure. Also, they hold a $1000 contest every 100 groups!

Vegas Themed Room: You are a professional card counter and this is your chance to make it big in Vegas.

Escape Rooms in North Hollywood

The Room

The Room LA offers 3 immersive escape room experiences to choose from. They are a boutique establishment that offer a limited number of escape rooms but each one has exceptional quality. They also offer great corporate events and party services.

The Cabin - Many hunters have fallen victim to Dwight Carpenter's rage, will you be the next one?

The Spaceship - You were on an intergalactic mission when your spaceship was heavily damaged and you have 60 minutes to fix it.

The Manor - You must search the darkest corners of The Devlin Manor to unravel the mystery of Herbert Devlin's death.

Escape Rooms in Reseda

Architect Escape Rooms

The Architect Escape Rooms has been named LA's Most Entertaining new escape room. Their experiences have captivating decor and new puzzles that push the envelope for escape rooms. They even offer a VIP patio lounge for special events. Many regulars call it "the hidden gem of escape rooms."

Tesla's Secret - Use Tesla's secret passage ways to jump through space and time to save the world from extinction.

Orient Express - There has been a murder on the Orient Express and you have been asked to help solve the mystery.

Houdini's Hideout - You must escape Houdini's cleverly rigged hideout and save him before it's too late.

Bonnie and Clyde's Great Getaway - You must help Bonnie and Clyde by breaking into Al Capone's speakeasy and finding his secret stashes.

Escape Rooms in Universal City

The Escape Game LA

This company was founded in 2013. The Escape Game company gives experiences crafted by a team of architects, carpenters, scenic artists, tech experts, and storytellers. This escape room gives importance to every little detail, and the missions are designed to deliver interactive experiences for every guest.

The company has immersive story-driven multi-room adventures that people can enjoy with friends and family. The brand has won the Trip Advisor Travellers Choice Awards and garnered fantastic reviews on Google. The brand is located at 10250 Santa Monica Blvd, Space 2945, Los Angeles, CA 90067, United States.

Prison break- Can you escape the prison cell of the 1950s before you are the next victim?

The Depths- Start to uncover the secrets of a lab under the depth of the ocean.

The heist- A famous Monet painting has gone missing! Can you and your team solve the crime in a museum heist?

Special O.P.S. mysterious market- A secret international crisis and only 60 minutes to solve it! Can you?

Escape Rooms in Central LA

Escape rooms in Hollywood

Quest Room

Quest Room LA has one of the most diverse list of experiences. They offer you everything from dark and sinister dungeons to the aftermath of an epic party. They don't just provide great deals for birthday parties and corporate events but are home to some of best escape room Los Angeles has so far seen.

Here are the experiences this escape room in Hollywood has to offer:

Bloody Elbow - You've been locked in a dungeon for practicing the dark arts and now awaits the execution.

Da Vinci's Challenge - You must go up against Da Vinci's intellect to prove yourself worthy of being his pupil.

Escape Rooms in Koreatown

Stash House

Stash House Escape Room is a small scale tailored escape room that offers just one experience but it is one of the most well put together escape room in the entire state. The incredible story and gameplay has everyone praising this place.

Stash House - You have been tricked by a drug lord kingpin and now you must find all the drugs and flush them before the police arrives.

Escape Rooms in Mid City

Hatch Escapes

This is another one of those quaint little establishments that offer just one experience. The Escape Room owners of Hatch Escapes used escape room as a medium to portray their creativity and it shows as they have one of the most critically acclaimed escape room in the world!

Lab Rat - You are being operated on by giant lab rats and if you fail, you'll be thrown in the test subject chipper!

Escape Rooms in West Hollywood

Infinity Escape

Infinity Escape is an escape room brand established by Jorg G. and his friends in 2016. The founders' culminated their passion for design and creativity to procure their business.

The company offers intriguing experiences with a challenging gameplay. Today, the brand has received wide recognition and has featured on "Themed Nation and Find Your Escape."

The Magic Cottage Sister's Curse: Can you release the soul of a witch trapped in an object in one of the most haunted cottages in Britain? Or will you end up releasing the wrong soul?

Zombie Lab: Can you stop the evil Edward Grimm before he releases and necro virus and a hoard of deadly zombies to infect all of Orange County? Find out now!

