10 Amazing Escape Room Seattle!

10 Amazing Escape Room Seattle!

With so many escape room in Seattle,are you lost to find your perfect escape? Look no further. Check these 10 must-do rooms for a mind-blowing time in Seattle!

People travel in order to escape from the stressful routines, to heal their minds and bodies battered from their responsibilities and deadlines. People lead their lives counting down the days of the week, praying for the weekend to arrive sooner. In this kind of strenuous lifestyle, it is imperative that we take our time to escape from everything and spend some time catering to just our needs. While we are traveling around the world escape rooms are your perfect companions if you wish to disappear into a whole another world replete with adventure and fun. These establishments help you make your excursions memorable and bring back the thrill in your life!

Seattle is a seaport city on the West Coast of the United States. Seattle is the largest city in both the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest region of North America. The city has two official slogans or mottos: ‘The City of Flowers’, meant to encourage the planting of flowers to beautify the city, and ‘The City of Goodwill’, adopted prior to the 1990 Goodwill Games. Seattle residents are known as Seattleites. In July 2016, Seattle was again the fastest-growing major US city, with a 3.1% annual growth rate. A large portion of this growth is because of newer establishments like Escape Rooms.

We have come up with a list of 10 best escape rooms Seattle experiences you can’t afford to miss the next time you’re up for some fun in Seattle escape room. We put in hours of work in with research, surveys and reaching out to the game masters themselves to make sure we put forward unerring experiences of the escape rooms, to help you make the right choice. So if you want to take your creativity and intellect for a ride, here are the 10 best escape room experiences in Seattle!

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie: Still Hungry

About the experience

You are a student of science and you’ve always been interested in the workings of the human body. One day out of the blue you receive an invitation to work on a project along with a world-famous scientist! You’ve been following his work for quite a while now, and now you’ve finally got the chance to work with him! The doctor gave you the location and time for the rendezvous. You and your team of researchers were thrilled to have stumbled upon this opportunity! You were pretty anxious as you drove to the place.

As soon as you get there, you are greeted by the doctor himself! Everyone is very excited as he ushered you into the facility but as soon as you set foot inside the room, you find something off about the place. When you try taking a closer look, you find something moving at the end of the room, as you take a closer look at the thing, it sends chills down your spine. The thing that was moving about in the corner was a zombie!

The doctor explains that a fellow researcher had tested a drug on himself and ended up this way and now the doctor has asked your team for help. Hidden inside the room is an antidote that’ll turn the researcher back to humans. Every five minutes the chain holding the zombie elongates another foot. You have sixty minutes to find the antidote and figure out a way to escape or else you’ll turn into a zombie meal!

Player review

“I came here with 11 other friends for my boyfriend's birthday and we completely excelled. The zombie was terrifying and realistic. The doctor was creative and exciting. The whole experience brought us closer and thrilled. I will DEFINITELY tell friends and will DEFINITELY come back! I very highly recommend trying this room, especially if you enjoy escape rooms with a little bit of spice!”Carol (TripAdvisor)

This zombie escape room will have you find the antidote that’ll turn the zombie back to its human form!

Museum Heist

About the experience

You’ve been stealing your whole life. Circumstances led you into the life of a thief and you rose through the ranks to become one of the world’s most notorious thieves. But lately, you wish to leave this life behind you and move onto a more peaceful life, but it’s easier said than done. How about one last job? Just as you were considering the idea of your final job, a mysterious letter arrives at your doorstep. The letter was replete with details about Mr. Voxman, a very highly regarded art auctioneer.

You’ve heard about Mr. Voxman, he’s said to trade arts through black-box operations so he has some of the world's rarest pieces of art! The letter informed you that Mr. Voxman is hiding all his precious artifacts in a specially curated personal museum! You have been given the task to infiltrate the museum and bring back the most valuable artifact in the museum. But breaking into the place won’t be an easy feat for it has security systems monitoring every inch of the place.

