Why Escape Room games are more Exciting than Other games ?

Why Escape Room games are more Exciting than Other games ?

Bowling or Escape Rooms? Which is a better idea for your little one and how? Find out with us as we take you on a journey of the Gaming world!

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My younger brother has this weird itch. Every weekend he needs something new to do. He is always up to some planning that starts on Thursdays with questioning people for ideas for the weekend.

Usually, I am the target of this situation.

He often keeps asking me for ideas. I give him the usual ones, of course, but my opinions are bound to get exhausted at the speed with which he is going.

Thank god for my luck, I heard about the Escape Rooms from a friend on a Wednesday. I was so ready for his Thursday quizzing.

The moment he came up to me, just before he could ask me anything, I told him, "Have you heard of the Escape Rooms? Google it, I think your next few weekends will get sorted."

So, he did. He keenly read all there was about the game experience and in no time booked one.

Obviously, I was not invited, but I had to go with him as I was the official babysitter. Not that he needed any guarding, but you know how parents are about the younger ones.

The escape room he booked was close to our house, and yet I was new to it. I had no clue what happened inside that game room, but the smile and satisfaction that I saw on the faces of these boys were like never before. The excitement lasted days.

The solution is here!

Apparently, the idea of the game was to escape the room in sixty minutes. Every room has a specific theme, which helps the story flow and keeps the players focused.

Undoubtedly this was a buzz-worthy idea.

This babysitter role made me go to almost all his weekend plans. From the phase of movies to theme parks and laser tags to now Escape Rooms, I have seen it all. However, the Escape Room seemed like their solution to all problems. It felt like I will be coming here a lot more than I could have imagined.

Being the observer in this situation, there is a lot I noticed about these experiences.

Each one built on them differently. They all come in phases, and each has its own good and not so good.

However, to some extent, Escape Rooms seemed to combine a lot of goods in that room and give kids sixty minutes of best from all the possible gaming worlds. Whether it was the feel of board games or the fun of laser tag, everything could be incorporated in these Escape Rooms.

Did you know the so many options they have?

There is so much out there, yet how does one choose what would be suitable for their child. My mom being a paranoid one, literally weighs options for the weekends.

So, for the same kinds of parents out there, I have a little something to make your life a tad bit easy. Here are the various options and what you can look forward to in it.

Board Games

It all starts with board games for kids. Be it Carrom, Pictionary, Game of Life or even Monopoly, these become a part of the first few years of our lives.

It is a cheaper way to stay engrossed in fun activities and can be enjoyed for longer hours with yummy snacks.

It makes one creative, improving on logical skills.

It is a portable game, playable at any time of the day.


It allows for a limited number of players.

Even if kept in the garden and enjoyed, it is not an outdoor activity. Think sitting in a place for extra-long hours.

There is only a limited number of ways your moves can be manipulated in these games. After a point, you almost know the trick to it all.

The pieces to the game if lost, end the fun.

Movie Nights

In theatres or at home, movie nights were a fun phase. At least for me as a babysitter, the monotonous work becomes not so dull.

Endless options as there are a number of genres and a new movie almost every weekend.

It expands your imagination and horizon of thoughts. Brushes the creative cells.

Watching a film with friends is an excellent way to spend time and leads to interesting discussions.


As much as the whole gang could be together, the fun gets limited.

It became monotonous after a point in time as the idea of group fun is not really met.

The idea gets expensive after a while.

It can be educational at some points, however, it is mostly for fun, but does not lead to skill-building.

Gaming Arcades

The variety starts here. But how good is that?

The good part is the fantastic number of options here.

The competitive spirit picks up, and there is more involved in the games.


Most of the games do not allow teams. They are solo games or played in pairs.

Everyone does something they love, and nothing really happens together, if you are a big group of friends that is.

It is an expensive option.


A little bit of sports in gaming is a good idea.

The groups can be big, and everyone can play together. That helps to build the competition spirit.

The planning and strategies do good to the brains.

Angles, strides, and techniques become the central discussions. This makes the child active, creative and smart.

Physically, it helps build and tone muscles.


Once you have figured it out and practiced enough, the fun starts to die down.

It can lead to minor injuries.

The whole game idea becomes monotonous after a point.

Everybody may not be a fan of the game, though.

Laser tag & Paintball

Laser tag and Paintball have been around for a while.

These have no limit on the number of players and can even be played with new people. This is good for making new friends.

Involves the whole group physically in the game. Thus, better strategy and creative skills develop.

Not just that, being team games, it inculcates a sense of teamwork and leadership among the kids.


Kids can end up with bruises if the paintball hit is taken in the wrong way.

It is an expensive game option.

Theme Parks and Roller Coasters

This is a massive arena of great options.

There are multiple options for the thrill. It is a sheer pleasure of rides.


There are certain age and height limits.

If you are afraid of heights, then the coasters are a no-no for you.

Certain rides can lead to motion sickness and other health issues.

There is absolutely no scope of building up the creative grey cells.

Gaming Consoles

This was a craze suddenly.

There are a variety of games available online and offline.

It builds creative abilities as most of the games involve missions and problem-solving themes.

Being multiplayer, it can be enjoyed in groups and solo.

Online group games help build on the team spirit and competitive spirits.


There are no physical movements involved. Sitting in one place makes you a couch potato.

It can lead to addiction to games and straining of eyes, thanks to the screen time.

Gaming consoles can lead to the child being a loner and spend less time with family and friends.

If played offline with friends, it has a limit to the number of players.

Virtual Gaming

This is the Gen Next gaming style. Technology takes it one step up.

It involves physical movement in these games.

Played with friends, VR gaming makes you feel like a part of your favorite movie.

Being a virtual experience, this makes the whole mission real. This helps in the quick thinking and teamwork abilities of the group.


It is a costly option.

The virtual experience can lead to feelings of disorientation post the game.

It has the heavy gear and can lead to unseen bruises and injuries if not supervised.

VR gaming has limited themes due to the substantial investment it needs.

Escape Rooms

Here comes the winner of it all. The benefit of almost all the ideas listed above gets incorporated in this one.

Sixty minutes of complete involvement leads to better concentration and quick thinking.

There are bigger teams possible. Meeting new people increases the chances of becoming a better communicator and conscious player. Social skills are boosted.

The themes are unlimited, leading to a new option every time. Even different levels of difficulty make the game fun and better.

These games train for creative abilities, quick thinking, teamwork and smart work all at the same time.

Being time-based makes the mind sharp and focussed.

The game piques the senses, increases memory.

The amount of physical interaction with the room gives a heightened sense of satisfaction in playing the game. This is VR turns Real.


The game can be difficult for kids who feel claustrophobic.

The time frame is limited, and that is a negative if you are addicted to the game. But you can always come back.

With all the above observations, I hope you are now ready to face your kid's or sibling's keen weekend plans.

My brother is now in the escape room phase. With almost 6 of them done, he has many more planned. Different themes and difficulty levels.

There is a lot that has changed in him. Not just has he become more patient; he has also become more organized with his routine. I am assuming this is all thanks to Escape Rooms.

There is a new side to him as a team player too. He is not that good with leading, but when instructed, he is smart enough to know how the work is to be sorted in the fastest way. Just like the escape rooms, which now I get to play too.

Whether it be the fun of simple board games or the feeling of being a problem solver in the virtual games, Escape Rooms has a bit of everything in it.

The feeling of being in a real action cum mystery game has come to life.

Check out all the options and share which phase you.