Escape Rooms in Santa Monica

The Escape Game

The Escape Game in Los Angeles offers unparalleled immersive experiences, blending captivating narratives with challenging puzzles. Perfect for friends, family, or coworkers, our escape rooms provide an adrenaline-pumping adventure where collaboration is key. Embark on an unforgettable journey and test your wits at The Escape Game-where every escape is a triumph.

The Heist: "Embark on a high-stakes adventure in The Heist at The Escape Game. Crack codes, solve puzzles, and outsmart security to pull off the ultimate virtual thrill."

Prison Break: Navigate intricate puzzles, decode clues, and outsmart the prison guards in Prison Break at The Escape Game. Can you and your team break free before time runs out?

The Depths: Plunge into the immersive world of The Depths at The Escape Game, Los Angeles. Uncover hidden treasures and overcome challenges in a thrilling underwater escape adventure.

Special Ops: Mysterious Market: Engage in espionage at Special Ops: Mysterious Market by The Escape Game. Uncover secrets, decode puzzles, and complete missions in a thrilling undercover operation with friends or colleagues.

Escape Rooms in Downtown

Escape Room LA

Escape Room LA has some of the best interactive adventures in the city. This establishment located between Main and Los Angeles Streets is one of the few places that offer great kids-friendly experiences that you can enjoy with everyone!

Atlantis - You followed an eccentric professor through a portal looking for fabled treasure.

The Pyramid - Set out on an expedition through Mayan pyramids to look for The Mask of the Jade Warrior.

The Laboratory

The Laboratory has just one experience to offer its players but it is one of the best in the entire state! They have received Escape Rumors International Award for Best Puzzles as well. You'll even get free street parking after 6PM.

The Laboratory - You're trapped in a mad scientist's lab with a live bomb! Find a way to disarm the device and break out of the lab.

Escape Rooms in South LA

Escape Rooms in Lomita

Planet Escape Room

Planet Escape Room offers some of the best escape room experiences in South Bay. They have great offers for special events such as Team Building, Birthday Party, Marriage Proposal and even Fundraisers! They offer 3 experiences with completely different genres for players to choose from.

Wise Guys - You have one hour to locate the hidden evidence and help FBI bring down infamous Chicago mobsters.

Game of Swords - You must retrieve the sacred stone and unite the kingdoms to defeat the army of wicked.

Ctrl+Alt+Reality - Take a trip down the yellow brick road and find your way out of the rabbit hole or you'll never see Kansas again!

Escape Rooms in Culver City

Maze Rooms

The Maze Rooms Culver City location offers its 3 of the most immersive experiences. They put a lot of work in designing their rooms so the aesthetics and detailed props look incredible. Their experiences have a varied genre so there's always something for everyone.

They're Coming - The undead have risen so you must find a shelter and barricade yourself to live

The Dragon's Lair - Your Uncle was on an expedition in the Dragon Spine of the Andes when he suddenly went missing

Jack the Ripper - Step into the 80s as you unravel the mystery to Scotland Yard's most infamous murders

Here are the top 15 experiences you can't afford to miss the next time you're up for a good time in Los Angeles.

Thrilling Escape Rooms in Los Angeles

Chernobyl Disaster: Moments After

7126 Melrose Ave

26th of April, 1986… In the heart of the night, as the clock struck 1:24 a.m. the Chernobyl Power Plant shook the world with a cataclysmic explosion that echoed through the ages.

Amidst this chaos, you, fearless nuclear scientists, stand firm within the treacherous maze of the plant. Your expertise becomes the ray of hope in the face of utter devastation. The mission laid before you is as daring as it is dangerous.

Deep within these eerie corridors lies an abandoned bunker, forgotten and neglected. Your mission is crystal clear: decontaminate the bunker, eliminating its harmful contaminants, and transform its decaying remnants into a sanctuary of life.

But time mocks your desperate efforts. Each breath you take depletes the precious oxygen, a reminder of the imminent danger closing in. Destiny's grasp tightens, ready to unleash a brutal dose of radiation, and consume you without mercy. How will you find the resilience to triumph over this harrowing battle against time and deliver salvation to those who crave it?

Wrongfully Convicted

7126 Melrose Ave

You and your group of friends have been sentenced to life without possibility of parole. You are rotting in a maximum security prison.