Luckily, an informant working there as a security detail has agreed to deactivate the security system temporarily. That’ll be your chance to get in and retrieve the most precious artifact but you must complete your mission in sixty minutes for the security system will reboot after that. Can you make it out on time or will your last job lead you behind bars?

Player review

“We chose the Bank Heist and it was fabulous! We had four teens/young adults along with my husband and I, which made for a perfect group of smarties to get the job done! While we waited as long as possible to ask for clues, they get harder as time goes on, so it takes a lot of concentration and thinking outside the box. We were very impressed with their customer service. Overall, a fantastic night!”Alyssa (TripAdvisor)

This escape room will give you a major oceans 11 throwbacks! Can you successfully pull off your final heist?

Enter the Machine

About the experience

The world is a peaceful place where harmony is upheld by ninjas! Yes, in this world ninjas do exist and guess what, you’re one of them! You’ve trained for years to master the ninja arts of ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu. You and your team of ninja spies are always working against sinister powers to uphold the order of this world. Lately, you’ve been hearing rumors about an ancient radical society that has always worked to cause destruction and wreak havoc on society.

This ancient society going by the name of ‘The Kraken’ is said to have created a machine with powers beyond your imagination! While you were still wondering about the said machine and what it could do, ‘The Kraken’ activated it! The machine started summoning tentacled monsters on this planet from another dimension! These monsters started wreaking havoc throughout the planet and millions of people fell prey to these sinister creatures.

No matter how many of these creatures you kill, they just keep spawning! There’s only one way to put an end to this ordeal. You must break into The Kraken’s secret hideout, locate the machine and stop it. You’ve put together a team of the best ninja’s in town in order to take on this mission. You have sixty minutes to save humanity from the brink of destruction!

Player review

“We had an amazing time here. We certainly enjoyed each moment from the nail-biting countdowns, to the high you feel when you suddenly figure the code you're looking for! It was challenging but our game master was just the right amount of helpful. I've done these before and they can be frustrating. He really made it a great experience for us, and we all had a blast.”RJ (Yelp)

This escape room will take you in a world where ninjas and alien monsters are at war, and only you can save the world!


About the experience

You’ve been working for the government for quite a while now. In all these years of working as a secret agent you’ve never faced any internal espionage threats but guess what, it’s all about to change! The news of a mole in the agency has left the whole system in a state of panic. No one is sure about what kind of information might be at risk or when the traitor might strike but the possibility of important government secrets leaking has put the higher-ups in a frenzy.

Just when everyone was on edge because of the traitor, you receive word from trusted informants that the mole has stolen some important information from the government and intends to sell it to the enemy nation! This news spread and the whole building was put under the state of lockdown. But, no matter how hard the authorities try, they can’t seem to find any clues that might lead to the traitor. Finally, they’ve come to ask for your help.

You have been requested to identify the mole and find solid proof to prove his treachery. You have assembled a team and started searching the building for clues. The lowdown will end after sixty minutes and you’ll lose both the mole and important national secrets! You must solve this mystery at all costs before the time runs out!

Player review

“We just tried the Espionage room last night and it was great. Challenging puzzles. We were on the last puzzle working on a combination when time ran out. The owner is very friendly and helpful. We look forward to trying his escape room and the new room to be completed in a month or so. Everything worked as it was supposed to. The experience was very enjoyable.”Steven (Google)

This escape room will take you on a secret agent adventure. Find the mole before precious government secrets are compromised!

Da Vinci

About the experience

You have always been an admirer of Leonardo da Vinci. According to you, no other man who ever walked this planet was more witty, genius and artistic. His works have been considered humanity’s most cherished artifacts and his research in the field of science has paved the path for generations. You always keep an eye out for anything related to Leonardo and a while ago you heard about a hidden workshop which once belonged to none other than Leonardo da Vinci himself!

You were absolutely elated as soon as you heard this news. Being a historian, challenges like finding a hidden location gets you excited like nothing else. You gather your group of historians and amateur cryptologists to embark on the adventure to locate the hidden workshop. You’ve heard that inside the workshop, there’s a book that Leonardo da Vinci treasured more than anything else and hid in the secret chamber.

