What entirely is A Real Life Escape Room Game with PROPS?

What entirely is A Real Life Escape Room Game with PROPS?

In pith, a genuine escape room is an undertaking game played by little to huge gatherings, whose fundamental objective is to discover out of a room.

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Ever wondered what the essence of an Escape Room game is?

Of course, there is a theme and a storyline, and then there are the clues and puzzles. There are your team and you, which is very important to get the game started. But what makes the escape room experience larger than expected is the PROPS. From the start to the end, all kinds of Props.

Without an aptly designed room and the right kind of props and pictures, inside and outside, the make-believe essence goes missing.

I love my Escape Room weekends with family. It gives us sixty minutes of pretending lives. We get to be heroes and victims, stars and prisoners, and a lot more.

For me, every game experience is better than the previous because of the fantastic set up they have. How creatively the props are placed adds to the many layers of happy this game room offers. Not just during the game, but the ones after the game count too.

Props are not just about the physical pieces in the room, but also the audio and lighting that you add to the ambiance. It all is an accessory to the mood.

A lot goes into deciding what is the right prop and where it goes, what engages the audience and whether it will make their experience enjoyable. A great experience is a great promotion too. (You can add the hyperlink of marketing article in the Bold line)

Prop-ify the Inside

Placing the right props in the right places, inside the game room, is all a part of the game design. It is the essence of all the fun that the players have inside that game room. Over or under propifying your room can lead to an ‘I did not enjoy it’ moment and that is undesirable.

So you have to think right and select right.

Follow the theme

The theme is what tells you the kind of props you need to add to your escape room.

A nuclear crisis set up will call for a room that resembles the President’s crisis aversion bunker. A long table, seats for the team, fancy audio-video equipment, and colorful buttons and levers all around.

Needs of the theme

It is crucial to understand the idea your theme holds. Is it to create excitement while the play is on, or create a spike in the mood of a scare?

Some themes test the intellect of the team under a scenario that increases the pressure via time on the team, some test the ability to think smart while you are clearly scared to the core.

Boo-yah boxes in a prison escape game are just a big no-no. There is no need for surprise elements here. But yeah, one in a mental asylum escape makes for a smart idea. Boo the scare into a hearty laugh.

Puzzle the Prop

Props usually end up being a part of the puzzle. The old broken spin dial phone can be used to reach out to the soul of the dead girl.

With smart thinking, exciting props can be a part of the theme and be a part of the puzzle too. So why not?

Like the couch in the meltdown mission, with a hidden compartment in the armrest. Does that have the deactivation codes or merely the secrets of the President’s involvement in it?

Just there

Some props exist to just exist. They form no part of the puzzle but a vital part of the ambiance.

Why the need for such props? Something needs to be there to just confuse the players too right? And yet add to the theme of the room. No puzzle, no mystery, just a prop.

Prop-ify the Outside

The props are equally important in the outside, before and after the game. This magnifies the player experience and is the next prime cause for their return to your game room.

A passageway leading to the mission room, all decked up in the mission theme, is a great way to get the team pumped up for the mission.

Photobooths and picture walls outside the game room are a big YES! These make the after game experience giant. Coming out of a detective mission and I get to pose as the Sherlock himself is a Social Media worthy idea.

With props that allow the player to pose as the winners and giving them titles worth their efforts, makes the experience memorable for them. They will be hashtagging it on Insta and making viral posts on Facebook about how your game room gave them a unique experience.

As much as the props inside are a part of the game experience, so are the props outside.

Where to get these props was the next question. The best way to reach out for accessories is:

Online forums that make available props for such purposes. Many online shops sell out specifically prop kind of items that may help your game rooms. Also, if you specifically know what you need, Amazon and the likes could be a good option to check out.

Antique House has a resourceful collection of items that may make great props for themes that relate to haunted homes, rescue missions, or ancient treasure hunts. Just walking into the store will give you a hundred ideas of things that can be used in your game room. Take a stroll today.

Garage / Backyard Sales are another excellent source for getting interesting props at affordable prices. These items have a more personal touch and can make for some exciting ideas.

Never Over-Propify the escape room. Too many items in that game room can lead to incredible confusion. This will not only lead the team to waste time but also bring down the quality of their time in the escape room. Who wants that?

The props should be just enough to create a quality mix of slight confusion and more fun. Incorporate these smartly, and you are set to roll out the escape room games.

Let us know what you think made the most unique prop in your game room getaway.