The catch? You didn't do it. While waiting for someone to help you, you plead for your life in court, but your appeals have been denied again and again. Your entire group was set up, and the only proof that will set you free, is outside of the walls of the prison.

Since the criminal justice system is broken, the only thing you can do now is rely on those inside to help you escape. It seems everyone in the prison - the cook, the janitor, all of the trustees - all believe you, and will work together to make sure you don't rot in prison for the crime you didn't commit. But will their help be enough?


Kings Army

222 E 32nd St

The King's spies have spotted 10,000 of Drakon's men marching and they are an hour away. You have an hour to prepare for battle before Drakon arrives. Fail and be slaughtered!

Do you have what it takes to complete this mission and you cannot fail.

Find out now by booking an adventure at Enchanted Escape Room!

Belly of the Beast

222 E 32nd St

Deep in the belly of the beast lies hidden scrolls of prophecy that foretells of a hero that will end the great war. Drakon, the kings greatest enemy, has tried for thousands of years to destroy the scrolls but has never succeeded.

The guardian of the scrolls has deemed you worthy to enter, but there is one problem. You must get the scrolls within an hour before the location collapses and disappears for the next 1000 years. You must find the scrolls of prophecy so that you can defeat Drakon and end the great war.

Can you find the scrolls of prophecy to defeat Drakon and end the great war?

Find out now by booking an adventure at Enchanted Escape Room!

Pyramid: Escape Room LA

120 E 8th St

Enter the world of pharaohs and tombs as you set foot in this Mayan themed Escape room experience. You and your teammates move through the pyramid in search of the fabled lost Mayan treasure! The tomb is riddled with puzzles and traps so be careful how you tread! Most of the puzzles are historic Mayan themed, so get ready to decode and solve to find the mask of the Jade Warrior!

This room has various life sized pieces and many of the large contraptions move creating mesmerizing transitions between the scenarios. You have an hour to solve the pyramid's perplexing riddles, and challenges. Can you find the jade mask and escape in time?

Blogs that have reviewed this experience:,,,

Player review:

"Just did the newest one of the four choices, The Pyramid, and it's really good. Pretty difficult and we didn't quite finish in time to escape, but it's so well planned and interesting that no one minded. The design is great and even better than the other rooms - just sorry that we were rushing to finish the clues and I didn't get adequate time to admire the workmanship. Highly recommended!"Culturemaven50 (

Players: 4-8

Cost: from $29

Public Escape Room

If you're a fan of the Indiana Jones and Mummy series, this escape room experience is a must try for you!

Stash House: Stash House

4267 W. 3rd Street

You and your friends arrive in front of a black door with a green light. You knock, the door opens slowly, and you are invited in by a Mr. Ray Jones. And who might that be? Well, you were under the pretense of him being an entrepreneur, and you were there to discuss a business opportunity.

Turns out he's the notorious LA drug kingpin and boy does he have a surprise in store for you. You are put to the test of finding and flushing out drugs before the cops bust you! Stash House is a ninety-minute escape experience that explores the dark underbelly of crime in Los Angeles.

Blogs that have reviewed this experience:,,,,

Player review:

"One of the best escape rooms I have done, I had to do it twice with different groups. This escape room is a MUST. It is one of the top-rated rooms in Los Angeles, so take this opportunity! The setting of Stash House is a Los Angeles Apartment, so when looking for this location look for a green lamp. The game is full of puzzles and fun surprises."Paulene (

Players: 4-11

Cost: from $33

Private Escape Room

This experience will immerse you in the LA drug mafia scene with its gritty and real storyline.

Hex Room: Crossroads Escape Games

4245 E. La Palma Ave

The Hex escape room experience it much more like a horror movie than anything else. You're in for quite a surprise! This escape room picks up one of the most banal storylines and turns it into an incredible experience. Each player will take a quiz before the game to find out which character they are: The Nerd, Virgin, Jock, Rebel, Prom Queen, or Detective.

Can you survive a horror film? These murderous horror movie fans want to watch you try. Forget the comfort of relying on your teammates as you'll be divided up into different rooms. Now this survival and escape fiasco turns into a to each his own scenario!