This book is said to contain knowledge that could potentially change history and the perspective of this universe as we know it! You have sixty minutes to locate this precious artifact and break out before it’s too late and you’re stuck there forever!

Player review

“The three of us did the Da Vinci room and had a great time escaping this room! The facilities were immaculate, the service was terrific, and they spared no cost in designing and decorating the room. Unique and challenging puzzles kept us moving through the game. We only used two or three, but it really took some of the stress and frustration away and allowed us to just have fun.”Christine (Yelp)

This escape room will take you to the secret chambers of Leonardo da Vinci himself! Find his treasured artifact before it’s too late.

The Experiment

About the experience

You’ve known professor Chladni for many years now. He’s a pioneer in his field of research and has made many discoveries and has published countless papers regarding his subject matter. Some quite sometime now, he had been confining himself and working on a secret project. He wouldn’t discuss the subject matter of this research with anyone else, not even you! Suddenly, the professor goes missing. No one has any idea about his location and the authorities can’t find any leads as well.

You have decided to look into the matter yourself! He was last seen entering his lab an no one saw him leave. Where could he have gone from the lab? There’s only one way to find out! You’ve decided to scour the lab in order to find any clues that could help you unravel the mystery of the professors disappearance! But, as soon as you enter the lab, the door closes behind you and now you’re trapped inside. The only way to find a way out is figuring out the secret behind professor Chladni’s unknown experiments.

Player review

“We did the Experiment room. It is obvious that a lot of thought has gone into both the puzzles and tying the puzzles to the room theme. Several were challenging, a couple were really beautiful in their design (and one of the more obscure ones did have us requiring a hint) and we escaped with about 9-10 minutes remaining. We would have gone back if it worked for time. Recommended.”Vorlina (TripAdvisor)

This escape room experience will have you figure out the secrets behind the professors hidden experiments.

Escape the Lost Temple

About the experience

You and your friends are a group of explorers. You have always loved going on adventures to places with a rich history, places that have stories and fables attached to them. The thrill of setting foot on lands that haven’t been travelled on for years gives you a sense of achievement! While you were on an adventure through the South American Jungle you stumble upon an old hidden temple. The structure seemed to have been abandoned for quite a while.

Apparently there are local legends regarding the temple. It is said that inside the temple grounds is a hidden tomb that has a golden treasure with value beyond comprehension. If one were to get his hands on it, he’d be set for life! The fable ignited your greed, so you and your friends decided to find the treasure. As you enter the temple, the door close behind you trapping you in the ruins of a centuries old temple.

But things aren’t as simple as grabbing the treasure and getting out. The whole place has been set up with traps and puzzles to ensure that the people who enter the temple don’t leave! You have sixty minutes to figure out the mysteries and breaking out of the place.

Player review

“We did the Lost Temple Escape Room. The puzzles went well with the theme and made sense. We never had to waste time wondering what to do. We did get stuck when a puzzle malfunctioned but our guide quickly noticed and resolved the issue.We finished the puzzle in time and it was very satisfying. I'll definitely come back and do another room with puzzle break!”Peter (Yelp)

This escape room will take you on an adventure looking for treasure through the ruins of an ancient temple.

Dream Traveler

About the experience

Dreams might seem like a very personal experience but little do people know that their dreams might very well be a gateway for someone to infiltrate your consciousness! How’s that possible? And who would do such a thing? Well, the person who performs espionage on other’s dreams is called an ‘Extractor’ and as it turns out, you are one! You use experimental military technology in order to enter the target’s dream and steal the required information. One day you received a request from a top lawyer.

Arthur is a very well known lawyer and he’s come to you seeking help. He has requested an ‘Inception’ operation on his son’s dreams. He wishes for you to implant certain ideas and thoughts into depths of his son’s mind that may mend their relationship. An inception operation is particularly as the layers of dreams you need to penetrate are drastically higher than the normal extraction process. This increases the risk exponentially so you weren’t too sure about taking up the job.