Blogs that have reviewed this experience:,,,,

Player review:

"I had been 'saving' this room to do with my favorite co-escapers because I had heard such great things, and I was quivering with excitement to do it. It had a great build-up story and an unusual physical setup, with atmospheric set design and very enthusiastic game masters. Unlike most rooms that are pass-fail, this one has varying levels of success. One of my favorites of all time!"Natalie (

Players: 5-10

Cost: from $32

Private Escape Room

Everything you know about the usual escape rooms, shatter your prejudices. You're in for a ride you've never experienced before!

Red Giant: Quest Room

5517 Santa Monica Blvd

You and your fellow archaeologists are scavenging the Pink Pyramid in search for huge ruby, hence the name 'Red Giant'. This immersive experience will take you on an amazing adventure with its beautiful production, mind tingling puzzles and a plethora of memorable moments through the gameplay!

This is one of the best escape room experiences in Los Angeles, and it sets a new standard in the level of immersion offered by escape room experiences. It goes beyond most escape rooms. How far are you willing to go to find The Red Giant!

Blogs that have reviewed this experience:,,,

Player review:

"We've done a LOT of the private escape room options around LA, easily 50+, and Red Giant was extremely memorable. The puzzles went beyond simple lockboxes. Definitely enjoy the production design because it was top-notch, and don't overthink the puzzles. They give unlimited clues so use them if you get stuck so you can make it through!"Cindy (

Players: 2-6

Cost: from $36

Private Escape Room

This experience is one of the best in the city and a must try whether you're a local or just visiting.

Lab Rat: Hatch Escapes (12th best escape room in the world)

1919 3rd Ave

This is one of the most unique escape rooms Los Angeles has to offer. In this experience you and your friends will be the 'lab humans' in an establishment where giant rats perform experiments on humans! You are being experimented on by the somewhat unhinged Dr. Ratkenstein and he's desperate to complete his dissertation.

If you and your team can complete a series of tests and puzzles tasked to you by Dr. Ratkenstein, he'd finally be able to conclude his dissertation. But if you fail, he will put you and your friends in the old test-subject chipper to dispose you off! You have one hour to complete the tests and save your lives.

Blogs that have reviewed this experience:,,,,

Player review:

"As of right now, Lab rat is the most fun and inventive escape room I've done. You can really appreciate the engineering that goes into the room. Their room is a work of art and they incorporated a lot of pop culture moments into the theme and feel of the room. The puzzles are innovative and really get you thinking across the whole room."Christy (

Players: 2-12

Cost: from $34

Private Escape Room

This is quite simply the best escape room experience in Los Angeles!

Scary Escape Rooms in Los Angeles

If you're looking for a scary experience then you're in luck! Here are the best horror genre escape room experiences in LA.

The Study: The Basement LA

Foothill Blvd

You find yourself in the upper quarters of the Tandy household. And who might he be? Edward Tandy is the serial killer who kidnapped you! You barely broke free and escaped from the basement and reached the place he never imagined you'd gain access to, His Study! You're treading on his turf now, so get ready to face his wrath.

Tandy is furious and plans to make you pay dearly! Steel your nerves and decipher the non-traditional puzzles of the room to make your escape in time. This theatrical and scary experience is tough to beat solo, so bring along your friends to assist you in times of thorough peril.

In this experience you will find out more than you ever hoped about a matriarch obsessed serial killer.

Blogs that have reviewed this experience:,,

Player review:

"The Study was amazing and is now my favorite room of all the 30 rooms I've played so far. It was just the two of us, which added a good portion of creepiness to the game. The 45 minutes wasn't enough for us to get out, but when the room gives you chills, a slight panic and makes you laugh out loud, It's worth every minute. This just might be the first room I want to play again just to see how it ends!"Naappana (

Players: 2-10

Cost: from $28

Private Escape Room

This experience brings in elements of theatrics and horror to create a one of a kind non-traditional adventure!

Bloody Elbow: Quest Room

170 South Western Avenue

You along with your friends find yourself in a medieval torture chamber. The Bloody Elbow room is laid out with torture devices, severed body parts, blood and all grotesque things you can think of. What did you do to deserve this? Well, you and your friends were caught performing witchcraft and now it's time for redemption.

Your execution has been entrusted to the most brutal executioner ever, The infamous Bloody Elbow! You and your friends have 60 minutes to break out of the dungeon, or else the executioner will pull out the evil from you, one tooth at a time!

Blogs that have reviewed this experience:,,,,

Player review:

"The room has a scary atmosphere though there aren't any real jump scares. There are random body parts in the room though, so avoid if you get squeamish around those. This one was basically fetch quest puzzles. There were a couple of 'puzzles' that are fairly creative and involve some novel steps, and there's one particular physical activity that is unforgettable."Nevin (

Players: 2-6

Cost: from $33

Public Escape Room

This experience is for the ones who love horror. Everything from the set design to the live actors will send chills down your spine!

Murder Co.: Blackmarket Escape Rooms

1220 W 9th St Upland

Unravel the mysteries of the expensive, high-society illegal black market sports ring making possible voyeuristic people to privately witness a live murder! You choose an artist before you start off you game and later through the experience these actors play a vital role in helping, scaring and guiding you through all the terrors that await.

Murder Co is more than simply solving puzzles, combinations or finding keys to break out of a locked room. The high-level adventure incorporates unique entertainment elements matched with intense scenes of harsh violence, pitfalls, and physicality. Groups of up to eight members find themselves trapped in a gore and chaos-filled race for survival.

Blogs that have reviewed this experience:,,,,

Player review:

"As a huge fan of horror, I was pretty stoked to try Murder Co. I do not jump or scare easily so I thought I had this in the bag...boy was I wrong. My heart was pounding and my anxiety was through the roof. The room was so immersive that I thought I would be the next victim of Man-eater .This was truly the best horror escape experience I have ever had." Brandon (Yelp)

Players: 2-8

Cost: from $

Private Escape Room

This R rated experience fused with it' immersive theatre elements and great performances by the actors will leave you in awe!

Kids/Family Friendly Escape Rooms in Los Angeles

Escape Rooms are a great way to spend some quality time with your family. Here are best kids and family friendly escape room experiences in LA.

Magic Kingdom: Maze Rooms

Vermont ave

In the heart of the enchanted forest, exists the Tree of Life, Source of all magic in the world! The tree gets its nourishment from the elemental waters of the wishing well. But an evil magic has descended upon the kingdom, a curse that dried up the water of the wishing well! You and your friends are the only ones who can save the Magic Kingdom from this ever looming catastrophe.

Get lost in the world of magical creatures, wishing well and evil magic as you embark on this magical adventure! You and your friends have one hour to dispel the evil curse and save the very existence of magic in this world.

Blogs that have reviewed this experience:,,,,

Player review:

"Magic Kingdom was some of the best technology integration I've seen in an escape room from the projections on the wall to the chest mechanisms to the wands. It was a blast from start to finish. When I first read about the room, I wrote it off as childish but it transported me back to the mindset of childlike joy and excitement without feeling silly."Alyssa (

Players: 2-6

Cost: from $33

Private Escape Room

This experience teleports you and your friends to a Magic Kingdom! An otherworldly land of fairies and magic wands. Every fantasy enthusiast will love this experience.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle: 60Out Escape Rooms

7270 Melrose Ave

This escape room experience is true to the films and starts with you sneaking into your friend's bedroom only to find him missing. As you are snooping around, you come across a puzzle game are get sucked into the wild and dangerous world that is Jumanji! You choose an avatar and hence you are awarded a particular skill set.

This immersive experience will pull you in the storyline. The technology embedded into the Jumanji escape room is a much at a much grander scale than anything else created before. Get lost in the wild and enjoy a game that extends the narrative of the Jumanji sequel and pays homage to the original, too!

Blogs that have reviewed this experience:,,,

Player review:

"Jumanji is such a phenomenal room. It elicited many wows and dropped surprises left and right. The puzzles were hyper-engaging from start to finish. A mixture of nostalgia from watching the original Jumanji as a kid and adventure from the revamped, digitized Jumanji. Definitely a room to revisit and share with friends/families who visit Los Angeles!"An Thien (

Players: 4-8

Cost: from $43

Private Escape Room

An absolute must escape room experience for the Jumanji fans!

Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular all over the world! People from all walks of life enjoy being able to cut off from their daily lives for a while and escape into a fantasy world where they can experience things they had only seen in games and movies! The best thing about escape rooms is that there is an experience for everyone, regardless of their age, activity preference or favorite genre. Also they are relatively inexpensive which is a major attraction to the younger crowd.

Do you agree with our list? Engaged in any of these experiences? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section down below.

If you believe we missed out any great experiences, share your suggestions, we'll make sure to consider them!

Shweta Tiwari
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