Right when you were about to be swayed against it, Arthur made you an offer you couldn’t refuse. He has promised to clear you of all your previous ‘Dream Traveler’ charges! There’s no chance you can pass up on this opportunity. You set up the operation while Arthur's son was at a concert. His kick is set up in sixty minutes, so you have to infiltrate his dreams and get out before that or you’ll be caught in a state of limbo forever!

Player review

“We played the ‘Dream Traveler’ room. Let me start off by saying: this was not as easy as I expected. We were having so much fun that we didn't even feel the time going by, so make sure you stay focused on the overall objective! The puzzles you will be solving are all doable, but requires you to think on your feet because of the time limit. I personally enjoyed the challenge of it.”Heather (TripAdvisor)

This escape room will let you experience the Inception storyline in the most tangible way you can imagine!

Mona Lisa Heist

About the experience

Leonardo da Vinci is considered to be the greatest mind to ever exist. His works in the field of science and arts have been a source of inspiration for generations. Some of his works are even considered as humanity’s rarest treasures! His painting Mona Lisa is considered the world’s most valuable piece of art! In fact, the painting is so valuable that experts refuse to put a price tag on it. The most famous heist of the 20th century is about to take place, and Mona Lisa is the target!

You have been part of many a heist but you could never have imagined stealing the world’s most precious painting one day! You and your team of larcenists are about to embark on an adventure in the Louvre. Stealing the Mona Lisa won’t be an easy feat. First and foremost you must break into the security room and deactivate the security systems and alarm systems in order to ensure a smooth entrance into the venue.

You have sixty minutes to enter the venue of display and swipe the painting as the security systems will reboot as soon as the time is up! Can you pull off the biggest heist of this century or will you spend the rest of your life behind bars?

Player review

“We brought a group of 6th graders for our son's 12th birthday. They all had a great time sorting out the puzzles. The puzzles were actually kinda cool. While there's still a heavy reliance on locks in general but I didn't mind at all. Our host was very encouraging and helpful. With clues they were ultimately able to complete the Mona Lisa Heist. Everyone wants to come back and try another room!”Kammy (Yelp)

This best escape rooms will give you the opportunity to steal one of the world’s most treasured paintings!

The Vanishing Act

About the experience

Noximillian is considered one of the world’s greatest magicians. People from all around the world fly in to watch him in action. No matter how skeptical you are, at the end of the show you’re left with nothing but awe and excitement. But lately a lot of rumours have been going around the town. People are talking about the sudden disappearance of Noximillian’s assistants after every 13th performance! A lot of people have gone missing without a trace and the latest victim is called Casey.

Casey joined the magician due to his excellence and command over the art but after hearing rumours about the disappearance of his previous assistants, Casey seems to be quite frightened. He has asked you to uncover the mystery behind these disappearances as this performance might be Casey’s final one! While the genius magician was busy working on his performance. You have seventy minutes to break into the magicians private chambers and look for hidden clues that might lead you to the truth. Find out the secret behind all these disappearances or else bid farewell to Casey!

Player review

“I've done dozens of escape rooms, and ‘The Vanishing Act’ is one of the best. Both main sets of puzzles were nicely diverse and allowed everyone to work on something different if desired, and the final puzzle brought everything together seamlessly. The story was well-developed, hints were integrated well without breaking immersion, and everything seemed fair without being easy!”Brian (Yelp)

This best room escape games will keep you at your wit's end! Solve the magician's mystery or lose another man to Noximillian tactics.

Escape into a whole another world with these amazing storylines! These escape rooms have been crafted to perfection to ensure you are completely immersed in the experience as soon as you step into the room. the escape game has become a staple for people who travel to new places as they get to enjoy the whole new experiences wherever they go, making their journeys eventful and fun.

Do you agree with our list? Engaged in any of these experiences? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section down below. If you believe we missed out on any great experiences, share your suggestions, we’ll make sure to consider them!